Sex Bootcamp with Tracey Cox | Part 3: Best Sex Positions

by Tracey Cox

on Jun 9, 2016

Sex Positions with Tracey Cox

Welcome to part 3 of Tracey Cox's Sex Bootcamp.

This guide by international sex, body language and relationships expert, Tracey Cox, guarantees sexplosions aplenty!

Now that we've got you in the mood and tried some frisky foreplay it's time to check out a few perky positions to take playtime to a whole new level.

Get ready to assume the position!


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1. Rock chick

Rock chick

Scoring big points on maximum skin-to-skin contact and the potential for plenty of face gazing, the Rock Chick is perfect for a dreamy sex session. It’s easy to do: he kneels and she climbs on top, positioning herself high on his thighs so she’s riding him.

Both then move into a rocking motion to set off a subtle but highly effective thrusting motion that hits the highly sensitive front vaginal wall.

Add some sexy but heartfelt kissing and you have the ideal mix of love and lust.

2. Lazy lapdance

Lazy lapdance

This is the ultimate in laid-back love-making. She sits on his lap, facing him, and both partners stretch their legs out straight in front of them.

If you were true spiritual sex devotees, you would both get into position, stay perfectly still and simply enjoy being sexually linked.

The rest of us non-Tantrics can’t resist wiggling and moving slowly back and forth for a romantic-style orgasm that builds to a steamy crescendo!

While there, indulge in a spot of tummy stroking, focusing on the lower abdomen to enhance orgasm for both of you.

3. The legs-up-legover

The legs-up-legover

Feeling drunk-soppy or just come back from a loved-up dinner out?

This one’s ideal if you’re too tired, too drunk or too full up to have a high energy romp and is still super sexy because you both have a great view of each other’s bodies and faces.

He sits with his legs out in front of him, while she lies on her back between his legs and places her legs over his shoulder.

Penetration is surprisingly deep and satisfying: all he needs to do is take a firm hold of her hips and move them in time with his own.

4. Soul to soul

Soul to soul

Perfect for when you want to feel really close to your lover, this simple-but-sensual position just requires her to sit on his lap, with her ankles crossed behind his back.

Start by whispering sweet nothings that slowly turn into dirty talk.

Close, sensual and made for tender lovemaking, there’s not a huge amount of freedom of movement here but she can move back and forth on his penis by tensing and relaxing her bottom and upper thigh muscles.

If he places his hand directly under her bottom and pulls slightly, he’ll create some (rather delicious) friction on her genitals, perineum and anus.

5. The He-man lift

The He-man lift

If he fancies playing the dashing hero and wants to appear strong and terribly manly, you can’t beat this! The cheat’s way to get into position is for him to penetrate while she’s seated on a high piece of furniture (like a kitchen bench), then lift her from there.

She leans into the wall to stablise, balancing on one foot tip-toes with her other leg wrapped around his hip. The higher the leg, the deeper the penetration.

Though it's perfect for a quickie, it can be tricky if you're completely different heights, so why not try standing on tiptoes or wearing a pair of heels if you're quite a bit shorter than your partner?

Also perfect for a quickie but tricky if you’re completely different heights (and not in the right combo!).

Perky Positions - The Essential Kit

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