5 Reasons All Men Should Try Anal Play

by Guest

on Nov 17, 2020

Anal play isn't a modern invention. Civilizations the world over have used the anus for sexual pleasure for millennia. In fact, there are even pieces of erotica dating back to 4,000 years ago from ancient Mesopotamia depicting people having anal sex. So, you're in good company.

In honour of International Men's Day on November 19, Lovehoney's resident sex coach Cam Fraser gives his top 5 reasons why all men should try anal play to broaden their sexual horizons.

It Feels Really Good!

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A common myth about anal play is that it is painful. Sure, it can hurt if you go too fast. But, like all sexual activities, if you go slow and do it right, you will get better, and that's when the fun starts.

The anus is rich with nerve endings that are attuned to touch sensation, thermal stimuli, changes in tension and pressure, and friction. All this is to say that anal play elicits a completely different experience of pleasure compared to stimulation of the penis.

There's a whole market of anal sex toys out there for men, from butt plugs to beads. Take advantage of these. Good anal play starts with toys and, importantly, lube.

It Helps Overcome Stigmatisation

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Because of the stigma, many men have explored little more than their penis when masturbating. Their entire sexual experience amounts to stimulation solely of their genitals. This limits their pleasure, hindering their connection with their body and ultimately with themselves.

Exploring your body – especially your anus, which is typically taboo for men – when masturbating can help you to overcome stigma and sexual shame. Studies even show that men who have tried anal play are generally more accepting of people with differing sexual orientations and gender identities.

You Can Have Prostate Orgasms

Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Prostate Massager

Most men know that the underside of their penis feels good when it is stimulated. But there are other male pleasure centres, such as the prostate, which is roughly the size of a walnut and is located about two inches inside your anus. When pressed or rubbed, the prostate is capable of bringing you to orgasm.

You could say that the prostate is to the male anatomy what the G-spot is to the female anatomy. The sensations from prostate orgasms travel along a different branch of your nervous system to the sensations from your stock-standard ejaculatory orgasms. The result is a completely new orgasmic experience.

Prostate orgasms are usually more intense and sometimes occur without ejaculation, which means you can have multiple prostate orgasms. This is one way to become a multi-orgasmic man. To fully feel these pleasurable sensations, try using a vibrating prostate massager, such as the Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Prostate Massager.

It's Good for Your Health

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Prostate cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer death among men of all races. Among other lifestyle factors, prostate massage is one way you can reduce your risk of prostate cancer.

Massaging the prostate helps to clear the prostatic duct. This can help prevent and alleviate prostatitis, or prostate inflammation. Some studies have found a link between prostatitis and prostate cancer. The prostate also secretes prostatic fluid, one of the components of semen. Regular prostatic massage can thus improve sperm health.

Try using a manual prostate massager for your prostate health, like the Aneros Helix Syn Trident Silicone Prostate Massager.

It Makes You a Better Lover


It's a simple fact of sexual experience. When you learn how your own anatomy works, you will better understand the anatomy of others. If you ever want to get really good at penetrating, you need to know how it feels to be penetrated.

Research shows that straight men who had tried anal play were more in tune with what their female partner needed from them during penetration.

So, if you're a man reading this, perhaps shocked and fearing judgement, remember that anal play could not only give you a more intense orgasm, but it could also possibly teach you a thing or two about how to pleasure women; basically, a win win.

Cam Fraser is a Certified Professional Sex Coach, Certified Sexologist, Registered Counsellor, and Registered Tantric Yoga Teacher. His work integrates scientifically validated, medically accurate information about sexual health, with sacred sexuality teachings from the mystery traditions.


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Originally published on Nov 17, 2020. Updated on Jan 12, 2021