Deep G Diving

Position of the Week: Deep P Diving

Get into position and prepare for a whole lotta pleasure from your Deep P Diving expedition. There are many treasures to be discovered with this deep penetration position, whether it's the incredible stimulation of the P-spot or handing over control to the giving partner, with full access to all of the receiver's most pleasure-hungry zones.

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Position of the Week: Jigsaw

You already know how well you fit together, now prove it to yourselves with this smooth and satisfying sex position. With control squarely in the hands (and hips) of the partner on top, this thrilling position lends itself to long, languorous sex.

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6 Positions Anal Masturbation_POTW-Twist&Tease-NBE

Position of the Week: Twist and Tease

The Twist and Tease position is great for truly relaxing into a bit of anal play as it allows your leg muscles to loosen up, and in turn, your backdoor can relax, too. This position is perfect for your very first anal masturbation experience.

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Pleasure Bound 1000x1000

Position of the Week: Pleasure Bound

Bound to each other through pleasure and bondage, this oral sex position is perfect for couples looking to introduce some BDSM energy into the bedroom. Combining sweet, sensual licks with erotic restraints, you and your partner will be able to enjoy the thrill of power play without compromising on intimacy.

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