Condom Appreciation: How to Have Sex Using a Condom and Enjoy It

by Emma Maidens

on Aug 2, 2022

Forget the latest iPhone... Condoms are the must-have item we should always keep within easy reach.


If you’ve stumbled here trying to answer the age-old question, “Does sex feel good with a condom?”, then you’re in luck. We have the answer: The answer is yes, and don’t let anyone ever try and tell you differently.

Although our first memory of these little latex items may be watching one stretched over a banana during sex ed class, the humble condom has come a long way from its fruity roots.

They are still just as an important part of sex as ever, but now come with fancy options - flavoured, ribbed and dotted condoms, which are designed to be enjoyed by both the wearer and the other parties involved.

Ribbed and dotted condom increase pleasure, instead of the opposite. Yes, really.

Condom Basics

What does a condom do that those other contraceptive methods don’t? Well, firstly, they’re generally the most easily accessible contraceptive option.

The local servo has them, so does your supermarket and pharmacy - no prescription needed.

They’re also non-invasive, unlike some other contraceptive methods, so there’s no requirement to have a doctor in the room - unless of course your boo thing is a doctor or you’re into a bit of role play.

Save for people who have a latex allergy, condoms can also be used without the risk of side effects for either party, unlike other contraceptives taken orally or implanted.

Plus, they’re great if you’re in a rush for some fun. They’re easy to grab if you know you’re in for a big night ahead, and a relatively low-cost investment if you’re hoping date night goes well.

Condoms help make sex more enjoyable and stress-free for a host of reasons, and with the condom options available these days, they can even look pretty on your bedside table.



Condoms are important for leading a healthy sex life. A common form of contraception, they are 98% effective in preventing pregnancy. The best part about this? They’re a contraceptive method that people with penises can take ownership of.

Unlike many other contraceptive methods, like the contraceptive pill or IUD, the responsibility doesn’t fall entirely on people with vulvas to mitigate unwanted pregnancy.

Thinly packaged and discreet, it’s easy for everyone to always keep a supply handy, so spontaneous sex is always on the cards for fun that doesn’t result in a future of packing lunchboxes and school pickups.

Safe Sex


Condoms are also an important part of keeping yourself and sexual partners safe from catching sexually transmitted infections (STI’s).

98% effective for preventing the transmission of STI’s when used correctly, using condoms is an important part of having responsible sex - particularly if you have multiple partners.

However, just because you’re a condom user doesn’t mean you shouldn’t maintain other sexual health checks regularly.

Use condoms and chat to your doctor about your sexual health during your next check-up.

Extra Benefits

Other than helping to prevent unwanted pregnancy and STI’s, there are plenty of other benefits to using the trusty condom.

Most condoms are already lubricated, so while you may want to have a bottle kept handy for top ups, you’re ready to go as soon as you put the condom on.

Also, the after-sex clean-up is oh so simple. No towel, tissues or post-coital hair wash required. Condoms make for easy clean up - just make sure to toss them not flush.

Condom Varieties

These days, there’s really no room left for the argument that “sex only feels good without a condom”. In fact, hearing this is a bit of a red flag.

Condoms don’t have to take the fun out of sex, and in fact they often help it to last longer. The options out there today truly let you choose (unwrap) your own adventure...

Ultra-Thin Condoms


If you’re truly concerned about the potential of reduced sensations when using a condom during sex, ultra-thin condoms are for you.

With latex as thin as 0.5mm, ultra-thin condoms truly provide that barely there feeling.

Dotted Condoms


Dotted condoms are different from regular condoms as they are dotted with bumps all over them. The purpose of these? To increase the friction felt during penetration, enhancing pleasure for both the wearer and receiver.

As the texture is slightly rougher and more varied, dotted condoms are more stimulating during use, resulting in more intense sensations.

Ribbed Condoms


Similar to dotted condoms, ribbed condoms feature raised ridges to create more friction for the users.

When worn, the raised ridges circle the shaft, providing more friction during sex. These sensations can be felt by the penis and inside the vulva.

Flavoured Condoms


Although not offering as many penetration sensations as ribbed and dotted condoms, flavoured condoms are still a fun addition for your sexual arsenal.

Chocolate, strawberry, banana and blueberry are just a few of the flavour choices available, so you really can taste the rainbow. Popular for use when giving oral to a partner with a penis, a flavoured condom can add some spice (or sweetness) to the bedroom.

What else?


Other options out there are glow in the dark condoms, condoms with menthol lube for tingling sensations, and condoms with skincare benefits like hyaluronic acid.

Even if you don’t feel like having your condom-covered member light up the room every time you turn the lights out, it’s still nice to know you have the option.

Sometimes, the novelty of trying something new is more than enough to take your romp to the next level or inject some anticipation into the lead-up.

Honestly, at this point we’re not sure what they’ll come up with next, but we look forward to finding out.


Unfortunately, there’s no 100 per cent guaranteed way to prevent unwanted pregnancy or transmission of STI’s (except to forgo sex entirely... which, let’s be real, just ain’t on the cards).

But there are ways to ensure that your condoms work as effectively as possible.



Buying the right size condom is the first step to enjoying sex with a condom, but it’s also important for ensuring the condom works correctly.

The leading cause of ineffective condom use is the condom slipping off or breaking during sex. This is mostly likely to happen when the condom isn’t the right fit for the wearer.

No matter the size of the penis, there’s a condom that will fit.

Those on the larger side of the scale can opt for larger-fit condoms, while those with smaller packages have tighter-fit options available.


Don’t leave your condoms in the dash of your hot car. Condoms need to be stored in a cool, dry place as heat and direct sunlight can break them down, making them less effective.

Do keep your condoms in a place with a stable temperature, like in your bedside drawers. If you’re carrying them with you (which everyone should be!), keep them in a small coin purse, tin or something similar.

Keeping them in a wallet where they’re often bent, or anywhere compacted by a heavy object can also wear the condoms down. Don’t use condoms that are past their expiration date, or that have had the packaging torn open prior.

So, does sex really feel good with a condom? The short answer is yes, but if you don’t believe us, there’s only one way to find out.

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Emma Maidens

Written by Emma Maidens.

Originally published on Aug 2, 2022. Updated on Aug 3, 2022