How to Clean and Store Latex Clothing

by Lovehoney

on May 2, 2017

Because latex is a natural, biodegradable material and it’s incredibly sensitive to oils, including the natural oils in your skin. Latex items can be expensive and become sentimental and if you're not careful with cleaning and storage, the next time you reach for your favourite latexwear it could have completely disintegrated.

However, it’s really easy to keep your latex looking as good as new and ready to wear over and over again. All you need to do is make sure you wash and store your latex properly, and this guide explains precisely how to do it to prolong the life of your favourite pieces.

Above: Find out more about how to care for your latex clothing and keep it in tip-top condition with Jess Wilde in the above video guide.

How to Clean and Store Latex

After your first latex experience, you may be reluctant to undress. Use the same careful techniques you used as you dressed to remove the garment. Take care to ensure that that the garment does not bunch up or snag.

Once you have removed the garment, it is wise to step into a dry, towel dressing gown. You will have stored a thin layer of sweat between your skin and the garment and you get cold quite quickly once you undress.

Rubber Girl Latex Wear Rubber Spanking SkirtTake your garment into the bathroom and place your garment in the bath, avoiding contact with any metals. Most metals will discolour latex if left in contact with it for a small amount of time. Use lukewarm water and a soap or shampoo which does not contain any oils or petroleum. Baby shampoos are often ideal, but always check the labels! Gently lather the latex garment inside and out to remove all traces of dirt, sweat, dressing aid and shiner. Rinse thoroughly.

Once the garment is clean, you should transfer it onto a clean, white towel. Gently pat the garment inside and out until it is completely dry. You should then dust the inside of the garment with a talc to soak up any excess moisture, taking care to get it around any fasteners or seams to keep them nice and dry. Shake off any excess.

First, you need to wash your latex with a sex toy cleaner like the Lovehoney Fresh Toy Cleaner. Make sure you remove all traces of dirt or polish. Silicone shiner can be particularly stubborn, so you might want to use a little bit of soap to remove it. Check the ingredients of your soap to make sure that there is no alcohol and no petroleum or other oils in it as these can both weaken latex.

Once you’ve got any dirt and shiner off your rubber, make sure you rinse it thoroughly with clean water. You then need to dry it inside and out with a clean towel.

When your latex is completely dry, sprinkle a little cornflour or renewer powder on the garment. This helps protect the latex from moisture in the air.

Your latex is thoroughly clean now, but you can’t stop there. You must store your latex properly to protect it.

To store latex, first wrap it in acid-free tissue paper. This gives further protection from moisture in the air.

Now, place it inside a black plastic bag to protect the material from sunlight. Then store in a cool, dark place and your latex will be in great condition the next time you want to wear it.

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