Position of the Week: Carnal Crossing

Unlike Marmite, there’s nothing to possibly dislike about this truly tantalizing spread. ‘Carnal Crossing’ is an absolute must-try for your next oral sexcapade, and lets both lovers delight in the throes of passion, simultaneously.

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5 Reasons Holiday Sex is the Greatest

5 Reasons Holiday Sex is the Greatest

Who doesn't like holidays? We could be generalising here but no one. Everyone likes holidays.

The borders are open, passports are being stamped and our feeds are being refilled with European holiday pics faster than we can scroll.

The travel bug is here to stay in Australia and for some of us there's more than one itch we like to scratch when it comes to gallivanting across the globe.

Whether you're romping in Rome, frolicking in France, or snuggling up down south, there's something about a vacay that gets us all hot under the collar.

But just what is it about sun and sea or a winter getaway that makes the sex itself that much hotter?

Well, after some very thorough research, we've come up with the top 5 reasons holiday sex is just the best.

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Position of the Week: Cuddle Up

This position is ideal for a tighter feel and deeper sensations with just the right amount of penetration. Perfect also for people with limited mobility, ‘Cuddle Up’ lets you get close and personal without putting too much demand on either partner.

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