Position of the Week: Kanga-ooh!

Hop to it and embrace your inner animal with Kanga-ooh! – a position that takes inspiration directly from the mating position of our marsupial friends. Thrust and hop your way around the bedroom, and you’ll find G-spot or P-spot heaven before you can say bounce!

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Woman holding a rabbit vibrator

How Introducing Sex Toys Can Up Your Masturbation Game

This Masturbation May, we’re bringing you the best self-love knowhow from the experts. Lovehoney’s guest SEXperts, that is!

This week we hear from Rachel Wright, a Relationship, Sex, & Mental Health Therapist from New York City. Rachel is widely recognised as one of the freshest voices on modern relationships and sex, and this week she takes us through why introducing toys to your “DIY time” can be the ultimate game changer.

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Position of the Week: Intersexion

Meet at the Intersexion and enjoy sweet, languid sex that can go as slow and sensual or as fast and passionate as you like. Perfect for fans of shallow or deep penetration, Intersexion also offers up new angles that may be the key to outrageously powerful orgasms.

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Position of the Week: Space Hopper

Jump aboard the Space Hopper position and bounce your way to orgasmic galaxies, while hitting some key pleasure spots along the way. Perfect for both vaginal or anal sex, it puts the top partner in the driving seat of some hoptastic, mid-level penetration fun.

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