Beginner's Guide to Sex Swings and Position Enhancers

by Lovehoney

on May 2, 2017

Sex swings were once an urban myth, supposedly hand-built by professional perverts to satisfy their kinky needs!

Now, every good sex shop has a range of sex swings, naughty furniture and position enhancers available, all designed to aid you and your partner in your quest for the ultimate orgasm.

But are they worth it? Do you really need a sex swing to achieve that brilliant new position? Will it pull the ceiling down when you install it?!

This guide gives you a starting point to understanding sex furniture and swings.

Swinging from the Chandelier…

Purple Reins Sex SlingEveryone has heard of sex that has you ‘swinging from the chandelier’ but the likelihood is that you don’t have a chandelier and if you did, you wouldn’t want to be man-handling it in the heat of passion, getting it all sweaty and dirty.

But there is a way to replicate that wild, weightless feeling without the need for expensive light fittings. Investing in a sex swing, such as the Purple Reins Sex Sling, is a great way to experiment with new positions, exciting techniques and the feeling of zero gravity sex!

The way a sex swing works is that a strong metal frame holds a series of straps in place, allowing you to have your bottom, feet and/or hands supported. This metal frame fixes into a secure ceiling beam using a special screw that is amazingly durable.

If privacy is a big issue, it’s also worth noting that you can remove most sex swings after use and easily fold them away under the bed for utter discretion.

Bondage Boutique Over the Door Sex Swing

Although expensive, sex swings always receive rave reviews from couples who have reinvigorated their love lives and newlyweds seeking that exciting new sensation, so they really are worth it.

Don't have a sturdy ceiling to hang a swing from? Why not try our innovative Bondage Boutique Over the Door Sex Swing? It hooks over any solid household door in a jiffy and creates reliable support no matter how heated things get. Plus it requires hardly any set up and is supremely easy to hide away between uses, leaving no evidence of your high-flying adventures.

Pole Position

If a sex swing seems like a big investment and you want to try something smaller with your partner, just to get the idea, you might like to try a sex position enhancer.

Available in all different sizes, shapes and prices, position enhancers are designed to help you gain extra flexibility, achieve deep penetration and find new sex positions that you never knew existed before!

You won’t find these in DFS!

Liberator WedgeSex furniture is one of those things that you hear lots about but probably haven’t seen in real life.

Available as cushions, bolsters, sofas, chairs, throws, bean bags and even the quite frankly opulent chaise longue, sex furniture is a great way to enjoy and explore new aspects of sex outside of the bed.

The Liberator Wedge is ideal for those new to sex furnitute. This non-threatening piece allows you to achieve positions you had never imagined you could! It even comes with a removable, washable cover for easy clean up.

This piece offers elevation for more precise contact with her clitoris, deeper penetration and a whole new range of motion. If you struggle to orgasm during penetrative sex then this naughty little number can help.

Many items of sex furniture are designed to just look like regular living room accessories, so leaving one of these out on the floor won’t arouse suspicion from any in-laws who drop around.

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