The Best Clitoral Toy Just Got Better!

by Jess

on Jul 7, 2018

Is there a more exquisite feeling in the world than finally reaching that long-awaited orgasm after trying to rub one out with your vibe? What if you could have multiple leg-shaking glande finales in a single sesh without even touching your lady bean?! Although this may seem like some far-fetched fantasy, you can make your dreams a reality with the stunning Womanizer Premium Rechargeable Smart Silence Clitoral Stimulator, exclusive to Lovehoney.

They don’t call it the Premium for nothing - this baby is absolutely luxe! Combining the best in tech with a sleek, sexy, and practically silent toy, the Womanizer Premium is one vibe you absolutely need in your life!


Putting the Pleasure in Air Technology

If you’re not already familiar with Womanizer and its suite of fantastical vibes, massagers, and stimulators, then you may not have come across the phenomenal Pleasure Air Technology for which the Womanizer is renowned. This incredible bit of tech directs gentle pulses of air to vibrate, suck, and whirl your precious pearl until you pop your cookies again and again, all without physical touch! If you don’t tend to get along with traditional vibes or find they leave your mappa Tassie numb before you reach the big O, then then this clitoral vibe is an absolute MUST:

“I have a sensitive clitoris and don't get on with clitoral vibrators – they just feel too intense. For people in the same boat as me, the Womanizer is perfect, as it stimulates your sensitive nerve-endings in a totally different, touch-less way.”

Lovehoney S.

Multiple Orgasms Guaranteed

Research conducted by the team at Womanizer found that over 70% of women who use their products that feature Pleasure Air Tech experienced multiple orgasms in just one sesh. Still don’t believe us? Hear it straight from the horse's mouth:

“Long story short, first time I used this toy I came 4 times in just over 5 minutes and squirted pretty hard. Going in completely cold. Which is fantastic for me as I don't have the most robust attention span due to my ADHD, and can get bored or frustrated pretty quickly. There's no worry of boredom with this toy!”


Stealth Mode Activated

Ever reach for your fave vibe in the heat of the moment only to find it sounds like a jumbo jet taking flight when you switch it on? Thanks to the super handy and discreet Smart Silence function, the Womanizer Premium only activates when it comes into contact with your body.

“Noise levels are pretty good, it has the great (stop/start) feature to turn off when not pressed against your body so it stops all noise after about 3 seconds held off.”


Ergonomically Designed for Max Pleasure

The team at Womanizer have crafted this premium vibe to be completely symmetrical so it can be easily enjoyed by both left- and right-handed users, or on your partner. Its slender silhouette also means it can be easily used while doing the deed or paired with another vibe for even more stimulation!

“The toy has a lovely taper and sits well on my body and in my hand. I have found that it can be seated hands free and still work its magic, which is a plus!”

Botticelli’s M.

The ergonomics don’t stop there! The elliptical-shaped clitoral stimulator has been thoughtfully designed to fit over the entire clitoris, not to mention that the Womanizer Premium comes with two different sized silicone heads so you can decide which fits you best. The removable silicone nubs can be easily removed, making the vibe super simple to clean after you’ve gone to town on yourself.

“The toy comes with 2 sizes of nozzles. This is to help accommodate different sizes of clitoris, however I do find I much prefer the larger of the 2 nozzles, despite having a small clitoris, so I would highly recommend trying out both as it does alter the sensation some.”


Get Steamy in the Bathroom

Take the fun to the tub with Womanizer Premium! This baby is fully waterproof and will have you wet 'n' wild in no time!

“It's fully waterproof which is a major bonus for me as I like to have long baths!”

Nurse M.

Are You Ready to Rumble?

Never one to disappoint, the team at Womanizer have worked tirelessly to perfect the range of settings available with the Womanizer Premium. With 12 delightful levels of intensity to choose from, the lowest range setting is lower than previous toys and highest range is more intense than ever, allowing you to edge closer and closer to climax!

“It has a wider range of settings than the Starlet as well, meaning that the transition between them is smoother and there's always a just-right spot for you.”

Please Y.

Is spontaneity more your style? Give the Autopilot function a red hot crack and let this cheeky vibe do the heavy lifting for you. Simply choose your mode - soft, medium, or intense, and the toy will randomly cycle through the intensity levels for you, so all you have to do is lie back, relax, and enjoy:

“I initially tried the manual control to get to learn the sensations and intensities but it was when I tried the autopilot mode that I really hit the jackpot. Oh. My. God. Honestly I haven't had a toy give me orgasms that are this long or intense ever. It literally teases you, almost like a real partner would do. It's mildly frustrating (in a good way) when you really want to cum but then when you do it is so with it. I also love the automatic silence function so the minute you move it away it stops. Really handy and intuitive. Couldn't recommend more.”


Still not convinced the Womanizer Premium is for you? This nifty little number turns off automatically after 15 minutes of no use, so no more worrying you forgot to turn off your vibe after you leave the house! Featuring magnetic pins for quick and easy recharging, it’s also available in five beautiful colours so you can choose the vibe that best suits your vibe.


Written by Jess.

Originally published on Jul 7, 2018. Updated on Aug 6, 2020