Sexologist Cam Fraser on Relieving Stress Through Sex

by Cam Fraser

on Jan 4, 2021

As anyone who has ever basked in post-orgasm bliss can attest, it's very hard to feel stressed after having sex. So, how can we tap into those relaxing vibes when we're under the pump?

In this video, Lovehoney's resident sexologist Cam Fraser explains how to take it easy with a little bit of lovin'.

Video: Lovehoney's resident sexologist Cam Fraser explains how to bust stress with sexual pleasure.

So, how exactly does sex relieve stress? Well, sex being the complex and beautiful thing that it is, there are many factors. Here are just a few:

How Sex Makes You Happier

It Releases Endorphins

Being intimate with someone, for example by touching or hugging, releases feel-good hormones like endorphins. Coming to climax, whether or not another person is involved, also releases feel-good hormones. Mix up the two together and you'll get a hearty dose of good vibes coursing through your veins.


It Helps You Sleep Better

Sex releases a hormone called prolactin, which makes you sleepy. The physical exertion of sex, coupled with the relaxing hormones it releases, have a positive effect on sleep.

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It Keeps You Calmer

Studies that measured the blood pressure of participants doing stressful activities (like giving a speech) showed that having recently had intercourse helped participants lower their response to stress. The results were most significant with penetrative sex, but researchers found that any kind of sex (including masturbation) did have a similar effect.

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It Takes Your Mind off Things

Getting busy is one of those things that requires a lot of focus - and chances are you won't be able to remember that annoying exchange you had with your mother in law when you're in the throes of passion. See if your stress levels are low enough that a good solo sesh won't help you forget your troubles.

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It Relieves Pain

Studies on women suffering from menstrual cramps have shown that orgasms can help reduce their pain. Amen for a good reason to smile when you're on your period!

Cam Fraser

Written by Cam Fraser. Lovehoney Australia's Resident Sex Coach
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Originally published on Jan 4, 2021. Updated on Jan 11, 2021