12 Things Everyone Has Thought During Sex

by Nina

on Oct 31, 2018

12 Things Everyone Has Thought During Sex

Sex is a wondrous thing; like a magnificent night sky. Full of beauty, infinite possibilities and the... what the heck is that?

We've all been there. On the road to Pleasure, via Puzzled with a pit stop in Preoccupied.

Focusing on being relaxed and what is turning you on in the moment is key to satisfying sex.

By practising being more present in each moment of daily life, you'll find it a lot easier to be in the moment during your lovemaking.

With everything that's going on in our busy lives, it's understandable though that sometimes our minds take a detour.

Don't fret about it.

Read on for a list of things that everyone has thought of during sex.

1. "Hooray I'm having sex."

You sure are. Go you!

2. "Are they enjoying this?"

If you don't know, it's best to stop and talk to them.

3. "Am I good at this?"

If you're too worried, ask them. It doesn't have to be a questionnaire: just prompt their response with phrases like "Would you like this harder? Deeper? Softer?"

4. "Wow, they are awesome and I'm so turned on."

That's really hot. Why not tell them you think this? It's a nice thing to hear.

5. "I'm uncomfortable."

Stop. Or move around. Or take a break. You deserve to be comfortable and any decent partner would agree.

6. "Oops. I didn't mean to do that."

Apologise if you need to.

Accidents happen and when your body is very relaxed, or experiencing something new, you can't always predict how it will react.

7. That hot celebrity or person you know locally.

Sometimes we need a fantasy to get us off. This is OK.

8. "Have I left the cooker on / door unlocked?"

Sometimes it's hard to focus on where you are at the present time. Maybe you're busy, stressed or anxious.

When this happens it's easy to feel guilty or that you are neglecting your partner. Truth is that you probably just need a rest.

9. "This room is ugly/dirty/depressing."

We spend a lot of time in our rooms, it's normal to get fed up with it – especially when you do a lot of studying in that room. The desk is a constant reminder of due assignments.

10. "What is going to happen next in Broad City?"

Who knows? We'll have to wait until next year but in the meantime you can treat yourself to a Broad City toy.

11. "Would it be weird to finish off with a toy?"

This depends on whether you've asked your partner if they'd be happy for you to introduce a toy into the session.

If not, don't use it. Save it for when they've gone, or discuss it with them another time – before sex.

12. "Why is it so cold?!"

Yep, autumn is here. On the bright side, it's Halloween and it's perfect snuggle weather.

What thoughts have wandered through your head during sex? Leave a comment below.

Nina is a postgraduate art student in Brighton. Which means she can make origami genitals and pass it off as work. She likes thinking about gender, consent and body positivity.

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Written by Nina.

Originally published on Oct 31, 2018. Updated on Aug 6, 2020