How To Have the Sexual Quickie you Dream Of

by Paige Leacey

on Nov 30, 2022

Life’s too short for bad sex, but it’s short enough for quick sex. Fulfil your need for speed with this guide to lightning-fast lovemaking, so you can get more done in a day.


What is a quickie?

Sex doesn't have to come to a screaming halt just because our schedules are tight. The screaming just needs to happen faster. You may have heard the term ‘quickie’ before? Because of its starkly obvious name, we won’t spend too much time unpacking the question “What is a Quickie?”. (Essentially, it’s consensual, swift, and often spontaneous sex.) Instead, we’ll skip straight to how to have the kind of brisk banging that stands the test of time - that is, lasts forever in your memory.

Dress to impress


What can make a quickie spicier than the usual sex you’re having is that, sometimes, it has to happen with most of your clothes still on. That said, you may as well make those clothes count.

Stockings, heels, skirts and dress-ups can all contribute to the hotness of having to get it done fast. Thigh-high stockings, skirts or dresses minimise the fuss of getting undressed for access reasons, and heels can give some people’s bodies and extra prop-up when the quickie needs to happen upright, or in a tight, secretive space (we’ll get to positions in just a minute).

Get a-head (literally)

POTW 69 500x

While a sexual quickie is the best kind of quickie, the sexual part doesn’t necessarily need to be intercourse.

Giving each other head puts both parties on the fast track to orgasming. If you’ve caught your lover in the middle of a task, giving them oral stimulation might be a welcomed afternoon break. If everyone’s hands are free, try the "69er" (a.k.a. one-on-top-one-below) position for mutual pleasure and efficiency.

Or if you're feeling extra confident in your skills, get your significant other to sit or lie on a chair or the edge of the bed (think a steamy office quickie). That way you can go down on them in record time.

Use plenty of lube


We've all been there. You feel aroused, but your body is taking its time arriving at the party. For vulva-owners it can take up to ten minutes before the vaginal glands have secreted enough natural fluids for sex to feel comfortable and safe. When time is of the essence, use a generous helping of your favourite lube. (We recommend keeping lube in every drawer, cupboard, box and bag in the event a quickie might rise.) You'll save time while avoiding any nasty high-speed sex injuries.

Another cheeky idea to get things slippery and prepared in the lead up to a quickie is to pre-game with masturbation. If you have a chance and it feels appropriate to do so, touching yourself before you spring a quickie on your lover can help with alerting your body to your exciting plans.

Switch up locations


The possibility of getting caught in the act can be exhilarating for some, so why not use a quickie to shake up your current sexual regime? If the bed is where you usually play, take your fantasies to the bathroom, the kitchen, an outdoor setting, or the back of the car. These are all prime locations for an expedited sex-capade, and they’ll throw your usual dance right out of whack.

The greatest thing about a quickie is that it’s quick, which means the possibilities for where it can unfold are only limited to your imagination - and, of course, the law.

Quickie sex positions

Morning shower

Quickie Sex Position 2

You can make a quickie happen in any of your favourite sex positions (typically your favourites are the quickest). But if we’re looking at where a quickie is more likely to occur, then we can decide on the best positions to suit those spaces. Morning shower? Try a morning shag...

In this location, your best bet to avoid any gnarly visits to the emergency room is standing upright, penetration from behind, the penetrating partner’s hands wrapped around the body of the receiver, and all four feet on the ground (yours and theirs).

Getting ready

Quickie Sex Position 1

Getting ready? Try getting hot and heavy. The most exciting quickies can happen when there is an actual limit on time.

If you’re getting ready over the bathroom vanity or at mirrored dresser, then another saucy position for speedy sex is the receiver propped up atop the desk or sink with their legs wrapped around the waist of the penetrator.

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Paige Leacey

Written by Paige Leacey.
Paige is a sexual health and relationships writer who hails from the Northern Rivers of New South Wales.

Originally published on Nov 30, 2022. Updated on Dec 1, 2022