Lovehoney's Brisbane Warehouse is Ready to Take Your Order

by Krista

on Aug 20, 2016

au warehouse

It's official, Lovehoney is deep in down under with a cracking customer care team and now a gigantic warehouse to match.

Our Ozzie team is working hard to make the most of the lovely new space, taking calls and getting orders out to you faster than ever.

I had a chance to catch the AU crew amidst the rush to find out a bit more about the new space, and you can read our interview below.

What can you expect now that they have a big warehouse to fill? More fun, faster shipping, special(er) offers, and loads of sexual happiness of course!

Read on to find out more from Rob and the Lovehoney AU customer care team…

(Shout-out to Doc Johnson for sending multi-use boxes direct from America too.)

Q. How are things going in the new Brisbane warehouse?

Really good! We are really busy and working super hard, lots of room and lots of fun so far!

The new Lovehoney Brisbane warehouse is booming. We shipped over 10000 in the first 4 weeks. This has resulted in doubling our warehouse staff, more customer service staff, and urgent stock top ups. The process was very smooth. It took thousands of man hours between Bath and Brisbane, but the end result was a global success for all Lovehoney staff.


Q. It looks huge in pictures, how many sex toys can you fit in there?

We have 2300 sqm, of which 1900 sqm is for warehousing. It is huge! Probably the biggest adult products warehousing operation in Australia. We have over 5000 lines and close to 250,000 products. If we wanted to use all the space and bulk warehouse, we could fit over 3 million sex toys in our warehouse!

Q. Does this mean more great perks for Lovehoney's AU customers?

Customers are getting their orders a lot faster which makes us very happy. More offers and deals to come soon, of course.

Did we mention, super fast service? Lovehoney AU customers have always been offered a great experience with a wide range, low prices, brilliant customer service and the best returns policy in the industry. Now we have added express delivery. You can order anything up to 4pm and get express delivery the very next day if you live in a metro area. Or place an order by 5pm over $40 and we will ship it to you the same day and for free!

lovehoney warehouse

Q. Are you looking for workers or hiring any time soon?

Our team has grown from two people (myself (Rob) and Sarah Sweet) three years ago, to 14 staff today and we're recruiting for another three warehouse roles. By Xmas we will have over 20 staff between the warehouse, office, and customer service.

All open positions are listed on when they are available.

Q. Can curious people stop by for a visit?

A lot of our suppliers pop in for a coffee and some 'gifts' for friends and partners. At the moment we can't have our customers visit, but we will have open days and same day pick up at some stage in the future.

Right now we are too busy getting all of our customers toys out and providing top notch customer service.

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Written by Krista.

Originally published on Aug 20, 2016. Updated on Aug 6, 2020