"The bumps feel amazing..." - October's Review of the Month

by Jess

on Nov 12, 2014

"Review of the Month" - Review of the Month, October 2014

This month we've launched a ton of new products, and as a result we've been inundated with customer feedback - thank you for your awesome reviews!

Every month we choose one review to win a $200 Lovehoney Gift Voucher. This month's winner is OUCH! Thank you ;) who submitted this great review of the Lovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo.

"After watching me writhe through a satisfying, squirty orgasm, the OH wanted to see what he could do to me using it anally. The bumps feel even better when used for anal, each of them making delicious little pops as it’s moved in and out. It feels especially good when the glass is cooled, and he managed to bring me to orgasm twice more before his own needs got the better of him."

Read OUCH! Thank you's review in full.

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Alongside our winner, we've also chosen a runner up to win a ginormous 2,000 Oh! Points!

Runner Up

Lovehoney Lifelike elle Super Tight Pocket Pussy

Lovebirds_x's review of the Lovehoney Lifelike Elle Super Tight Pocket Pussy

"We were super impressed with the material. Lovehoney have somehow managed to capture the soft yet firm, supple, lifelike feel of quality brands like Fleshlight, without having the hefty price tag."

"This is quite possibly my favourite thing about watching my partner use realistic toys, the lips moving around him look so erotic and sexy. I am assured they feel as good as they look! The ribs on the outside make it surprisingly easy and comfortable to grip from any angle, even when lube inevitably goes everywhere. The whole stroker is tactile and ergonomic, it is an absolute pleasure to use."

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Written by Jess.

Originally published on Nov 12, 2014. Updated on Aug 27, 2020