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Menopause & Sex Toys

Believe it or not, we’re still busting myths and unearthing facts about the menopause. We know so much, and yet so little too, but one thing we can be almost certain about is that for many of us, the menopause can impact our sex lives.

Go back a few hundred years ago, and as people approached the menopause and began to find sex and intimacy, well, a little uncomfortable? There wasn’t really much that could be done.

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The Menopause & You

You might think that the menopause means the end of a stellar sex life, or maybe it’s the opposite – and you believe that when your menstrual cycle stops, your libido will rocket, opening the door for more frequent and spontaneous intimacy. For many, the reality settles some place between the two, but what exactly is the menopause, and how does this transition affect us and our sex lives?

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Menopause & Your Partner

Hot flashes, lack of sleep, mood swings and muscle aches – Let’s face it, the menopause can be a rough ride for those that go through it, but we might be mistaken in thinking its symptoms are reserved just for menopausal women. The reality is, the waves and tides of change can naturally affect our relationships too, impacting our intimate connections and sexual libido with it.

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Learn Your Love Language: Acts of Service

Ever been called a people-pleaser? Do you show love and affection by doing nice things for your special other? If you like ironing your partner’s shirt, making their sandwiches for the work day ahead, cooking up their favorite meal or just simply giving up your time to carry out a visual action you know your partner will appreciate – then it may be that Acts of Service is your love language.

Exactly 30 years ago, author, pastor and marriage counsellor, Gary Chapman, released his New York Times best-seller bookThe Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate”.

Sharing his personal insights into our relationship behaviours, he identified that there are five different ways in which we give and receive love and affection with our partners. Since, his theories have become vastly recognised across the globe – and one of those concepts is the Acts of Service Love Language.

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Sharing the love (and everything you need to know about poly pleasure)

The idea of a polyamorous relationship isn’t for everyone. The standard social-acceptable route to a long-lasting relationship often ensues a period of dating, before finding the one then settling into a faithfully monogamous relationship.

While this has long been the traditional expected love scenario, times are swiftly changing and as we’ve become more open about our intimate connections, it seems we’re getting more adventurous about poly relationships too.

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