Top 9 Disability-Friendly Sex Toys

Written by disability advocate Cherilyn Fox, 4th Aug 2022

Medically reviewed by Dr Armin Ariana

Last updated 16th Dec 2022

Sexual happiness is about breaking down barriers to exploring sexuality. From remote-control vibrators to disability sex aids, shop our top 9 recommended disabled-friendly sex toys. 

I’ve always felt that sex is as natural as breathing. That was until a severe car accident in 2021 left me as a thigh-high amputee and I became incredibly shy and lost connection with my body. My sex drive didn’t change, but how I related to my body did… and it took me a while to embrace the new me.

As someone with a disability, you can be very aware of your body, and for me it is phantom limb pain, chronic nerve pain and medication side effects. However, we never talk about being equally aware of our innate need to experience pleasure and sexual connection - whether that be with a partner or with ourselves. People with disabilities are sexual beings too.

Everyone experiences sex and pleasure in different ways, whether you have a disability or not. If anyone actually got explicit sex ed, you were taught sex is ‘penis in vagina’. However, intimacy is a whole lot more than cisgender, heterosexual penetration. We definitely weren’t taught that there were a range of other ways to experience true, sensual intimacy, from basic skin-to-skin contact to nipple and clit play and exploring new parts of your body in new ways. Lovehoney Australia’s Medical Reviewer, Dr Armin Ariana, says: "If you learn how to appreciate and guide your mind and skin, you can even reach orgasm without direct sexual stimulation.”

‘Sexy’ and ‘disability’ are not mutually exclusive. Sometimes, it takes something extra to help us reach that heightened feeling of pleasure - both a release of inhibitions and an embrace of our inner sexual spark. Disability sex aids can get us there.

So here are nine of the top sex toys for people with disabilities that drive us wild, help us reach our climax and embrace our bodies, collated to share with you:

Best for: Wearable Clitoral Stimulation

We-Vibe Moxie + App and Remote Controlled Wearable Clitoral Knicker Vibratotor

Discreet, slim, and able to be magnetically clipped in place to your undies, the We-Vibe Moxie App and Remote Controlled Wearable Clitoral Knicker Vibrator can be your sexy little secret (or something you share with someone special) controlled by the free We-Vibe App or a remote with a 3-metre range. Rather than turning yourself into a pretzel to hold it in the right place - which is not possible for all of us - this little beauty stays in place for you, so no matter where you are or what position you’re in, you can feel the vibrations. There are 10 settings to explore to find a sensation which feels just right on your clit.

What customers say: "Wow! Took me a little bit to understand how to connect it, but now I have the hang of it I am obsessed! My partner controls it and it’s wonderful. One of my favourite toys."

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Best for: Multiple Uses

Lovehoney Ignite 20 Function Bullet Vibrator

The Lovehoney Ignite 20 Function Bullet Vibrator is the ‘little black dress’ of sex toys - an essential in this list of disability sex toys. This baby will become your fast favourite for self-pleasure, play with a partner, or even for making your shower sessions a whole lot steamier… The 20 different vibration rates and styles allow you to experiment with what feels best - whether you want to ease into it and build intensity, or dive right into powerful clit stimulation. I am absolutely obsessed with every aspect of this little beauty. Waterproof: yes. Small and discreet: yes. Super soft: yes. Powerful and pink: YESSSS! This bullet gives me 20 reasons to stay in bed a little longer in the mornings. Quite the pocket rocket!

What customers say: "Absolutely magical. I’m hitting climax within first minute or so. My first delve into the sex toy world and I am not disappointed. This bullet has a range of speeds/patterns that really hit my spot. Can be a bit difficult to press the button when it’s wet, but other than that can’t fault this."

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Best for: Prostate Stimulation

Mantric Rechargeable P-Spot Probe Vibrator

Prostate stimulation may seem daunting for some penis-owners. However, if you’re someone with limited mobility and dexterity, having a toy that can stay in place and pleasure you while you lay back and control with a remote is well worth an experiment. The Mantric Rechargeable Remote Control Prostate Vibrator provides strong vibrations with 7 settings and will stimulate your P-spot with precision – and it has a base that massages your perineum for added excitement. Make sure that you use a generous amount of lube and relax as you slip it in. Customer reviews report some of the best climaxes of people's lives.

What customers say: "This is a very pleasant toy to use. The vibrations are just the right strength for me, the size is right, and operation is easy."

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Best for: Hands-Free and Wearable Stimulation

Lovense Lush 3 App Controlled Rechargeable Love Egg Vibrator

The Lovense Lush 3 App Controlled Rechargeable Love Egg Vibrator balances intense G-spot stimulation with clitoral pressure, and WOW. This is good for people who prefer internal vibrations with a simultaneous outer sensation. You know those moments where you stare off into space thinking of a memory that puts goosebumps on your skin and sends that ever-so-good shiver through your body? Get ready for a lot more of those… The fact that this can be controlled from anywhere with the app really takes things to the next level - a level you’ll never want to come down from. Your hands are left to roam free while a partner can take over the settings no matter where they are. This seriously took me places I never would have believed I could reach, over and over again.

What customers say: "Great product. It's been used a lot since purchase because it's so good. The battery life is great and it's super quiet too. Great for in the bedroom or somewhere more risky."

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Best for: Sensual Massage

Lovehoney Oh! Purple Sensual Body Massager

The skin is the largest erogenous zone, so a sensual massage can be far more stimulating than you may first think. For those with chronic pain like me, it can be exhausting. So having my other half pair the Lovehoney Oh! Purple Sensual Body Massager with a massage oil on me at the end of the day is amazing. Being able to kick back, relax, and just be in each other's presence is a really intimate moment for me. Close your eyes and feel the gentle touch of the body massager glide over your body and be in the moment with them. Intimacy isn’t just about sex, it is about touch and presence.

What customers say: "If you aren't confident in using your hands when massaging, or if you have problems that stop you using your hands (such as arthritis), then this little beauty is for you."

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Best for: Maintaining Pelvic Strength

We-Vibe Bloom App Controlled Rechargeable Vibrating Kegel Balls

For those who want to spice up their pelvic floor exercises, using this sexual aid is a new way to do it. The We-Vibe Bloom App + Remote Controlled Kegel Balls provides a sexy and highly pleasurable way to work those muscles that is perfect for beginners and those who may be a bit tighter. The Kegel balls have a small circumference and lighter vibrations, so they are a great option for those starting out with internal stimulation. Dr Armin tells us that it seems many users are very satisfied with the many purposes of Kegel balls, both vibrating and non-vibrating. You can spice up your date by handing the remote over to your partner to control the vibrations. There is something about handing over control that sets those spicy sparks flying. I am in love with the idea of heading out in my wheelchair and not knowing when the fun will spike but also knowing how intense things will be when we get back home…

What customers say: "I’m newish to the world of toys and pleasure aids. I’ve had the metal Kegel balls in the past. These are amazing! I bought them for an out-of-town trip we were taking. I surprised my OH with the remote. Let’s just say that a three-hour boring drive became a five-hour pleasure trip!"

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Best for: Hands-free Clitoral Stimulation

Lovehoney Venus Butterfly 10 Function Hands-Free Vibrator

The cutest wearable clitoral stimulator to look at, the Lovehoney Venus Butterfly 10 Function Hands-Free Vibrator has a rigid ‘butterfly’ body for the vibrator, pink glittery wings to extend the vibration to the labia, and elastic straps to secure the butterfly in place on your clit, stretching around your hips. The perfect hands-free clit vibrator, it’s usable solo or with a partner with both of you able to have your hands free to explore. It does require some help to put it on if you don’t have great mobility, but once on it can stay in place and you can lay back and enjoy. The vibrations cater for people who prefer them lighter and also those who love more powerful sensations!

What customers say: "I suffer with fibromyalgia, which can make it difficult to do much or anything for any length of time, so this you came in handy to keep that spark. This has become an every-time essential."

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Best for: Combined Hands-free Penis and Perineum Stimulation

We-Vibe Verge App Controlled Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring

Perfect for those who want to control by app rather than through manual labour, the We-Vibe Verge App Controlled Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring is worn around the penis and balls to provide stimulation to the perineum. According to research, it has been shown that penile vibratory stimulation improves erectile function through stimulation of fibres in the penis, resulting in release of nitric oxide, which induces smooth muscle relaxation in the penile tissue and helps with erection rigidity, capability of sexual intercourse and ejaculation (for people with ED and those with spinal cord injury). It can be a bit tricky to put on, but once it’s on the fun begins. With over 10 vibration modes, there is something for everything whether you want a light vibration or more intensity. The app can be controlled long-distance, so your penis owning partner can put it on and you can drive them wild from somewhere else! It’s a great toy for solo or couples play - once it is on, no one will want it to come off.

What customers say: "This product is amazing and worth every penny - it takes the pleasure to the next level! It’s powerful but pleasurable, and you're in complete control with the mobile app or side buttons. Use to your advantage. Great for foreplay: leave him waiting but control the ring from outside the bedroom give him a little taste of what he’s in for. Amazing."

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Best for: Effective Support

DOMINIX Deluxe Sex Position Wedge

Support and sexy aren’t usually used in the same sentence, but this next recommendation is a pioneer. When I first heard of the DOMINIX Deluxe Sex Position Wedge, I thought to myself ‘How on earth is a sex wedge going to be inconspicuous enough to bring into the bedroom without killing the mood?’ Well, when I say game-changer, you best believe it! Being able to change up positions comfortably and feel supported has helped elevate my bedroom confidence. And its soft velvety black cover adds another sensory element that helped me to relax and enjoy finding new ways to release.

What customers say: "First time me and my girlfriend tried this wedge, she became overly wet and squirted from the G-spot stimulation that resulted from the angle. Wow."

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About the Author

Cherilyn Fox (she/her)

Cherilyn acquired her disability in early 2021 after a road accident that left her with severe injuries, and she now lives as a thigh-high amputee. Chen has transformed into a passionate disability advocate and is represented by Champion Health Agency, where she has been transforming attitudes to road safety and sexuality for people with disability.