A Sucker For You

Discover why our suction toys are cliterally the best.

The rumours are true. There are toys which have the power to take you to the edge over (and over) again and Lovehoney has the best of the best. Handheld pulsations of unrivalled Pleasure Air Technology encircle your clit in gentle suction and intense air waves to stimulate and truly satisfy your cravings. Sound good? You’ve come to the right place. Whoever you are, we’ve got a clit sucker for you.

Whats new in the world of clit suction?

Unlike traditional vibrators, the revolutionary Pleasure Air™ Technology provides perfect pulsation and massaging air pressure changes to deliver more powerful clitoral orgasms – without touching the clitoris. This means the 8,000 sensitive nerve endings of the love button are never over-stimulated. Experience a new kind of mind-blowing orgasm, whether it's your first or your hundredth.

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