Hands-Free Pleasure for People with a Penis and/or Prostate

by Lovehoney

on Aug 3, 2021

Here’s some top sex toys for hands-free stimulation for anyone with a penis or prostate.


Hey blokes - give your hand a rest from the five-fingered salute and check out some bonza sex toys to give you a hand instead. Wanking is great, but there are a ton of benefits with toys to help you enjoy yourself even more:

  1. Thrusting your body into a static toy is closer to sex, so it gets your whole body and mind involved.
  2. Some toys will get you off with zero effort on your part - sound good?
  3. With no risk of RSI from repetition of strokes, you can extend your pleasure for a longer sesh.
  4. Wearable toys don't require an erection to get you off.

Check out our top 6 sex toys for hands-free male masturbation.

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THRUST Pro Xtra Taylor Ribbed Realistic Vagina and Ass


Just take a Captain Cook at this beauty. A fella would get a stiffy simply looking at this inviting toy. It’s got not one but two inviting orifices, each one with sensational textures that drive you wild.


  • Sits on any flat surface for hands-free thrusting
  • Both entrances are perfectly poised for penetration
  • Upgrade the fun with a bullet vibrator

What you say:

‘Wow - this is absolutely fantastic. Feels so real inside and out. Gave me the most intense orgasm I've had in a long time. I'm hooked!’

Fleshlight Shower Mount and Hands-Free Adaptor


You can whack your Fleshlight onto this mount for hands-free fun. The suction cup clamps to any smooth surface for a sure trip to the Big O.


  • Screw base firmly holds your Fleshlight
  • Lockable suction cup creates reliable fix
  • Adjustable hinge for the perfect angle

What you say:

‘After collecting some Fleshlight models, my only complaint about them was the lack of hands-free fun. The first time I used the mount I absolutely loved it. It does exactly what it says! It holds on practically any smooth surface and does not move at all.’

Lovehoney Wild Thing Remote Control Cock Ring


Covering your meat and potatoes, this stretchy cock ring offers hands-free fun with the totes bonus of a remote control. Howzat!


  • 10 function motor gives you torque to burn
  • Silicone rings offer grip for intense fireworks
  • It’s a win/win for solo and couples play

What you say:

‘As a guy with quite the toy collection, I can still say this is just about the best toy I've ever used. The double loop is super comfy and the design is sleek 'n' sexy.’

Bad Kitty Adjustable Cock Ring with Ball Bag


This unique toy is a nut sack that fondles your balls. No bonk buddy required. Insert a bullet vibrator for the ultimate in nut sack fun.


  • Adjustable for a perfect fit
  • Made from hypoallergenic silicone for comfort
  • Cums with a bullet vibe holder for extra stim

What you say:

‘The squeeze of the strap around your balls and the feel of the bag is out of this world. It's easy to fit and stays in place and feels so good when you sit down or when just walking.’

Lovehoney PRO-Stim Elite Silicone Prostate Massager


Looks like something out of Alien, right? This incredible toy will probe your prostate P-spot with nothing but a clench of your butt cheeks. What a legend.


  • Angled, tapered shaft massages the P-spot with each clench
  • Bonus T-bar base with perineum massager adds even more sensation
  • Dimpled tip for out of this world prostate-gasms

What you say:

‘This thing just feels fabulous. It hits my buttons spot-on with gentle, insistent pressure. Watching porn with this while clenching, then grinding... This is the ultimate chair-gasm stimulator!’

Lovehoney Curved Silicone Suction Cup Dildo


Simple, eh? Meet the humble suction cup dildo. But when you whack this beginner-friendly silicone wonder onto any smooth surface, you can ride the O-train all the way to a hands-free climax. Too easy, sport.


  • A favourite with peggers and first-time anal players
  • Curved shaft and ridged tip for flawless P-spot stim
  • Strong suction cup sticks to any smooth surface

What you say:

‘I used the suction cup to fix the dildo to a door frame and rode it while bending over. I've found that if you insert it a little of the way it hits the prostate just nicely to produce a nice orgasm. There are not a lot of dildos that manage this.’

And, of course, don't forget lube

At Lovehoney, we’re right into lube. The wetter the better, we say. For penis and ball play we prefer a water-based lube like Lovehoney Enjoy. You’ll get both comfort and sensual thrills.

For bum fun, we reckon Lovehoney Discover Anal Lube is the go. It’s thicker and lasts an age for safe and sensational anal adventures.


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Originally published on Aug 3, 2021. Updated on Aug 3, 2021