Muffing Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Transgender Fingering

by Lovehoney

on Jul 26, 2020

Muffing describes the act of stimulating your inguinal canals, either during masturbation or with a partner. If you're more familiar with the canals of Venice than the inguinal variety, don't despair, we're going to tell you how to find these hidden marvels.


Originally coined by Mira Bellwether, in her now iconic zine 'Fucking Transwomen', muffing describes a way to penetrate and pleasure trans women, without bringing the penis into the mix. However, muffing can be enjoyed by anyone with a penis.

In this short muffing guide, we'll explain what muffing is, how to do it and how it feels to be muffed.

What is muffing?

Muffing describes the act of stimulating your inguinal canals, either during masturbation or with a partner. If you're more familiar with the canals of Venice than the inguinal variety, don't despair, we're going to tell you how to find these hidden marvels.

The inguinal canals are located just behind the scrotum, above the testicles, on either side of the shaft of the penis. They are very small orifices, about the circumference of your pinky finger. However, with gentle coaxing and practise they do grow.

Muffing is also known as transgender fingering, because once you've found the right spot, you can gently penetrate these holes with your fingers. In time, you can start to introduce small sex toys (like bullet vibrators) and even penises.

While you may find it hard to believe that you, or your partner could have holes you didn't know about, inguinal canals are invisible with the naked eye. But, consider how testicles retract into the body when they come into contact with cold water - the inguinal canals are where the balls go.

Muffing yourself or your partner

Transgender muffing is a awesome skill to have in your repetoire as a trans woman, but really anyone with a penis can experiment with muffing.

Because these canals are very sensitive, when muffing yourself remember to take it slow, be gentle and start with your fingers. If you're muffing your partner, communication is essential. Check in with your lover frequently to make sure you're not going too fast or using too much pressure.

The best way to start is by moving the testicles to the side and gently massage behind the penis, in an upwards motion. You may then discover two small holes, which you can gently begin to stimulate. When you've gotten used to the sensation you can move on to penetrating the canals.

How does it feel to be muffed?

Muffing is a very intimate and sensual act, which when done correctly, feels very pleasurable. However, it's not for everyone. In fact, you may find that it takes quite a bit of practise to achieve a muffing orgasm.

Because the inguinal canals are packed with nerve endings, the physical sensation should be similar to other forms of hand play. And, while plenty of people, who have experimented with muffing, find it easy to reach orgasm, others find it harder to cum.

However, because muffing doesn't involve the penis, many find the sensation much less dysphoric than more traditional hand play, and therefore more pleasurable. In fact, transgender fingering is a great way to explore penetration on yourself or with a partner, without relying on anal play.

Muffing tips

So, you think you're ready to experiment with muffing? Fantastic. To help you on your merry way we've compiled a list of 6 essential muffing tips, to make sure your sexual adventure is a successful one:


Go Slow

Yes, we've said it before, but we just can't stress it enough, muffing is not something you want to rush. So, put a few hours aside, pop on some Enya and take your time.

Use lube

Lube is not essential, but, when it comes to any kind of penetration, we find it to be a welcome addition. Lovehoney Enjoy Water Based Lube is a great shout for a range of play, both with sex toys and without.

Massage the area surrounding the groin

To start, move the testicles aside and begin massaging the groin in an upwards motion. Not only is this type of stimulation pleasurable, but it can help you to relax and discover the entrances to the canals.

Insert a finger

Once you've located the two small holes you can gently start to massage them and even slowly insert a finger. Our advice is to start with your pinky finger and back off if you experience any discomfort.

Start moving

If when you insert your finger you find the sensation pleasurable, you can then start to experiment with movement. Trying inserting the finger in and out, or in a circular motion.

Work your way up

Once you've explored muffing a few times, these canals will start to stretch, allowing you to insert larger fingers, or even throw a bullet vibrator into the party.

Anyone who's experimented with tucking or muffing before will find the experience a lot easier to navigate, as their canals will already be slightly stretched. However, communication is key, so remember to be very vocal when muffing a partner or being muffed yourself.

Sex toys for muffing

Like many things in life, the act of muffing gets better when you introduce vibrations. If you've explored plenty with your fingers and feel confident to move on to something a little more advanced, we recommend using a small vibrator in place of your fingers.

Bullet vibrators are perfect, as they're small and non-threatening, but still boast powerful, orgasmic vibrations.

To muff yourself or your partner with a vibrator, use your hands to massage the groin and locate the canals. Then, once you've massaged them with your fingers, swap in the vibe and slowly start to build up the vibrations. If done correctly, these lovely vibrations will travel all the way up your canals and give a uniquely pleasurable sensation.

When experimenting with a vibrator for the first time, be aware that they are a lot firmer than your fingers, so you'll need to be even more gentle when inserting it.

Top muffing sex toys

Go forth and get muffing

Whether you are looking for new ways to pleasure your partner or yourself, muffing is a unique way to explore penetration. Just remember to take your time, flex those communication muscles and get plenty of practise before moving on to sex toys.

To learn more about muffing, we can't recommend Mira Bellwether's zine enough, it's a brilliant resource that everyone should read. Follow the link to get yourself a copy.


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