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    1. Lelo Sutra Chainlink Cuffs

      Average customer review 5 out of 5 stars3 reviews

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      1. Lelo Sutra Chainlink Cuffs

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    1. Product Description

      Balance the feelings of surrender and control with these Sutra Chainlink Cuffs. Made from 100% pure silk and lined with luxuriously soft suede, the cuffs feel exquisite on the naked skin, adding a new sense of style to your bedroom play.

      Combining Lelo's signature jacquard pattern with soft silk ribbons and stylish metal chain and fasteners, these beautiful accessories give complete peace of mind when exploring the ultimate fantasies.

      Simply slip around your partner's wrists in front, behind their back or in between the bedstead for sensual submissive play.

      Suitable for wrists up to 9.5 inches in circumference. Minimum size 6.5 inches in circumference

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Lelo Sutra Chainlink Cuffs 3 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. Lelo Sutra Chainlink Cuffs
      2. Lelo Sutra Chainlink Cuffs


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    1. Cuffs from a silk palace

      Reviewed: 19 February 2014 by IrishRose, a Straight Single Female

      When I ordered these I was imagining turning my bedroom into a silken and sultry world. These are 100% pure silk so you know luxury is of the essence.

      The packing these chain cuffs come in is a neat little black sturdy embossed box with LELO embossed on the lid. The packing is stunningly simple and classy, if you did not know whom LELO are you would never guess handcuffs lay inside. The box also doubles as a great storage solution keeping the Sutra Chainlink Cuffs clean and safe.

      Opening the box is both exciting and thrilling; I remember that I could not wait to use them. The first word that came into my mind was stunning. These are as beautiful to look at as to feel and touch.

      They are made from 100% silk and suede. They feel amazing the silk is as soft as skin and the suede is soft and buttery. I sat with them in my hand just admiring them for a while I could not imagine any better. Even the stitching is even and neat and most importantly strong. The silk side of the cuffs has the most intricate floral design embroidered into it, the opposite side is the suede side with a gorgeous silken ribbon complimenting the suede. Chain links and hooks join the cuffs.

      Theses cuffs feel amazing on the skin, soft yet strong. They will not leave any markings on the skin while in use. They are easy to use and are adjustable so they can be used around the wrists or ankles, the hooks are easy to do up and undo and can be done solo so if they think you are just going to stay there think again.

      Lelo take pride in their products and in each and everyone you will see it. The Sutra Chainlink Cuffs will be with you for years if you are kind to them so my greatest suggestion to you is keep the original box to store them.

      Let your imagination run wild, turn your bedroom into a silken palace as I have with the help of Lelo’s Sutra Chainlink cuffs. You will not regret spending that bit extra on these. Enjoy ;)

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Every single detail right down to the stitching.
      Not a thing will pass these lips.
      Bottom line
      A product that is a wonder to own.
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    1. Sumptuous silken bondage

      Reviewed: 20 February 2011 by Lady Ness, a Bisexual Engaged Female

      Long did I use hard and heavy chained restraints, until I saw how poetically erotic the Lelo Sutra cuffs appeared to be. Sexual bondage can be a sensual way to get to know your partner but sometimes the products on sale such as restraints can be very intimidating and dominate your insecurities, more than giving support when dominating your partner. These cuffs really won’t make either partner nervous when it comes to light bondage play.

      The item arrived quickly and discreetly. I opened my parcel to find a small box, with an image of the chained cuffs and the brand name ‘Lelo’ printed on the front. The back of the box had a small description of the product along with washing information. The product is dry clean only. I feel that you could get away with using a lightly dampened cloth to clean up any spillages, though if too much water is applied it will mark the fabric. Unlike some products that claim to be silk and are just an imitation poly blend, these cuffs are 100% pure silk. Lining the cuffs is dyed pure suede, which is very soft and doesn’t have any chemical smells, unlike some suede products I have had in the past.

      Upon opening this outer cardboard box you find a stylish black matte box, which I doubt would break very easily. Embossed into the surface of this box is the brand name ‘Lelo’, which is hardly noticeable from a distance, meaning that if anyone saw it lying about they would just think it is a jewellery gift box or similar. Finally, when lifting up the lid you find the cuffs resting in a sheet of delicate handmade paper.

      The cuffs I ordered are purple in colour, which you could lightly see through the paper. I gently unfurled the paper from around them, and smoothed them out. I was pleased to find no packaging marks or creases. Tied around one of the cuffs was a tag with ‘Lelo’ printed on in silver; this was easy to remove and no scissors were required.

      Each cuff has one side that is made from patterned purple silk; the pattern resembles the elegant flow of drawings made by a calligraphy pen. The opposite side is made from soft suede lining with a silk ribbon secured in the centre by stitching at either end. At each end of the ribbon you will find D rings. Attached to one of these rings is the clip which is used to secure the cuffs to your wrist, and the other one has the links which you secure the clip onto, allowing for adjustment depending on your wrist size. At the end of these links you will find a reinforced silk ribbon connecting both cuffs. On this ribbon there is a small piece of black fabric sewn in with ‘Lelo’ printed on it.

      All the metal fittings are very well made and do not seem to cause any form of irritation when using the cuffs. I must also mention that the chain fittings on these are amazing; very smooth and untarnished unlike metal fittings found on some other restraints.

      I actually found that there were two ways I could wear these due to how thin my wrists are. One was to slip my hand between the ribbon and the suede; this will only work if you do have small wrists and hands. When worn this way you get none of the cold links pressing onto your skin, just the luxurious feel of the silk and suede. I also appreciated being able to see the pattern side when worn this way. The other way is where you place the patterned side facing towards the skin when tightening the restraints. This means you can place a much larger wrist into the restraints than the other method. You will experience some of the chain on your flesh, but this does not cause bruising or pinching unlike other restraints.

      The restraints are secured by a hinged clip that has freedom to rotate. I was slightly concerned as similar clips like this would loosen over time, but this has not happened. There isn’t any locking mechanism on these clips meaning that either one of the restrained or dominant partner are able to take them off easily. If you are slightly disappointed that there isn’t any locking mechanism, you could apply a small padlock to the ‘D’ ring below the clip and hook it to the necessary link when restraining your partner.

      Compared to other cuffs I have used, these seem to have a longer chain. I feel it would be nice to be able to make it slightly shorter, but the overall gap is dependent on you how many links you use up when confining the wrists. The bonus of it being slightly longer is that it doesn’t get in the way so much during foreplay and sex. Also, as the cuffs are separated by a reinforced ribbon, they don’t dig in as much as other handcuffs when between your bodies.

      I have found that I am able to use them as ankle cuffs but I doubt people with much larger ankles than me would be able to pull this off. I run daily so I have very thin lower legs.

      These are so beautiful I want to wear them all the time. They are used regularly, and for some reason when they come out they always brighten up my mood, and make me feel luxuriously decadent.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The quality, the design, the fit, the box, the colour, everything basically.
      Everything was perfectly wonderful.
      Bottom line
      Elegant cuffs ideal for soft bondage play.
    3. 3 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes
    1. Lelo Sutra Chainlink Cuffs bound to pleasure

      Reviewed: 20 November 2010 by Tigerlilies, a Straight Single Female

      Here at Tigerlilies HQ I’m becoming something of a Lelo connoisseur and each and every Lelo item has made it to my ‘desert island’ list of sexual luxuries. The Sutra cuffs are just as beautiful and when it comes to tying up equally beautiful men and women: accept-no-substitutes.

      Packaging: Opening the plain Lovehoney packaging revealed the Lelo box itself. The first cardboard layer unfolds like origami and leaves behind a sturdy but stylish, little black box. This is why Lelo make the perfect gifts: there’s no fiddly plastic or tacky pictures.

      Contents Inside the box, wrapped in oh-so-delicate tissue paper, are the most beautiful, purple cuffs I have ever seen. I must confess, I’m fairly vanilla and in the past I’ve been put off the bondage scene because I thought it was all chunky, black accessories. What a revelation it is to discover haute couture kink.

      Materials Both cuffs are made of a suede band with a satin overlay and they’re joined together by more silk and a lightweight metal chain. I adore the little details, like the delicate stitching and the subtle patterning. This is quality stuff and nothing is going to chip or snag. The soft materials pay off when you find yourself pressed into the sheets and the sensations against the skin feel divine.

      Ease of Use There are no fiddly locks or catches, just two hooks that clip the cuffs into place. If, for some reason, your partner cannot get you out of them (or, heaven forefend, has fallen asleep) then it is possible to unclip yourself from the chains.

      Fit I have ridiculously skinny wrists but the tightest ‘setting’ makes for a perfect fit. There’s enough give room to restrain a more robust lover too.

      Multi-Purpose The ingenious thing about these cuffs is that the silk band allows the wearer some space between the wrists. Not only is this newbie-friendly but it allows for all kinds of experimentation. If you’re feeling bendy then you can bring your legs behind the cuffs and if you want a tighter fit, you can turn the cuffs over until the silk has wrapped around your wrists.

      Cleaning I would recommend that you treasure these cuffs and keep them away from any lube. Only a company from a sexually liberated county like Sweden would advise ‘Dry Clean Only’ for bondage gear, so with that in mind, don’t take them to a sploshing party.

      Alternatives If the chains are a bit much for you then you should definitely check out the Lelo Etherea Cuffs, which are only linked by silk.

      Verdict It doesn’t get more heavenly than Lelo. It’s definitely an investment piece and it’s the perfect gift for anyone new or well versed in the joys of restraint.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Exquisite quality. Various ways to use them. The perfect gift for beginners and veterans.
      No complaints, everything is wonderful.
      Bottom line
      Hands down (and behind my back) the best cuffs on the market.
    3. 1 person found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes