How Sexy Is Your Profession? The Sexiest Jobs As Voted By You

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on Jun 9, 2023

Lusting after someone suited and booted? Fantasising about someone in uniform? We all have professions which turn us on a little more than others.

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But, while our stereotypical sexual fantasies may have tended to revolve around the old tropes of sexy firefighters, naughty nurses, and hot teachers through the years, is this still the case in 2023?

To answer this question, we’ve spoken to over 1,000 sexually active adults to find out once and for all which professions are seen as the most sexually attractive. We spoke to Lovehoney ambassador and male sex coach, Cam Fraser, to take a deep dive into exactly why these jobs might be more appealing than others. We also provided some top tips on how best to bring these fantasies into the bedroom.

The 10 sexiest professions

Of all the people we surveyed, the men and women had pretty different ideas on what constitutes as sexy for them.

The sexiest professions, according to women

For the ladies, firefighters have come out on top, with 39% of women admitting to getting hot under the collar at the thought of them. The firefighter fantasy is one that has stood the test of time, and it’s not hard to see why. Someone who puts their life on the line everyday to save others? Yes, please – plus who can resist a person in uniform with a big hose? Firefighters have also topped the list for those aged between 25 and 54 (34%), and for those who identify as heterosexual (33%).

Following closely behind with 38% of the female vote are builders, who are perhaps best known for being extremely good with their hands. Builders are also very popular with the younger generation, with over a third (37%) of those aged between 18 to 24 voting it as the sexiest profession. The role is also most attractive to those that identify as bisexual (33%). There’s clearly just something about physical, labour-intensive work that really turns a lot of us on.

Remember the old stereotypical saying that women can’t resist a man in uniform?It could be true if our survey results are anything to go by, with a quarter of the women surveyed (25%) admitting they are most attracted to police officers. The idea that someone is fully equipped to protect you can be pretty sexy, and the handcuffs that come with the job are a great perk that could always come in handy too.

In fourth place, the life-saving professions continue to come out winners with doctors being named the sexiest for 19% of the women surveyed. Smart, check. Driven, check. Heroic, check. Having said this, the men also said they are very attracted to doctors, voting the profession seventh on their list, with 14% of the vote.

Finally, mechanics round off the top five sexiest professions for women, with 17% of women attracted to those in this role. It’s not gone unnoticed that this is another job which requires using your hands to get the job done...

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When looking into why these professions are considered sexually attractive, Cam weighed in and shared his thoughts: “I think these jobs coming out as the most sexually attractive has to do with the perceived gender roles regarding masculinity in society that these professions entail.

“For example, some stereotypical professions for men that are sexually arousing for others include firefighters, builders, and police officers. In these professions, men’s roles include being proficient and courageous, being of service, protecting, and being a leader - all things which tend to be stereotypically attractive to others when it comes to men’s gendered roles in society and idealised depictions of masculinity.

“These jobs also come with a high social status and prestige and require you to be somewhat physically fit and able, which is another stereotypically attractive quality.”

The sexiest professions, according to men

On the other hand, men have been found to be the most likely to lust after flight attendants. Whether it’s the mile-high club fantasies, or the freedom involved in the role, over a third (37%) of the men surveyed consider those with a career in the skies to be very sexy.

There must be something about scrubs that really does it for both men and women, because nurses have been named the second most sexually attractive career, clinching 34% of the male vote. It’s an age-old cliche that men fantasise about naughty nurses, so perhaps it’s no surprise that this role comes so high on the list. It’s also the most popular profession with the over 55s, with almost a quarter (24%) of the older generation attracted to those in the nursing profession.

Medical roles in general have all been deemed hugely sexy, with paramedics coming out as the number one fantasy for those of us who identify as gay, with 27% of the vote.

Continuing with the theme of stereotypical fantasies, men have named secretary (24%) and teacher (23%) as the third and fourth sexiest roles, while actors come in fifth with 19% of the vote.

Everyone has some sort of celebrity crush and for a lot of people, it’s the stars we see on the big and silver screens which have us fantasising the most. Could it be the characters they play? The stories they’re telling? Or is it the raunchy scenes they sometimes find themselves in? Whatever it is, it means that actors have also found their way on to the top five sexiest professions for men.

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“In these professions, women’s roles include being highly skilled but in a more caring capacity; being nurturing and providing support - all things which are stereotypically attractive to others when it comes to women’s gendered roles in society.” says Cam. “We’ve also got television, movies, and pornography to thank for the portrayal of certain professions in seductive and sexy ways.”

The 10 least sexy professions

While the men and women we surveyed may be divided on which professions are the sexiest, they are definitely in agreement about which roles are the least attractive. Sorry to all the judges out there, but with just 0.75% of the votes, those upholding the law are actually deemed to be the least attractive. It’s also the least sexy profession no matter your sexual preference, with those identifying as straight, heterosexual and bisexual all seemingly turned off by those in the role. We’re unsure as to why, but maybe it’s the wigs?

Web developers and politicians have also come in very low for both men and women, with both professions receiving a meagre 1% of the overall vote. Given the fact that politics itself can often be quite the mood-killer, MPs clearly don’t rank highly when it comes to sex appeal. The creative professions also evidently aren’t turning the majority of us on, as marketing executives and designers round off the bottom five, with just 2% of people admitting to being attracted to those in these roles.

“I think this is essentially the inverse of the aforementioned observation with the jobs that have been deemed the most attractive. Judges, web developers, and politicians aren’t typically seen as professions that align with the gendered role of men when it comes to upholding the idealised depictions of masculinity.

“I also think that media has a part to play in our perceptions of these professions, with web developers very often depicted as nerdy, judges as older and emotionless, and politicians as sleazy and manipulative.” Cam shared.

There is, however, a bit of controversy toward the bottom of the list. Coming in joint last place for the ladies (0.79%) is the role of either butler or maid, while the men voted this to be one of the sexiest professions. Over one in 10 (13%) men said they have a penchant for those who look after all things housework which matches up with how popular French maid costumes are with role play.

How to bring your workplace fantasies into the bedroom

If you find yourself attracted to people with certain job roles, you’re certainly not alone. Cam has also shared some insight into why people hold a potential partner’s job role in such high regard.

“For many people, a job role is an indicator of both financial stability and prospects. These are important for many people when considering a romantic relationship with someone. Additionally, if a person is enthusiastic about and finds meaning in their job, this can be an attractive quality for many people.”

For those that have an affinity for a specific job role, why not look to introduce it into the bedroom with some role play? Not only does role play allow us to live out our fantasies, it also can help us feel more confident to experiment with toys such as bondage, anal toys, and handcuffs or restraints.

“Kinks can also definitely spice up your sex life. While there is some stigma associated with anything other than vanilla sex, you may have some sexual acts or scenarios or stimulation that you may consider kinky. Feeling comfortable enough to explore these with another person can certainly add an element of excitement and eroticism to your sex life.”

Sources and Methodology

All data taken from a survey of 1,002 adults (18+) who have had sex, carried out in April 2023. We asked respondents about their gender, age, city, star sign and relationship status. If your identity sits outside of the binary, you might benefit from heading to our LGBTQIA+ page here.

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Cam Fraser - Lovehoney Ambassador and Male Sex Coach

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