6 Sexy Ways To Stay Cool in The Heat

by Krista

on Dec 3, 2014

6 Ways to Stay CoolSummer is here again and we all know it can be incredibly hot, but not always in a sexy way.

It's time to start preparing for how to stay cool as the temperature rises - because you don't want to let sweltering summer heat waves slow down your sex life!

Body heat can keep you apart when you're feeling sweaty and sticky. We've got some ideas to help you get closer together and enjoy sex to the fullest while cooling off at the same time.

Taking showers and baths together is a great way to keep cool and stay close, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Here are six fun and creative ways to use temperature play, including cooling and frozen lubes, condoms and sex toys to keep your sex life from boiling over when it's just too hot outside.

1. Make Lube Ice Cubes

Lovehoney Passion Fruit Flavoured Lubricant 100ml

Turn your lover into a tasty ice popsicle with flavoured frozen lube cubes. Any water-based flavoured lube will freeze, just fill your ice cube tray with lube and wait!

You can pick up a special ice cube tray from the dollar store with fun and distinct shapes to keep your sex cubes separate from the real ice.

Trace the flavoured lube ice down your partner's body and lick it up for a yummy sexy cool treat.

Pictured here: Lovehoney Passion Fruit Flavoured Lubricant

2. Turn Your Bedroom into a Water Park

Slippery PVC Flat Double Bedsheet

Getting wet 'n' wild in the heat is loads of fun and will keep you cool. If you enjoy visiting the pool or water park during the summer, why not bring that splishy splashy fun to the bedroom?

Lay down a PVC sheet, squirt down some lube or massage oil and get ready to get wet. Reviewers mention that playing on PVC sheets can leave them shivering in the winter, making it a great way to keep cool and stay close when the weather is HOT!

Find slippery sheets to fit all bed sizes in our sex furniture section, and don't forget to pick up your favourite massage oil too.

Pictured here: Slippery PVC Flat Double Bedsheet

3. Cool Down with Glass or Metal Toys

njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo

A wonderful thing about glass and metal sex toys is that they can be easily cooled down for delicious and intense temperature play.

To get started, place your clean glass or metal toys in the refrigerator or into a bowl of ice water. When you're ready to play they'll be chilled and prepped to help you beat the heat.

A cooled glass dildo can be used as a massage wand all over your body for refreshing relaxation and to intensify penetration, of course.

Pictured here: njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo

Buyers Guide: How to Make your Glass Sex Toys Even Better!

4. Make a Glowing Ice Dildo

Glow in the Dark Condoms

Here's a creative idea: Make a glow in the dark ice dildo! Turn the lights off and enjoy these chilling sensations.

First, pick up some cheap condoms. Glow in the dark condoms add an extra fun when you want to keep the lights off. Fill the condom with water and tie a knot in the end, place the water ballon on a plate to keep it from sticking to anything, and freeze.

Once it's frozen, you can enjoy the ice cold fun! Condoms are super strong and will stretch quite a bit as the water freezes. Some condoms can hold up to 30 litres of water, so feel free to make your ice dildo as thick as you like.

Pictured here: Love Light Glow In The Dark Condoms

5. Take a Cold Shower or Cool Bath… with Sex Toys

Fleshlight Ice Lady

Waterproof vibrators are ideal to take with you into the a cold shower or cool bath. Not only for cooling a high sex drive, when it's sweltering in the shade, a cold shower is the perfect place to freshen up.

Check out our special sex in the bathroom category for all kinds of bathroom sex toy inspiration. Maybe you could use a specially designed shower position enhancer or a shower mount for hands-free Fleshlight action?

Note: Water-based lubricants will wash away easily in water, we recommend using slick silicone lube instead for lasting slippery strokes.

Pictured here: Ice Lady Crystal Fleshlight

6. Try a Cooling Balm or Lube

Durex Play Tingle Personal Lubricant 50ml

When you're feeling hot all over, a cooling tingle on your sensitive bits can change your entire mood and send a shiver down your spine, even in the hottest weather.

Apply a little bit of cooling sexual lubricant such as Durex Play Tingle or a minty Bombshell Balm to your own or your partner's hot spots.

Gently blow the wet skin and enjoy a cold tingle in all the right places.

Pictured here: Durex Play Tingle Personal Lubricant 50ml

Still looking for a sexy way to cool off?

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Written by Krista.

Originally published on Dec 3, 2014. Updated on Aug 6, 2020