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Empowering Your Pleasure

What's stopping Aussies from using Sex Toys?


Look, there’s no point beating around the bush at Lovehoney. After 25+ years in the business, we’re well-versed in the world of pleasure and want to use this knowledge to help YOU. Our mission is simple: empower you to embrace your desires and curiosities with confidence.

We surveyed over 1500 Aussies aged 18 to 64 in April this year to understand the most common reasons you don’t reach for your sex toys. So, let’s dive straight in.


"I live with my family / housemates and I'm worried they'll find them"

Whether it's the fear of someone barging through the door without knocking, or a curious kid digging through the drawers, we know discretion can be the #1 priority for Aussies sex toy users.

More than 1 in 4 sex toy users are scared to use toys when family, kids, or housemates are in the house.


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Got Nosy Neighbours?

Your privacy is extremely important to us and our discreet packaging enables you to shop with Lovehoney in complete confidence. With completely plain and boring packaging, you will be the only person excited about what's inside.
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"I think my sex toys are too loud"

Do you think your vibrating toy sounds eerily similar to a helicopter coming in for a landing? The fear of that tell-tale buzz can haunt us even in the most blissful moments. While non-vibrating toys such as dildos and strokers offer one solution to this issue, there are also alternative options available for enjoying vibrations in peace.

1 in 3 Aussie sex toy users feel stressed that their toys will be overheard by others.

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"I don't feel intimate with my partner when I use sex toys."

Introducing a sex toy into your intimate moments can be a bit jarring when you're craving that skin-to-skin connection. Whether it's the physical presence creating a barrier or personal insecurities about satisfying your partner, it's completely normal to have concerns about sacrificing intimacy.

Case in point: 1 in 4 sex toy users just want the closeness that sex brings without toys.

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"The clean-up is too much effort sometimes"

The prospect of post-play clean-up can sometimes discourage us from using a sex toy in the first place. After all, no one likes cleaning up after a party.

Call them lazy or just forward-thinkers, 1 in 4 regular users avoid using a toy because the post-play cleaning process is too much effort.

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"It's easier to just use my hands."

We don't deny, sometimes the acoustic version just hits different. Who needs 10+ vibration patterns when all you want is a helping hand, right?

1 in 5 sex toy users sometimes think it's easier to ditch the tools and use their hands for masturbation.

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