Top 10 Best Sex Toys Gifts for Him

by Lovehoney

on Dec 1, 2021

Discover the best sexy gift ideas for the penis owners in your life.

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If you're looking for ways to please the wang, donger, doodle or trouser snake in your life, you’ve landed at the right spot.

Whether you’re seeking anniversary gifts for men, Valentine’s gifts for guys or just sex gifts for your boyfriend, we’ve got you sorted.

With toys to suit every taste, from prostate power play to raunchy rings, we know exactly what unique gifts for men you should be buying for that special bloke in your life.

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Lovehoney sexpert Annabelle Knight counts down three of her sex gifts for men. Check it out and then read on to discover even more naughty gifts for him.

1. Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote-Control Prostate Massager


Give your beau permission to enjoy ultimate sexual happiness when you deliver one of the most unique gifts for men. Your man will love the stage door bum fun and prostate joy, especially when you tease him with the remote control.


  • 8 modes of vibration with 12 speeds

  • Stimulates both your P-spot and perineum

  • Use the curved base to rock yourself to climax

Ideal for:

  • Solo or couple anal play

  • Prostate orgasms

  • Suits beginners and advanced players

What they say:

"OMG! This feels fricking amazing. I used for three hours on day 1 and could keep going.” - Brett

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2. Blowmotion Warming Vibrating Male Masturbator

Blowmotion warming male masturbator

There are a ton of masturbators out there, but not many feature warming functionalities to replicate real-life body heat on his meat. Blowmotion's warming male masturbator encloses the jewels in a smooth silicone head, capable of heating up to 40°C while delivering multi-speed vibrations.


  • Mimics oral sex stimulation

  • 3 speeds and 6 blissful patterns

  • Warms to 40°C for lifelike thrills

Ideal for:

  • Blowjob lovers

  • Solo fun when partner is away

  • Travel lock for peace of mind

What they say:

"The 3 levels of intensity are a great way to slowly build up a strong erection and then orgasm. The different patterns feel great and once I got to orgasm it felt extremely intense and long. The sort where your whole body shakes and jolts from the joy. It is honestly amazing how nice this thing feels. And it's quiet too! Highly, highly recommend it!” - Petermp

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3. Lovehoney Bionic Bullet 5 Function Vibrating Rabbit Cock Ring


Looking for anniversary gifts for men? Look no further, because this sexy gift can deliver shared climaxes for him and her via the vibrating bunny ears on her velvet bean.


  • Super-stretchy double cock ring plus rabbit ears for clit stim

  • Add clit or perineal stimulation to bonking

  • Use bullet vibe separately for two toys in one

Ideal for:

  • Keeping him harder for longer

  • Pinpoint stimulation of the clit

  • Solo or couple play

What they say:

"My legs are still like jelly. OMG this was amazing and sent me over the edge several times. Perfect fit for him and just seeing his face as I came over and over was worth it. It also did amazing things for my partner too. Still shaking hours later. Cannot wait to use this again. Just hope he hurries home from work...” - Kim2020

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4. Tracey Cox Supersex Supertight Clear Stroker


Stroke your way to paradise with this unique gift for men. The boo in your life will love the sensations delivered by the ribbed insides of this marvellous sex toy.


  • Textured penis sleeve

  • Clear material lets you watch the action

  • Ribbed interior enhances wanking, oral and hand jobs

Ideal for:

  • Snug fit, firm feel

  • Solo sessions

  • Hand over for couple play

What they say:

"Was dubious and curious before buying this. Have to admit, one of my best buys, tbh. I'm usually a once a day guy, but since getting this it's more like 3-5 a day now. The ridges feel amazing, and it is a perfect fit for me, especially after cumming. Feels amazing trying to slip it off.” - Cracky

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5. THRUST Pro Mini Ella Realistic Pocket Pussy 200g


The Ella pocket pussy looks and feels just like the real thing. Talk about unique gifts for men - his very own pocket pussy. He will love the welcoming lips, super-tight canal and erotic fantasies taking him all the way to O-town.


  • Super-tight realistic vagina

  • Made from fantastic real-feel material

  • Handy hole for inserting a bullet vibrator

Ideal for:

  • Lifelike masturbation sessions on your own or coupled up

  • Play with added vibrations

  • Threesome fantasies with your partner without the dramas

What they say:

“This was my first toy I ever bought and wow it was amazing. I was like a kid in a candy store. Again, the fun I had with this toy.” - Tsukiyo

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6. Flight by Fleshlight Male Masturbator

Fleshlight masturbator

The number 1 selling sex toy for men for a good reason. As sex gifts for your boyfriend go, this fantastically textured male masturbator is right up there. Great at delivering sexy thrills with its incredibly bumpy love canal.


  • Ergonomic case is easy to wank with

  • Skin-soft SuperSkin sleeve

  • The base allows custom suction

Ideal for:

  • Solo or couple fun

  • Playing with varying sucking levels

  • Light, aerodynamic play

What they say:

"It feels great on my member and the interior lining feels so realistic - I love using this on my boyfriend too. I'm able to hold it just fine and the inside provides what I can just describe as a vacuum-like feeling. Guys, you definitely have to try this bad boy out!” - Robert

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7. Lovehoney Ignite 20 Function Mini Male Vibrator


What a great anniversary gift for men this little honey is. Its short length makes it a fantastic addition to oral sex and foreplay, and its open-ended design means most wangs will fit the bill. Super easy to clean, too.


  • Open-ended joy machine

  • 3 speeds and 17 patterns of vibe

  • Fully waterproof for shower and bath play

Ideal for:

  • Edging solo or couple play

  • Add into oral and foreplay

  • Discreet size for pockets and travel

What they say:

"It works every time and always a good orgasm. I am glad I bought the toy!!” - Graham

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8. Aneros Helix Syn Trident Silicone Prostate Massager


Aneros are sexperts in unique gifts for men, and their prostate massagers are one of the best naughty gifts for him you can find. With the focus shifting from his John Thomas to the miraculous pleasure of his P-spot, this toy delivers P-gasms of sheer bliss.


  • Sensational P-spot stimulation

  • Round tip for easy insertion

  • Angled shaft delivers precise pleasure

Ideal for:

  • Intense solo orgasms

  • Enhancing foreplay

  • Tease your partner with rump fun

What they say:

"I had never experienced a muscle or body orgasm, just the regular male-style orgasms. This caught me completely by surprise and I was riding a wave. It was so exciting. I felt like I should call somebody like the first time you get laid or your first beer. It was well worth the money. By the time I had worn myself out, I counted four or five orgasms.” - Karlitos

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9. Lovehoney Mega Mighty 3 Extra Inches Penis Extender


If you’re thinking of Valentine’s gifts for guys or sex gifts for your boyfriend, go no further. Wearing this wonderful sex gift, he’ll be hung like a horse. This extender is truly a thrill to experience.


  • Gain a few inches like that

  • Please yourself and your partner

  • Clear view lets you see the fun

Ideal for:

  • Bigger fantasies for you both

  • Can desensitise your donger to last longer

  • Wear during sex to enlarge your stiffy

What they say:

"When we first took it out my wife said we'd only be using it occasionally. After a few goes she changed that to we'd be using it 75% of the time. Her face when we use it is something I haven't seen in 12 years of marriage, or ever in fact. I love wearing it. Best toy ever.” - Lucky h

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10. Tracey Cox EDGE Ultimate Performance Stamina Penis Pump


Performance will no longer be a pain with this pump on your side. Designed to improve erectile health and sexual performance, this Tracy Cox pump creates a vacuum to improve blood flow to the penis and strengthen stiffies. Commitment to disciplined practice and daily sessions may also see your little (or big) friend grow in size in the long term.


  • User-friendly design

  • Comes with performance-enhancing guide

  • See-through cylinder to check progress

Ideal for:

  • Aids erection size and strength

  • Promotes blood flow to wang

  • Boosts confidence

What they say:

"Great product - easy to use, gives you control over erections and builds your stamina... brilliant."

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