How to Store Sex Toys

Written by Hannah Lovegrove, 9th August, 2022

Keep your toys in tip-top condition with our handy guide to sex toy storage.

Have you ever reached for your fave sexy toy in the heat of the moment only to find it’s deteriorated into a tacky disgusting mess?

If you’re dropping some serious coin on your sex toys, then you want to make sure they stay in pristine condition for as long as possible. And the best way to make sure they stay clean and damage free is by storing sex toys correctly.

So to help you get the most out of your erotic accessories, we’ve put together a guide on the best way to store sex toys.

Why is storage for sex toys so important?

When it comes to your sex toys, storage is important for a whole bunch of reasons. Appropriate storage will help to keep your toys free from damage and can also help to extend the life of your goods. Correctly storing sex toys can help to reduce the risk of transferring germs and colour. But most importantly, correct storage can help you to have the most pleasurable experience when using your sex toys. And surely that’s reason enough to store them properly.

The best way to store sex toys

If you’re wondering how to store dildos or where to put your butt plugs, we’re here with our top tips on sex toy storage. From keeping your toys clean and separated to finding the best storage spot, there’s more to storing your goodies than tossing them into the drawer of your bedside table once you’re done with them.

1. Clean your toys


Before you even think about storing your toys away you need to make sure they’re fresh, clean and dry. Sex toys are exposed to all kinds of bodily fluids which makes them the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria. So to stop these nasties from multiplying in your knickers drawer, you’ll want to give them a good wash. Keeping your toys clean is also an important part in prolonging the life of your toys so you can enjoy them for longer.

Cleaning your sex toys not only helps to avoid tainting the individual storage bags and boxes with nasties, but it can also help to prevent contaminating your other toys if you don’t store them separately.

You can use a specially formulated sex toy cleaner with some warm water to give your toy a good clean after use. If you’re after more specific advice on how to clean certain types of toys, then you can check out our guide on how to clean sex toys.

2. Keep them separated


Unlike your fave vibe and your sweet spots, sex toys don’t always play nicely together, so it’s always best to store them separately.

Silicone is usually the main offender, especially when stored with other silicone toys and accessories. Silicone is attracted to itself, so when it’s stored together it can deteriorate much faster than if it was stored separately.

Similar reactions can happen with other materials too, so if you don’t store your sex toys separately the materials can end up disintegrating and melting. There’s also the risk of colour transference, which means that your toys can start to discolour when they’re stored with each other.

Some toys come with a storage bag or box, so make sure you use it. They’re intended to keep your gadgets safe, clean and damage-free. So next time you pick up a new sex toy, make sure you give the packaging a good once over to see if there could be a little satin storage bag hiding at the bottom of the packaging box.

If your toy didn’t come with its own storage bag or box, Lovehoney has you covered with a range of different sex toy storage options. From bags to cases and boxes, we’ve got everything you need to keep your beloved toys organised, clean and in the best possible condition. These storage options come in a range of different sizes, so you can pick the container that will best house your goods.

3. Remove the batteries


If your buzzy new beauty is battery operated, it’s usually a good idea to pop them out before you clean and store your toy. Keeping the batteries in your toys while they’re not in use is a quick way to drain them, leaving you with no juice for your next play sesh.

While you’re organising your kinky collection, you might even want to keep some spare batteries in your storage box just in case yours die mid romp. There’s nothing worse than being left high and dry just as you’re about to come to a head, but if you’ve got a couple of spares on hand you can quickly change them over to keep powering on.

4. Categorise your collection


Depending on how big your sex toy collection is, you might want to consider sorting your toys, accessories and other erotic essentials by type.

Whether you choose to sort your goodies by shape, type or purpose, there’s no right or wrong way to categorise your collection. Just find a system that works for you and roll with it. Some people like to store all their anal toys in the one box, whereas other prefer to keep all their vibes in one place. The options are endless, so just do whatever you find easiest.

5. Choose a container for your collection


The size of the storage container will depend on how many toys you need to store away and where you plan on storing them. If you’ve set up your own sex toy sorting system, then you might want to store each category in a separate container. If your collection isn’t quite as extensive, then a single container should do the trick.

Lovehoney has a number of different storage case options that are designed to accommodate several toys. The Lovehoney Lockable Sex Toy Case Large is the perfect size to fit a wand massager and your other erotic essentials.

If you’ve got a sizable collection that you plan on storing under your bed, you might want to go with a storage container with wheels so you can easily slide it in and out from under your bunk.

6. Find a safe storage spot

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If you’re wondering where to store sex toys, you’ll want to find a possie that’s easy to access in the heat of the moment but out of shot of prying eyes. You’ll also want to make sure this spot is out of direct sunlight and cool and dry to enhance the longevity of your gadgets.

Some people find that storing sex toys under their bed works best as they can quickly grab a toy without having to stray far. Others prefer to store their erotic accessories in the closet or the bathroom. And perhaps the most classic choice of all is the good old fashioned bedside table.

Maybe you prefer to have a couple of different storage spots depending on what toys you’ve got on high rotation. If your bullet vibe is the current flavour of the month, you might want to store it within easy reach on your bedside table while the less frequently used toys are safely tucked away elsewhere.

Sex toy storage do's and don'ts

There’s a few different things to consider when it comes to storing your sexy gadgets, so here’s a quick rundown of the dos and don’ts:

DO clean your toys before storing them

DO inspect your toys for damage before putting them away

DO store each and every toy separately

DON’T store your toys altogether

DON’T let any of your toys touch each other

DON’T store any toys before they’re completely dry after cleaning

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