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    1. Clone-A-Willy & Balls Vibrator Moulding Kit

      Average customer review 3 out of 5 stars7 reviews

      Like Ant and Dec or bunting and weddings, willies and balls are a divine pairing designed never to be apart. Reunite your 3 musketeers in vibrating silicone form with Clone-A-Willy's premium kit, which has an added ball bowl for tip-to-stem replication.


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      1. Clone-A-Willy & Balls Vibrator Moulding Kit

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    1. Product Description

      Like Ant and Dec or bunting and weddings, willies and balls are a divine pairing designed never to be apart. Reunite your 3 musketeers in vibrating silicone form with Clone-A-Willy's premium kit, which has an added ball bowl for tip-to-stem replication.

      Do your member justice by casting its full length and 2 veg, for prouder sizing and better stimulation in use. With everything you need to create a completely body-safe platinum-cure silicone realistic vibrator, this is a giggle-a-minute project and a unique shared experience.

      In addition to its added ball mould this kit also features a multispeed vibrator to increase the range of sensations, operated by a wired rather than in-built controller for complete versatility during use.

      Perfect as a sexy Christmas or Valentine's gift.

      The penis moulding kit contains:

      - Moulding tube with testicle attachment

      - Algae-based moulding powder

      - Platinum-cure silicone

      - Multispeed vibrating unit

      - Full illustrated instructions

      - Stir stick

      - Thermometer

      Key Features:

      • Realistic vibrating moulding kit to create a direct silicone cast of your favourite penis and balls
      • Creates a vibrating silicone dildo with the exact size, shape and details of your chosen erection
      • Added stimulation from the powerful multispeed vibrator
      • Perfect as a naughty gift or for long-distance relationships
      • Includes 2 powder bags to amply cover cock and balls
    1. How it feels

      • Contains latex: No
      • Contains phthalates: No
      • Flexibility: Firm
      • Material: Silicone
      • Waterproof: No
    2. Power and speed

      • Battery Info: 2 X AA battery
      • Controller Type: Wired (5mm jack) - scroll wheel
      • Power Type: Batteries (not included)
      • Vibration speed: Multiple speeds
    3. Essential info

      • Has balls: Yes

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    1. Clone-A-Willy & Balls Vibrator Molding Kit

      Like Tom and Jerry or Bill and Ted, cock and balls are a divine pairing designed never to be apart. Unite your musketeers in vibrating silicone form with Clone-A-Willy's premium kit, which has an added ball bowl for tip-to-stem replication.

    2. How To Use A Clone-A-Willy Kit

      Create a unique erotic gift for your partner with the Clone-A-Willy Kit. Inside you'll find everything you need to make a cast of your penis and turn it into a vibrator. The non-toxic and body-safe formula are ideal for intimate play.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Clone-A-Willy & Balls Vibrator Moulding Kit 7 3 out of 5 stars 3 out of 5

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      1. Clone-A-Willy & Balls Vibrator Moulding Kit
      2. Clone-A-Willy & Balls Vibrator Moulding Kit


    1. Yes it's fiddly but get it right and it's worth it

      Reviewed: 22 December 2017 by OriginalScreenName

      Let's face it... this is a tricky thing to do.

      You're going to make a realistic replica of your cock and balls. A replica that will vibrate and not only that, but you're going to do it whilst trying to maintain a rock hard erection and some semblance of dignity. Yes, it's going to be tricky!

      But I must confess, we've had previous:

      With a wife who is into crafts I took a punt a couple of years ago and surprised her with an early Christmas gift of a regular Clone-A-Willy. As I waited tentatively for her to open the box, the look of sheer excitement and amusement on her face meant that I knew the gamble had paid off. However, the first one was tricky and lots of the comments mention the things we discovered when doing the first one.

      Yes, the instructions can be tricky to follow if you've launched straight in.

      Yes, an erection is tricky to maintain if you've not planned ahead.

      Yes, you might find yourself running for more tape or a jug if you've gone in all guns blazing... (you can see where I'm going here.)

      However, there's something quite special about either being able to go on a work trip and knowing the wife has a replica, or even using it together.

      So recently I thought it might be nice to surprise the wife with the cock, balls and vibrator version and again, the laugh and the look when she opened the gift was worth it. But this time we were better prepared.

      This time we did the following things based on the experience from last time and it all definitely helped.

      Read the instructions thoroughly.

      Used Gaffa tape and used lots of it to make it sturdy.

      Got everything needed in advance.

      Did it in the bathroom, when it gets messy it peels off a shiny surface. (Kitchen would also work - basically it helps being near water and not over carpet.)

      Used our own thermometer.

      The missus was dressed incredibly inappropriately for some very helpful incentive.

      Trusted the missus to do the crafty stuff whilst I just concentrated on being hard - without the incentive it is NOT a sexy thing to do (unless you have a blancmange fetish).

      Whilst inside the mould the missus gave me a show

      When it comes to getting out of the mould being fully shaved definitely helped this time.

      When doing the first clone my cock touched the side of the mould which wasn't great. This time as it was setting I could see I was touching the side again, so a little push down on the outside of the plastic to push my cock back in and the gunk moves back around the cock. Time it right as it's setting and the little push worked a treat. Too early and there's not enough resistance in the gunk to adjust, too late and there's too much resistance.

      I didn't bother with a cock ring at the base, under your balls but it would definitely help. As would a certain blue pill...

      Trust me when I say this is not a sexy process. It's messy model making and you're trying to do it and stay as hard as possible. There is no point spending a fair old chunk of cash and not doing it properly. Otherwise it's just a waste.

      Comparing the two processes, the regular Clone-A-Willy ended up seeming short and stubby as it's difficult to do the full length but including the balls makes it easier to get the full length. Not only that but it seems to make the whole process less messy, so worth the extra this time but that is based on us doing it before.

      To sum up, do it with a partner, have a laugh, make it fun and make it sexy. We had a good giggle the second time around and we had much better results. Get it right and it's well worth it.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Full length is definitely better
      There's no way to avoid it - but you're sticking your knob in blancmange
      Bottom line
      Be into crafts, make it fun and stay hard and it is well worth doing
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    1. Very accurate replica, great fun for a long distance relationship

      Reviewed: 18 January 2016 by billbill, a Straight Going Steady Male

      I bought this as a fun present for my SO. We're in a long distance relationship and I thought it might be fun for her to have a little bit of me with her, particularly when we video chat. It was certainly fun (and messy) making the clone together.

      The first instruction on the kit is to read all the steps, making sure you understand the timings and have all the pieces ready to make a great clone. It was quite fun both preparing the mould while trying to get my little fella super hard. After the rush of "hoisting the main sail" and quickly inserting it into the molding powder, the rest of the process is quite sedate.

      We had a slight problem keeping the vibrator in the in the silicone as it was drying, it kept floating to the surface.

      In the end, the clone of my willy came out looking very like the real thing, but with added vibrations!

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Very realistic clone.
      The vibrator floated out of the silicone.
      Bottom line
      Good fun, and a great idea for a DIY sex toy.
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    1. Great fun

      Reviewed: 13 November 2015 by NEvans, a Straight Engaged Female

      Having had an original Clone-A-Willy in the past, I was very excited when I received the one with balls as a tester. When I had the original Clone-A-Willy I had always wondered what it would be like if it had the addition of balls and thought that it was something the Clone-A-Willy range lacked.

      As always Lovehoney lived up to their very fast and discreet delivery. The Clone-A-Willy is presented in a simple white cardboard box, with the name of the product printed in gold on the front. The box is very simple, I prefer this to packaging that has lots going on, or has cringy nude pictures covering the whole packaging. The packaging has brief steps on the back that gives you a rough idea of what creating the replica penis will involve.

      The kit has almost everything that you will need in order to create the Clone-A-Willy. I would advise to have some duct tape and a disposable container. Something that would make yours or your partner’s penis stay erect for a longer period of time, such as a cock ring, or male enhancing supplements, would also be very handy.

      The instructions are clear and are easy to follow, but I find that the outcome is not as great as it should be despite following the instructions perfectly. I also found that the instructions provided some false information to create a perfect replica.

      In order to have the addition of the balls on the Clone-A-Willy you need to tape a cup to the end of the tube that is designed to mould the penis. The instructions do not specify what type of tape you should use. We used brown parcel tape the first time around. When my partner inserted his penis to the mould, masses of the moulding substance came out. As our bathroom floor is tiled it was very easy to peel the moulding substance off once dried. The moulding substance also came through the tape a little. This made a gap in the mould where the silicone could leak, so we decided to try again.

      Luckily the kit has two bags of moulding powder provided, unlike the original Clone-A-Willy. If you get the mould perfect the first time around you could always save it and buy more of the silicone to create another Clone-A-Willy. I thought that this was a great idea as it meant we could try and mould my partner’s penis again, without the disappointment of a messy replica.

      The second time around we used duct tape. The seal was much better, which meant it did not leak at all. Despite this we still had some issues with creating the mould. My partner found it very difficult to sustain his erection whilst his penis was in the moulding liquid, so the mould was slightly smaller than his actual penis size. The instructions say that it is okay if the penis is touching the side of the plastic container, my partner’s penis did slightly. This was an issue when it was time to remove his penis as the mould. The side of the mould where his penis touched was much thinner, and extra care was needed in order to make sure the mould was still intact.

      My partner decides to keep his pubic hair, and despite taking the advice of the instructions by using Vaseline we still found that the moulding substance stuck to his pubic hair. We had to cut his pubes in order to remove the mould which was quite funny, as well as being very tedious. I would definitely recommend shaving before making the mould to prevent this.

      Pouring the silicone into the mould, and inserting the vibrator is very easy and straightforward. The silicone takes 24 hours to set. Being a very impatient person, this felt such a long time. When the silicone had set, we removed the dildo. We found that the part of the penis that was touching the sides was a little misshaped, despite the instructions stating that it was fine. The side of the dildo that touched the tube looked a bit of a mess, although was still useable.

      The colour of the silicone is not very natural colour, we both think that it is more of a pink colour rather than being skin toned.

      The vibrator for the penis didn’t feel very powerful. This was quite disappointing as I enjoy powerful vibrations more, however would be perfect for people who prefer less intense vibrations.

      The dildo turned out looking a little like my partner’s penis, but was a little messy. Next time I know not to let it touch the sides. Despite this it was very fun to make.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      Fun to make.
      Instructions where not well thought out.
      Bottom line
      Good idea, but needs a little tweaking.
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