How To Give a Sensual Massage

by Lauren Payne

on Nov 29, 2022

Foreplay doesn’t have to be a kiss and a cuddle in the bedroom. Giving your partner a sensual massage is the perfect way for you to connect both physically and emotionally, while enhancing arousal.


What is a sensual massage?

Foreplay is an exciting part of the sexual experience, and it’s even more exciting if it includes a sensual massage.

If you’re looking for a more seductive way to get things going in the bedroom, a sensual massage could be the perfect thing to slide into your sex routine.

Sensual massage is the perfect way to connect physically and emotionally with someone and show them you care.

Kneading and massaging tense spots doesn't just soothe physical pain, it can also help your partner unwind as they focus less on the pain and more on the feeling of your bodies rubbing against one another.

A seductive massage can be as simple as stroking the shoulders with your hands, or as involved as a long, drawn-out full-body massage with fragrant oil.

You could lightly stroke your fingertips along their most sensitive areas or use pressure to work out any knots they may have in their muscles.

Whatever you decide to do, you’ll soon realise that there are many benefits a seductive massage can provide to not only your body but also your relationship, and sex life.

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How to give a sensual massage

If you’ve never given someone a sensual massage, you may be wondering what you need to do.

You may not know what part of the body you should be massaging, or if you should be using a specific technique to get your partner feeling hot and heavy.

There are plenty of people out there who will tell you how to give your girl the best massage, how to give the best wife massage, or how to properly massage your man, but really there’s no one way to give someone a sensual massage.

Luckily, no matter who you’re with, or what part of the body you are massaging, there are some simple techniques that you can apply almost everywhere, every time.

Set the mood


Before you start your sensual massage, you should use a few tools to create the right atmosphere.

Start by making the room warm - your partner will probably be naked or at least semi-naked, so to stop them from being covered in goosebumps, turn up the heat.

Harsh lighting can be an uncomfortable distraction, so dim the lights or light some candles.

Not only will the candles create a more relaxing environment, but they’ll also add a bit of romance to the equation, making your massage even more sensual.

Bonus points if you use a massage candle with a delicious scent!

Keep close


When massaging your partner, try to keep your bodies as close as possible and always maintain body contact. This will keep them warm and stop them from wondering "where did they go?" mid-massage.

A sensual massage doesn’t just involve massaging with your hands either. Using other parts of your body to connect with your partner can enhance intimacy, help you to feel more connected to each other and escalate arousal.

So, try rubbing your torso against their back, or your lips against their neck to really spice things up.

Initial touch


The first few touches you make should be long, lingering and purposeful. Psychologically speaking, firm contact will reassure your partner and make them feel safe.

Your hands should be flat, but your fingers should be relaxed, allowing them to splay and follow the natural contours of your partner’s body.

Use this time to apply massage oil to their body and get their skin warmed up.

Massage oil allows your hands to run smoothly across your partner’s skin and stop any body hair from being pulled during the massage.

Using an oil with an invigorating scent can also help to relax your partner, as it adds and extra element of aromatherapy to the experience. If you’re looking for an oil to try, read our guide of the 7 Best Massage Oils for Erotic Massage.

Check in

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Be careful not to press too hard or cause any pain when you’re giving the massage and take time to check in with your partner to find out which parts they enjoy most.

If, during your seductive massage, you come across a part of the body that your partner says they really enjoyed you massaging, stay around that spot for a while and see what happens.

Of course, if you also come across areas that your partner says they’re uncomfortable with you touching, move on to a different area and respect your partner’s boundaries. Also check in to see if they’re enjoying the pressure you’re using. Your partner may prefer a lighter touch, or a nice balance between light strokes and intense kneading.


LHYL Intimacy - Neck940x650

Massage doesn’t have to be intense and deep - in fact, doing the opposite can be both soothing and exciting at the same time.

Using your fingertips, trace the contours of your partner’s body.

Run your fingers through their hair, gently graze their neck with the pads of your fingers or follow the smooth curves of their lips with your thumbs.

This soft touching will provide you with great results and allow you to move your touch fluidly from one area of the body to another. You may even discover a few new erogenous zones you and your partner never considered.

Kneading thumbs


Pressing, kneading and rolling the thumbs against the body is a great way to work out tension in the muscles. Press your thumbs against any body part and smoothly move them away from you, using the full extension of your thumbs.

Moving each thumb, one after the other creates a continuous rolling sensation that will really get rid of knots and tight spots. This works especially well on the back, shoulders, feet, and thighs.

You can also use a body massage tool if you’ve found a few more stubborn knots you’re struggling to work out.

Getting intimate


Hoping that your sensual massage will lead to something intimate?

Use a massage lotion that's safe as a personal lubricant and is also condom compatible.

Oil is not recommended for use as a lube, and it's not compatible with latex condoms.

A specially formulated massage lube like Durex 2in1 Massage & Play Intensify Lubricant or any of our silicone lubricants are ideal.

They will keep you slick and sensual all over and you can go seamlessly from massage to sex.

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Lauren Payne

Written by Lauren Payne.

Originally published on Nov 29, 2022. Updated on Nov 30, 2022