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How to Have a Hot Honeymoon

When the last wedding bell rings, the first dance is over and the speeches are made, you might think the only thing left to do is to consummate your marriage.

Although, despite it being a years-long tradition to get down in the gown, unravel the bowties for a night of newly-wed passion, an article by Bustle suggests that only just over half of us do the deed right after our wedding reception.

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Bridgerton Series 2: Does a Raunchfest Await Us?

That Regency lot were rather frisky, weren’t they?!

Bridgerton, the racy Regency drama that entertained the locked-down masses, was renowned for its raunchy scenes when it hit Netflix in December 2020. We’re now on the edges of our seats as we brace ourselves for series 2.

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Galentine’s Day Special: Cringe Confessions!

Here’s a blast from the past for you - 90s and 00s girl magazines, and the iconic CRINGE confession sections. If you weren’t sending love on Bebo, or living your fashion designer dreams on Dollzmania, or texting codes to dubious subscription companies to get a new polyphonic ringtone, chances are you were flicking through the teen bible of Dolly Magazine.

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10 questions to ask on your first date

First dates; often the first encounter to share with someone new and nearly always the most nerve-wracking. Sometimes exciting, at times, enlightening - a first date opens the door to truly getting to know someone, but what about those awkward silences?

Let’s face it, it happens. Sometimes we trip on our words, fumble with our sentences and lose our once perfectly intact human ability to talk. It might be nerves, lack of interest or simply getting lost in the whirlwind of romance.

Whatever the reason for those conversational lulls, we’ve compiled this handy list of first-date questions, so you can keep the chat flowing, while asking all the right things to find out what you really want to know.

Keep in mind that first dates are meant to be fun, not forced, so don’t interview your date - simply invite them in to talk about the things and people that matter to them most.

After all, nobody wants to get six months knee-deep into a relationship only to find out you’re not both searching for the same thing, right?

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