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Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Knicker Vibrator 67005 (1)

Top Three Vibrating Undies & Knicker Vibrators

Name a better duo than sexy lingerie and clitoral stimulation, we’ll wait! Combining cute panties with hands-free clitoral stimulation, vibrating undies are petite and discreet allowing for alfresco foreplay.

These small vibes simply slip straight into your undies so you can take your sexy time on tour. Often featuring remote or app control, these toys are ideal for both solo and couple play. With so many options available, we thought we’d take the hard work out of it with our top three picks when it comes to vibrating knickers.

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6 Ways to Make Missionary Sex Even Better


Missionary sex doesn't get the credit it deserves. It gets dismissed as 'boring' and 'vanilla', when in reality it's a fundamental position in the Big Bumper Book of Bonking!

Missionary position sees one partner lie on their back, whilst the other partner lies on top, penetrating them either vaginally or anally.

We've got 6 ways to improve missionary sex here and, to save you from getting tangled up like you're playing a game of naked Twister, we've come up with a system.

We've called the partner who is lying on their back the HP ('horizontal partner') and the partner who is riding up top the TP ('top partner').

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10 Sexual Fetishes We Bet You've Never Heard Of


It's probably not a question that's likely to appear on University Challenge anytime soon but most people, when asked, could name a few fetishes.

Foot fetishes are usually what springs to mind, followed by activities like bondage and S&M.

But what is counts as a fetish? Well, a fetish is a type of sexual desire where gratification is linked to an object, type of clothing or part of the body.

Thanks to the awesome power of the internet, and society becoming increasingly sex-positive, we know more about kinks and fetishes than we ever have before.

That's why Lovehoney had to conduct some serious sexual research to find you these 10 Sexual Fetishes We Bet You've Never Heard Of!

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This Week on YouTube: Guess the Sex Toy Blindfold Challenge

"Is it a wanky wanky?"

Who will be crowned Sex Toy Champion 2020, in our latest rendition of guess the sex toy? Join Brenna and Annabelle as they put their toy knowledge to the ultimate test. Who can fondle their way to victory? Watch to find out.

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