7 Things You Should Know Before Being Pegged

by Jess

on Apr 27, 2018

So, you're thinking about trying pegging for the first time.

You already know the basics: warm up, use lube, talk to your partner etc...

But what about what you don't know?

We asked several couples who peg on the reg(ular) to tell us what to expect from your first pegging experience.

This is what they told us...

(Tomorrow's blog: '7 Things You Should Know Before Pegging Someone')

1. Expect the Unexpected

If you're about to try pegging for the first time, chances are you've already imagined what you think it will be like.

Now, we hate to burst your bubble, but it's unlikely that your first pegging experience will live up to the fantasy.

Much like first-time sex, pegging requires practice to make it great (and that's just getting the pole in the hole!)

Don't be disappointed though. Once you have the physical side of pegging down, you can focus on other elements, like domination and role play, to fully realise your fantasy.

2. Stranger Things

Even if you're extremely practiced at anal play (which you absolutely should be before exploring pegging), a lot of peggees report the first time feeling a bit "strange".

The "strange" feelings can range from physical ones, like feeling like you need to pee or poop, to more psychological ones, like the new mind-bending feeling of being penetrated, by another person, from the pelvis.

In short: be prepared to feel new feels. They'll probably be unlike anything you've experienced before.

Top tip: Go to the toilet prior to play. You can go one step further by douching too, to ensure you're squeaky clean.

3. The Hole is not the Only Goal

You might find it easy to climax from anal stimulation when you play solo, but that doesn't mean it'll be easy during pegging. You may need additional stimulation to get you 'all the way'.

In other words, you might need to play with your penis at the same time as being pegged to achieve 'the big O'.

The talent is in finding the right rhythm of strokes-to-pumps. Some people like both at the same pace, while others like slow anal penetration, with fast penis strokes.

Top tip: Stick a suction cup dildo to a smooth surface and experiment with hands-free penetration and penis strokes.

This'll allow you to find your 'magic rhythm' as well as experiment with a few positions before you involve a partner.

4. Hole Position

Talking of positions, you may find that the pose you picture in your fantasies isn't actually the best one in reality, so be prepared to try lots!

Not only do different positions change the way penetration feels physically, but it can also change the mood of the scene.

For example, doggy positions are great for femdom power play scenarios, while face-to-face positions can add a more romantic or sensual feeling to your play.

First-time pegging can be a little overwhelming for some, so practicing positions which put the receiver in charge can help calm nerves and make the experience even more satisfying.

Positions where you set the pace and depth of penetration, like doggy style and 'on top', are particularly popular for this.

5. I Peg Your Pardon?

If your partner has pegging fantasies, they probably have their own idea of how they think it will feel best or be sexiest.

This could be miles away from what you're actually comfortable with, or how you want to be pegged.

It's for this reason that it's really important you communicate beforehand to make sure you both have a clear idea of what you want.

Clearly, both partners desires should be considered, but as you're the one being penetrated it's more important that your needs, desires, and dislikes are listened to as a priority.

Top tip: Let your partner watch you play with a suction cup dildo in order to learn the pace, depth and positions you like.

6. Safety First

Pegging is an all-encompassing kink that can pick up pace and passion without really being aware of it.

This means it can be easy to get carried away in the moment.

Having a safe word (to stop play) not only ensures you can keep tabs on momentum, but it can also help the receiver feel in control of the situation.

This can be particularly important the first few times you're pegged, as some people find the experience a little overwhelming to begin with.

7. Repeat Pegscription?

Remember, sometimes fantasies are best left as just that: a fantasy.

If, after trying pegging, you or your partner decide it isn't for you, then that's that!

Trying a new sex act together doesn't automatically mean you can now add it to your regular repertoir of sex play.

So, be prepared that your first pegging experience could also be your last.

Cross it off the bucket list, and move on.

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Written by Jess.

Originally published on Apr 27, 2018. Updated on Aug 6, 2020