The Bedroom Disasters Report

by Lucy

on Nov 22, 2022

Our survey has revealed that 42% of people have suffered from a sex injury, from carpet burn to UTIs. What are the most common bedroom disasters?


While many people enjoy getting frisky between the sheets, in the heat of the moment bedroom fun can sometimes turn into a disaster - or even an embarrassing story.

From carpet burns to bruises to broken penises, there are several injuries that we can sustain while getting hot and heavy. Our recent survey has uncovered that nearly half (42%) of people have injured themselves during sex. But what are the most common bedroom mishaps?

To uncover this, we surveyed over 1,000 sexually active adults to reveal the most common sex injuries and the sex positions most likely to send you on a trip to the hospital. We also partnered with sex experts to provide tips on how to avoid the most common bedroom disasters.

The most common bedroom disasters

It's no secret that sex isn’t as seamless as you see in the movies, but experiencing a sex injury while getting caught up in the moment is much more common than you may think. 42% of the people surveyed reported they had previously experienced a mishap during sex.

Not all individuals were found to be equally as vulnerable to sustaining sex injuries. Our research discovered that unfortunately, women were the most injury-prone during sex (47%) in comparison to men (33%). Your age might also play a role, as whether it's through trying a new position they’ve found on TikTok or spicing things up by experimenting with new fantasies, the younger generation aged between 25 and 35 were also found to be the most susceptible to sustaining sex injuries (66%) over any other age group. So are they more adventurous? Or perhaps just a little more carefree with their bodies…

Of the 42% of participants who had experienced a bedroom disaster, bumps and bruises were found to be the most common form of sex injury, as 33% of people who have admitted to experiencing a sex injury have gotten bruised in the throes of passion. This was closely followed by carpet burn (31%) and UTIs (29%).


Penetrative sex is by no means the only cause of bedroom mishaps. Almost half (48%) of male respondents admitted to experiencing sex-related injuries whilst either giving or receiving oral sex, compared to just 17% of women.

Sexologist reveals how to avoid some of the most common bedroom disasters

After uncovering the most commonly sustained sex injuries, we spoke to sexologist Chantelle Otten to provide some advice on how to avoid experiencing these bedroom disasters in the future:

Bruises: Suffered by 33% of people who have had a sex injury…

“Bruises can be mild to moderate and occur when capillaries under the skin burst. Hickeys, spanking and rough sex are the most common culprits of bruising, so it’s best to approach these acts with caution. If you are in pain, icing the area or paracetamol should do the trick.”

UTI: Suffered by 29% of people who have had a sex injury…

“You can significantly reduce the chances of getting a UTI by peeing before and after sex, as this flushes unwanted bacteria from the urethra.”

Vaginal tear: Suffered by 18% of people who have had a sex injury…

“Vaginal tearing can occur when there is too much friction or rough penetration. It’s important to ensure you are aroused before engaging in penetration (with fingers, penis or toy). Go slow to gently stretch the area, and use lots of lots of lube. Always.”

Doggy style is the most hazardous sex position for sustaining sex injuries

Now that we discovered the most common sex injuries, we also wanted to take a deeper look into the most hazardous sex positions that lead to bedroom disasters. To ensure you avoid a mishap in one of these positions, Chantelle offers the following advice:

Doggy style: Nearly half of people (42%) who have had a sex injury have experienced a bedroom disaster in this position…

“Be mindful of your knees on hard surfaces (soft surfaces are best, such as the bed or couch). If you are standing, make sure you have something solid to steady yourself to avoid slipping. Carpet burn can be a common injury in this position. If you feel a bit of a burn coming on, change positions to remove friction from the area.”

Missionary: It might seem like a safe bet, but nearly a third of people who have had a sex injury have experienced a bedroom disaster in this position (32%)…

“Be careful of your back, elbows and wrists! Soft surfaces are ideal for both partners, and if you feel any niggling pain, stop and change positions.”

69: 10% of people who have had a sex injury have experienced a bedroom disaster in this position…

“Find a position that is comfortable for both of you, as neck and leg cramps can be a culprit of 69. Sometimes it’s best to find a couple of different positions to regularly change it up to avoid muscle strain in a particular area.”

Bedrooms, showers and hotel rooms are the most high-risk locations for sex injuries

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It comes as no surprise that sexual mishaps occur most frequently in the bedroom (56%). Though it was also found that people sustain sex injuries in several other locations; nearly one in four sex injuries occur whilst getting steamy in the shower (23%) and one in five (20%) when getting frisky in a hotel room. Cars were also found to be another high-risk area for encountering sex-related injuries, with 17% of people reporting they had previously experienced a sex injury in a car.

Some of the more scandalous locations where people have experienced sex injuries included plane toilets and the workplace. Encountering a sex injury while joining the mile-high club was three times more likely to happen to men when compared to women. So it might be best to think twice before getting frisky in the skies - you don’t want to be injured on your holiday!

Over half of people have broken a bedframe during sex

Whether it’s breaking a bed frame or ripping a shower curtain to bits, body parts aren't the only things we can damage during our sexual escapades. It was found that 34% of people have previously broken a household item during sex. But what parts of the home get damaged the most when we get frisky?

It comes as no surprise that bed frames see the most destruction, as almost half (49%) of people who have previously broken an item during sex admitted they had broken a bedframe. And the bedroom isn’t the only room that sees action. One in ten (11%) adults also admitted to breaking a shower curtain during sex, along with one in six (16%) who reported breaking a chair.

Expert tips on avoiding injury while experimenting in the bedroom

Hygiene is key:

“Hygiene is super important when it comes to sex equipment and toys, as infections (such as UTIs and STIs) can spread. Make sure all sex toys, from butt plugs to gags, are cleaned thoroughly after each use - either with specific toy cleaner or warm soapy water.”

Lube up:

“Using lubricant with toys is a must to avoid vaginal tearing and any chafing on the genitals.”

Know your limits:

“Know your limits on what types of equipment and toys you feel comfortable with.”

Use a safe word:

“A ‘safe word’ is especially important when using bondage equipment, as this can prevent physical injury.”


The survey data in this study is based on a survey of 1,003 adults over the age of 18 who have previously had sex. The survey took place in August 2022.

When referring to the most common sex injuries, the figures were calculated by excluding the 58% of participants who had not experienced a sex injury before.

When referring to the statistics on the most commonly broken household items, the figures were calculated by excluding 66% of participants who had not previously broken an item during sex.

Gender splits are based on respondents choosing how they identify.


Sexologist Chantelle Otten


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Originally published on Nov 22, 2022. Updated on Nov 23, 2022