6 Ways to Upgrade Your Sex Doll Experience

by Lovehoney

on May 3, 2017


Why not upgrade your sex doll with creative approaches that can transform your experience?

Sex dolls can be a ton of fun. Compared to smaller sex toys, they’re designed to approximate the shape and size of a whole fellow human. This can make your sexual playtime about as close to good-old bonking horizontal refreshment as you can get.

This handy list of top tips has some great ideas on how to upgrade your experience by transforming your love doll with a few simple hacks. Dig in.

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1. Add a male masturbator

If your sex doll comes with a fake vagina or ass insert, you can easily upgrade your doll with a different masturbator. We have a bucket load of choices.

To sort the upgrade, fantasise you’re a tradie. Get a length of dowel or a chopstick and measure the length of the vagina/ass. Insert it fully, mark the depth on the stick and then check this measurement against a ruler.

Now you can check out our range of pocket vaginas. To find one that fits your doll, read the 'Specifics' section for each masturbator and find one with a similar internal length. Any doubts at all about the fit, just give our friendly Customer Care team a call.

How to insert the masturbator

1. Inflate your doll halfway and close the valve.

2. Gently push the masturbator inside your doll.

3. Once in place, finish inflating the doll. The extra tension will hold the masturbator securely in place. You’re good to go.

2. Add a dildo

If your male sex doll has a detachable dildo, it comes with an O-ring style connector in the crotch that the base of the dildo slots into.

With your tradie hat on, measure the diameter of this hole and that gives you the O-ring measurement. You can then match a new dildo to this measurement. You could change colour, size, texture or whatever else your imagination desires.

An alt approach is to measure the base of the original dildo and match it to the base size of your desired dong.

Most dildos that have a flared or suction base will fit your sex doll as long as the base isn't too big or too small to fit in or stay in the gap. Going down this track, there’s no need to muck about with partially inflating or deflating the doll in order to add the dildo. Just slip it in, as the actress said to the bishop.

Any probs, just give Customer Care a ring, tell them the measurements of the dildo included with your doll, and they'll be able to give you a list of compatible options. Too easy.

3. Add hair and makeup

You know by now that the doll inside the box looks nothing like the porn star pictured on the outside.

Ultra-realistic dolls can cost plenty, so unless you’ve got a big wad of cash to splash, why not get creative and make some minor mods to your doll?

How about getting your doll a new wig? A new hair style can change a doll’s appearance instantly.

You could also apply makeup. That can really change your doll's face. Once you’ve got some practice and decided on the look you like, you can use acrylic paints for more permanent look. For tips, explore the makeup tutorials on YouTube.

Another idea is to try a blindfold to soften the lines of the face. For BDSM-inspired play, check out a bondage hood mask.

4. Add sexy lingerie

If your doll has no nipples, you can glue on a pair of pasties or nipple tassels.

Some dolls come with beautifully formed feet (and even painted toenails) but if yours doesn't, why not slip on a pair of sexy stockings or shoes. Our Customer Care team will be happy to size-match shoes for your doll.

You’ll discover clothes shopping for clubwear or sexy lingerie will transform the way your doll looks and feels. Always opt for the smallest size for the perfect fit, or speak to our Customer Care team if you're not sure of sizing.

5. Add a bullet vibrator 

As a great way to enjoy your next sex sesh, why not get a bullet vibrator to increase the intensity of your sex doll experience?

If your doll has two holes, you can insert a bullet vibrator into the hole you're not using. Voila! It’s a piece of cake to transform your doll into a sensational vibrating masturbator.

6. Always use lube

At Lovehoney, we’re big on lube. Lube makes every kind of sex better, we reckon. So when you’re enjoying sex with your doll, a good-quality water-based lubricant is truly essential.

Use a water-based lube like our Lovehoney Enjoy Water-Based Lubricant to maximise your sensations and provide a memorable slip, slop, slap for as long as you need it.

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