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      1. TENGA Egg Variety (6 Pack)

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      TENGA Egg Variety (6 Pack) 8 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. TENGA Egg Variety (6 Pack)
      2. TENGA Egg Variety (6 Pack)


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    1. Eggcellent

      Reviewed: 25 June 2014 by Misscool-cat, a Straight Married Female

      I had bought my OH the Love Heart TENGA Egg and as he enjoyed it so much, I wanted to add to his collection.

      I bought this multi-pack as we had seen these eggs on holiday, and were both curious. When they arrived they were very cute in a box, and look like normal eggs. My OH was not very happy with me, like usual when I buy him treats, but I always get around him. Well most times.

      He has used the Love Heart egg and one of the ones from the Hard Boiled pack that LH did do. So far I am not sure if he has trialled this pack as he will not use them in front of me. He's worried that I might laugh. I will get to use one on him though. I love to see him pleasured.

      He has used one from Hard Boiled and the Love Heart one which have both got a weak spot. I put it down to his size. :-)

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The pleasure it gives my OH.
      I have not seen him use them yet.
      Bottom line
      Great male toy.
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    1. Eggtastic - reinventing the wheel in the 21st century

      Reviewed: 23 April 2014 by bronko

      First and foremost, may I thank the Lovehoney staff for excellent service. Made the ordering very easy as usual, very friendly service. They work hard doing a very demanding job.

      Onto the product review. Delivery was very quick and extremely professionally done. Puts all the worry out of your mind, shopping online with Lovehoney.

      Very pleased with item. I have bought many TENGA brand items and all have not let me down. They are great value for money and durable.

      The texture of the egg and sleeve is first class and exudes quality. As soon as your open the box you know you're in for pure quality, and the textures are mind-blowing.

      Also, the great idea is they can be taken on holiday easily, stored easily, and what a great idea for a gift.

      You can leave it also in your display cabinet and no one would question it. Even my girlfriend does not ask what it is. However, she knows I am a Tommy Tanker.

      Anyway, I promise that if you buy these eggs you will not be disappointed. It's a wonderful buy and I can not recommended these highly enough. 5 Stars out of 5.

      I did not come across egg-centric but I love these eggs.

      Special big thanks to Lovehoney. The best.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Texture, easy stored from TENGA pure quality.
      No downsides at all, no cons.
      Bottom line
      Quality product I promise you will love. You will not be disappointed.
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    1. Best sensation around

      Reviewed: 16 April 2014 by AbeWhite

      These eggs are supposed to be one shot wonders - designed by the Japanese as a use-once-and-discard.

      Firstly, don't throw away the rigid egg.

      They feel and work best when used gently. And, as long as you rinse with cold water, turn inside out, clean, dry and wrap back over the rigid egg inside-out, I find they'll last 3 months with daily use. 18 months a box, assuming used 20 times a month.

      Lube: you can use that supplied but much better with Liquid Silk.


      Others have described at length the different patterns. You can rebuy your favourites. Much better than the large TENGA Flip Hole, which I have but hardly ever use, as your or her hand is much better at providing the correct pressures.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Best feeling ever. Like a softest pussy ever.
      Bottom line
      The best feeling ever. Try one like Wavy then get the box.
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    1. Great value, great orgasms

      Reviewed: 17 July 2013 by DavidB1986, a Gay Married Male

      I had been eyeing the TENGA range for a while, and decided this multipack was the best way to go - and boy I was not wrong.

      Each egg contains its own sachet of lube and unique texture inside. I haven't tried them myself, however I have used them on my husband and he LOVES it. Watching him squirm and squeal with delight as the deceptively stretchy material caresses every inch of his shaft is a huge turn-on. I've also never seen him cum so much, so these now find regular use during our sessions.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Small, discreet, great value, amazing sensations.
      Reusable with care but does lose shape and integrity.
      Bottom line
      An absolute must have for foreplay/solo play.
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    1. Amazing Sensations

      Reviewed: 20 August 2013 by ireview

      Every egg I've used gave me amazing sensations. I couldn't believe how strong my orgasms were!

      On my first use, when I used the Stepper egg my wiener wouldn't stop tingling for about 20 minutes after I came.

      This is definitely a must buy. The only downside is they don't last very long.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Powerful orgasms.
      Doesn't last long.
      Bottom line
      A wonderful sex toy.
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    1. We both love these eggs

      Reviewed: 21 August 2011 by bounce_tigger

      We purchased this multipack after trying out the Stepper egg after it was on Deal of the Day recently - and we are yet to be disappointed with 2 eggs left to try out!

      Unlike the other review, we decided to embrace the randomness and immediately removed all the outer packaging on the eggs so we only had the plain shells in the box and we have taken it in turns to pick an egg at random so that the experience is truly a surprise. This adds another "game" to the evening of having to try and guess which egg was picked just going on the sensation being felt.

      In our opinion this is a definite must have purchase, please keep an eye out for our thoughts and reviews of the individual eggs on their own pages.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      The pleasure on my man's face as I use them on him.
      Bottom line
      Sheer variety of feelings and sensations on offer in one box is fantastic.
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    1. Half a dozen broken eggs

      Reviewed: 8 June 2013 by Louise&James, a Straight Going Steady Female

      The TENGA eggs are a single use stroker-style toy packaged unlike any other! First is a classy looking fairly discreet wrapper which depicts a representation of the design within. Next comes a hard plastic egg which splits in two; think kinder surprise but better. ;) Inside is the wobbly egg and within that is a plastic insert which contains an instruction leaflet (in Japanese) and a sachet of TENGA's own egg lube which is also sold separately.


      This particular egg has wavy stripes running up and down the inside. The best use for this egg is to add the lube and gently twist around the head. I was told that this sensation was very nice and I could see that other half was really enjoying himself. Mr J reported that this particular egg was one of his favourites.


      This egg is designed with all these little ridges which provide a little bit of a flicking sensation which according to OH is very nice. OH says that this egg gives quite an intense feeling compared to the Silky TENGA egg. The egg feels nice on the inside with little steps, some going down and giving a less obvious step, some going up giving a more obvious flick.


      This egg is the most gentle of the TENGA eggs, with slight ribs to the inside. Each line of the rib pattern is intertwined with the others and makes for a gentle but enjoyable sensation. With this egg if you add too much lube it can "hide" the pattern as it really is a slight rib compared to the rest but with a nice little twist it can be very enjoyable.


      This egg is very nice. The inside is a spider web style design. When feeling with the finger the design feels very nice and quite intense. This egg is probably the most intense of the 1st gen (non-"hard boiled") eggs however as a result can be a little over stimulating at times, especially when twisted. The egg needs a little more lube than the others as it has a more grippy texture.


      This egg has a wavy pattern inside, some big obvious waves and some more gentle waves which may be felt with a little pressure. This egg provides a nice lapping feeling which I am informed feels very nice if gently twisted. This egg needs a little less lube than some of the others as its texture is easily muted with lube. The most intense sensation can be got from applying a little gentle pressure and pulling up as it is twisted around the head.


      The clicker is without a doubt a genius egg with lots of little nodules each with a different size shape and even texture. This egg feels amazing when twisted and stroked up and down. With this one adding a little less lube seems to maximise the sensations and gives a thrilling experience. OH says that at times this egg is a little over stimulating, especially if he squeezes as the little bobbles can be felt very strongly.

      The eggs are made from a very stretchy gel like material... so looks are deceiving when it comes to how much these little things can accommodate. They easily stretch to accommodate the full length and girth of the vast majority of men. On examination the inside of the eggs has a very nice feel with different nobbles and waves individually designed for different sensations.

      The lube is very good at first, nice and gel-like, however it very quickly becomes sticky and unpleasant gripping at the skin. A drop of water quickly makes it slippy again but we found this a bit of a pain. A better lube was the Durex massage and Maximus lubes sold on this site which last much longer and don't go sticky.

      Whilst focusing on the end the eggs work well, however when they are pulled down the end of the egg deforms even with gentle use and the inside looses its grip somewhat. It slowly becomes thinner and then as with all the eggs OH manages to get excited and pop himself through the end of them, which is really disappointing considering that they cost £9.99 each!

      Many people say that these can be re-used but we found that other half ruins them. He is well equipped so maybe that is the reason. I would imagine that you have to be very careful to retain the shape as other half is never exactly rough with them.

      Overall the packaging is amazing but the actual egg is a bit of an overpriced letdown. The lube is also useless as it gets very sticky very quickly and makes for an unpleasant tugging sensation. I would say that the best use for them would be if you were away from home without the wife. It's all discreetly packaged in one little bundle lube and all. I found the 6 we bought were a bit disappointing but maybe they're just not to OH's taste.

    2. Overall Rating
      6 out of 10 stars
      The design is amazing and looks great. The egg theme is obvious!
      Easily broken and pricey.
      Bottom line
      We wish we'd spent the money on a Flip Hole as these break easily.
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    1. Not okay if you've got a big one

      Reviewed: 13 December 2019 by Bombardier, a Straight Single Male

      I must admit that I tried it out several times, but it was like jacking off into a tight condom.

      Perhaps I was born with the biggest dick, but I very much doubt it.

      Trying to get it on was the most difficult part and then it wouldn't move far even with more added lube.

      After nearly all my blood was squeezed out of my bellend, I lost interest very quickly and went back to the traditional method.

    2. Overall Rating
      1 out of 10 stars
      I used the cardboard box it came in for something else.
      Pretty much everything, including what I spent on them.
      Bottom line
      The rest of the world must have tiny dicks.
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