6 10-Minute Turn-Ons To Make Every Morning Amazing

by Guest

on Oct 4, 2019


Daylight Savings (when clocks are pushed forward by one hour during the warmer months to make better use of the light during the day) is just around the corner here in Australia for people in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory and Norfolk Island.

It means the sun rises later in the morning and sets later in the evening – great for everyone except those who use the morning for some pre-work turn-ons.

You see, my partner and I work on opposite schedules. I work 9am-5pm and he works 5pm-midnight. So, the only time we get together is about 45 minutes before I leave for work. Most of this time is usually taken up by groggily sipping on our caffeinated beverages of choice, but sometimes we like to throw in a little somethin' sexy.

But, with less light in the mornings comes less time awake, and less time turning each other on.

So, I've compiled a list of things that we can do in lightning speed, and I thought I'd share them with you all.

1. Speed consent game

This is a game I first heard about from Australian sex therapist, Tanya Koens. Essentially, each party in the sexual space takes turns in giving and receiving.

The receiving person will ask for a specific action to receive, for a certain amount of time.

I find banning genital stimulation and asking for specific things most fun, like 'could you kiss up my thighs, from my knee to just before my genitals, five times on each thigh?'.

The giver must accept, decline, or offer an alternative. It seems simple, but the frequent change in power dynamic is really what it's all about. It allows the receiver to completely relax into what is happening to them, and the giver to fully take control of what they're doing.

It's great for practising consent, being comfortable in asking what you want and is a HUGE turn on. Do it three times each and you should still be running on time for your day ahead.

2. Get sudsy

Shower together! This saves time, saves water and has the added bonus of being a huge turn-on.

Rub soap on each other's chests for at least 5 seconds and you'll be turned on, trust me.

3. Moisturise!

After your shower, don't forget to moisturise! Pick your favourite body cream and use it to rub all over your partner, or yourself.

Take your time and make sure you get your hands on every inch.

4. Dress up for them

Choose an outfit (and an undergarment) for each other that you find the most sexy – you might learn something new about what turns them on!

Knowing that I'm in my partner's favourite outfit always gives me an extra pep in my step.

5. Read erotica

Some people read the paper with their morning coffee, others scroll mindlessly through their phone.

Why not try reading erotica during this time instead? It'll turn you on, spark some creativity in your imagination and might even keep you going throughout the day.

6. Kiss

I know, this is so straightforward. But the amount of times that I'm running so late for work that I don't even stop to kiss my partner goodbye is ridiculous.

Take 5 minutes out of your morning routine by planning your outfit the night before and use the time instead to say a proper goodbye to your partner.

Look them in the eye, and give them a slow, gentle kiss. Make it longer than 8 seconds and you've got a winner.

Eleni is a health communications student from Sydney. Her favourite topics to communicate are sexual health, gender and sexuality; she spends her time smashing taboo topics everywhere she goes.

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Written by Guest.

Originally published on Oct 4, 2019. Updated on Aug 6, 2020