Sex Bucket List: 7 Sexy Things for Women to Try in 2021

Make your fantasies a reality with a sexy bucket list full of fun and frisky things to try in the bedroom... or outside of it if that’s more your style!

To help get those creative and otherwise juices flowing, here are our top 7 sexy things we think people with a vulva are missing out on and absolutely MUST try.

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This Week on YouTube: Sexy Roleplay Costumes

How can sexy roleplay make you more confident in the bedroom?

Lingerie pro, Sammi Cole, talks you through the key things that make bedroom roleplay so important to your sexual confidence, with the help of quite a few costume changes.

Which is your favourite roleplay outfit? Tell us in the comments!

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Ep.15 Sexual Happiness Podcast: Can I Have Sex Outside?

The Sexual Happiness Podcast logo

Are you thinking of taking your sex life to the great outdoors? Then there are some things you need to consider...

On this episode of The Sexual Happiness Podcast, Sammi, Nick, and Jess share their tips for the best ways to indulge in some al fresco fun, without encountering the long arm of the law.

And of course we cover our usual segments "You can never know enough about sex" and "Question of the week" where we share what we've learned about sex this week, and answer your sex questions.

Got a question or topic you want us to cover?

Email us at or comment below.

You can find us on iTunes, Soundcloud and Spotify. New episodes every Wednesday. Subscribe to stay up to date!

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This Week on YouTube: Sex at a Festival

"I want to buy my girlfriend a sex toy - but where on earth do I start?"

Giving the gift of a sex toy is a great idea in theory, but choosing the right one can feel very personal. Luckily, on YouTube this week we've asked the lovely Annabelle Knight to give us her top tips for picking the perfect pleasurable present.

So whether your lady's into the firm fullness of a dildo, or the subtle sucking sensations of oral, you can make sure you choose a toy that she (and you) can enjoy for years to come.

Got a question or a comment? Add it below the blog!

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This Week on YouTube: Gender-Neutral Sex Toys for Any Body

Even though a lot of sex toys are marketed towards a particular gender or body part, did you know that most of them can be enjoyed by almost anyone?

In fact, if you're inventive enough (and follow basic safety rules!) there's almost no end to the ways you can use a sex toy.

To help you discover some new tools to tingle your bits, no matter which bits you have, Jess and Annabelle show you a "few" (aka 11) of their favourite toys for any body in this week's sex toy YouTube video.

Think we missed one? Or got another way to use one of the toys we've suggested? We'd love to hear it! Just add your comment at the bottom of this blog.

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This Week on YouTube: Best Sex Toys to Treat Yourself

Everyone loves a good excuse to treat themselves, and what could be a better treat than a glorious orgasm wiith a luxury sex toy?

As we know, sex toys are a great way to enhance sexytime, whether you're playing alone or with a partner, does spending more money on a toy actually give you better pleasure?

This week on the Lovehoney YouTube channel, Annabelle Knight is talking about deluxe sex toys, from their benefits and why you might like to try one to which ones she recommends, no matter which bits you've got in your pantaloons.

Got a comment or a question? Pop it in the comments below!

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