Five Sex Acts Just As Good As Penetration (If Not Better)

by Guest

on Jan 17, 2022

Don’t just stick your schlong in me!

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Sex is one of those amazing parts of life which come in all different shapes, sizes, movements, noises, positions and feelings. It varies from person to person and relationship to relationship and can be pretty much anything on the sexual menu. Why on earth do we place so much importance on penetration then?

There’s so much more to enjoy from sex than penetration and here’s five examples of the many.

1. Making out

Oh me, oh my, do I miss a good goddamn make out session. If you’re a single, young student like myself and my friends, you’ve probably now entered the stage where the one night stand or the month-long fling are common practice.

Making out, I would say, is a privilege only people in relationships truly get to enjoy at our age, and because a sesh like that is now a rarity, we crave it just as much as penetrative sex. The dry-humping, feeling each other up with your clothes on, and kissing those sweet lips (face lips obviously) is something I, and I know others, miss and adore. So let’s do it more!

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2. Massaging

Up for debate as to whether this is a ‘sex act’ or not but we can definitely make it a sexual one. Grab some massage oil (may I suggest an edible one), pour it all over your partner and start rubbing, slowly and sensually.

Carefully make your way to their erogenous zones, and if you’ve got some of that edible oil, some tongue and mouth action wouldn’t hurt at this point either. If you really want to turn them on, what’s wrong with a bit of teasing as you make your way down? Suddenly you realise “oh wait, I think I missed a spot back up there”.

3. Oral

At times it feels like my pussy’s a bloody chicken wing and they’re nibbling to finish it off - eek! Other times people have refused to go down on me after I’ve gone down on them… I mean, ever heard of equality, mate? It’s the 21st century for god’s sake.

To the people who have mastered oral sex at my age (21 years), props to you and applause all around. When you can do this well, it really makes the whole sexual experience. Teasing your partner as you slowly make your way down there, changing the pace and location, and with the bonus of lubing up your partner for penetration, it’s a win-win I say.

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4. Toys

Normalise toys in bed! No, not the stuffed raggedy bunny you’ve owned since you were two, time to put it away, yeah?. Vibrators, dildos, plugs, rings, you name it - they can make things a lot of fun and make you seriously turned on too. The beauty of toys is you can use them throughout play - before, during and after penetration - adding a new (sometimes unbeatable) sensation.

While young people like myself are usually just being introduced to toys now, when one night stands are your go-to, it can be a bit daunting whipping out your vibrator. May I say—just do it.

Ask the person you’re sleeping with if it’s cool and let them know it makes you feel good. If someone chooses to deprive you of the mind-boggling orgasm a vibrator can bring for no good reason, tell them that sounds like an iss-you, not an iss-me.

5. Fingering

This can sometimes be hell on earth, but done right… wow. If you’re now thinking, how can fingering go wrong, you just stick them up there? - Ah well, you may have some learning to do. Movement, speed, agility, moisture (sorry), are all deciding factors for a good fingering.

After speaking to your partner and finding out what they like - or maybe figuring it out with your own hands - once you’ve discovered the beauty of it, there’s no turning back. I personally love a bit of back and forth between penetration and fingering to spice things up. But you do you.

Olivia Di Iorio (pronounced dee oreo - yes like the biscuit) is a uni student from Perth. A big believer in sex being fun and funny, she doesn’t mind if people have a giggle not only with her, but at her too, as she writes about her young-adult escapades.


Written by Guest.

Originally published on Jan 17, 2022. Updated on Jan 17, 2022