Beginner’s Guide to Batteries for Sex Toys

by Emma Maidens

on Oct 5, 2022

Want the lowdown on rechargeables and non-rechargeables, and on the different sizes of battery? You've come to the right place.


We know you may not be a disposable battery connoisseur, and disposable battery sex toys aren’t yet a thing of the past - so we’ve put together this handy beginner’s guide to batteries for sex toys...

What’s the difference between disposable battery and reusable battery sex toys?

If you’ve been browsing sex toys, you’ll have noticed many differences in the huge variety of options now available. You wouldn’t be alone if you've felt like a kid in a candy store.

While most sex toys have obvious differences, some are more subtle but are still important to pay attention to, like whether they’re disposable or rechargeable.

A lot of sex toys are now made rechargeable, so they’ll come with a charging cord or dock, just like your phone. While being able to recharge your toys does come with its benefits and the future looks sustainable, disposable battery-operated sex toys aren’t yet extinct.

Although uncommon, there’s still going to be places where you may not have easy access to a power point to charge your toy.

Travelling is one of these times, as you may need special adaptors to connect your plugs to fit overseas power point designs. Or perhaps you're spending some time away with family and are not keen on leaving your rechargeable vibrator plugged in in your room, just in case beloved Grandma Mabel walks in.

Disposable battery-powered sex toys are discreet, and when they run low on juice you can easily swap out the old batteries for fresh ones, no waiting time required.

How do you clean a battery-powered sex toy?

The importance of properly cleaning your sex toy remains the same, regardless of if they’re battery-operated or rechargeable.

Before you begin cleaning your battery sex toy, you must remove the batteries. You don’t want to mix any liquids or wetness with them, so once you’ve taken them out place them somewhere safe and dry.

If you’re going to use water to wash your toy, ensure it’s not going to get anywhere near where the batteries go.

Water is fine to use if your toy is waterproof or splashproof. Waterproof means your toy can be fully submerged, while splashproof means you’re okay to get the surface wet with a rinse, but not to leave it in a sink of water.

The box your toy came in should state which category it falls into, or the instructions. If you got too excited opening your new toy and threw these items away, never fear!

You can Google the model, ask the friendly Lovehoney customer care team or err on the side of caution and treat your toy as if it’s neither waterproof nor splashproof.

Toys that don’t mix well with water can still be washed, but you’ll want to stick to using a cloth or paper towel with just enough water to wipe down your toy.

For ease, you can also use a specific sex toy cleaner, like the Lovehoney Fresh Toy Cleaner to spritz your toy and wipe it down, or forgo the spritzing entirely and use the Lovehoney Fresh Biodegradable Sex Toy & Body Wipes for an easy post-sesh clean.

How to get the most out of disposable battery-powered sex toys

1. Always make sure your batteries are fresh - there's nothing worse than a vibrator losing its power when you're on the verge of orgasm, so try not to steal batteries from remote controls!

2. Always take the batteries out of your vibrator when you have finished using it. They'll last longer that way.

3. Make sure the metal contact points in your vibrator are connecting with the ends of your batteries. Don't be afraid to twizzle the batteries around to make the connection!

4. If your vibrator won't start, make sure you have inserted the batteries correctly. If you're not sure, try them the other way around and in every combination, just in case. If you're still having problems, find the product on Lovehoney and check for any special instructions.

Which Lovehoney sex toy battery do I need?

To know exactly what battery you need when replacing them, check the existing ones in the toy. Batteries aren’t mix and match - you’ll need the exact right type and the right amount too.

Batteries can be made using different things to give them their power. If you’re unfamiliar with the term alkaline, or just wondering can you use alkaline batteries in sex toys - the simple answer is yes.

Without getting too science-y, alkaline batteries are a type of battery that derives its energy from the reaction between zinc metal and manganese dioxide. Compared to alternative types, alkaline batteries have a higher energy density and longer shelf life, so will give you plenty of bang for your buck.

The most common battery types for sex toys are as follows:

C Batteries


The biggest boys in the battery family, C Batteries are heavy duty. They’re often called for to be used in the meatier sex toys that require the most power, for longer.

AA Batteries (Alkaline)


AA Batteries (Alkaline) are a pretty standard-size of battery, cylindrical, and used in household items. Don’t go stealing these from other appliances - you’ll want to crack open a fresh set for your toys requiring this type of battery.

AAA Batteries (Alkaline)


AAA Batteries (Alkaline) look like an AA battery, but slimmer. They are often found in slimmer models, or where the sex toy battery compartment is not as chunky.

N Batteries (Alkaline)


N Batteries (Alkaline) look like an AA battery, but shorter. These power smaller vibrators - often bullet vibrators that need a lot of power in a small space.

23A Batteries (Alkaline)


23A Batteries (Alkaline) look very similar to N batteries but are slightly smaller. They are only used for small devices that don't need to give constant power, for example vibrator remote controls attached to love eggs.

How to recycle your disposable batteries

Batteries are a portable power source for many products and have become important to our way of life, but the need for forward-thinking and sustainability is important. So we encourage you to look at recycling your batteries.

Australia has a national recycling scheme for batteries, so if you’re wondering where can I recycle batteries in Australia, check in at the link and find out which council depots and retailers will accept batteries for recycling.

Emma Maidens

Written by Emma Maidens.

Originally published on Oct 5, 2022. Updated on Oct 6, 2022