Top Bra Styles Explained: Find the Perfect Bra

If you’ve got boobs, you need to know how your size and shape suits bra styles. Here’s how to find the perfect bra.

Shopping for bras can be confusing. What style should I get? What would suit me best? Underwired, soft cup, push-up, padded? What does it all mean?

Relax, we’re here to make it easy-peasy. Lovehoney Australia has a tonne of great bras in all the top styles.

Choosing a bra style that suits you and your particular lady lumps can make a huge difference to how you feel about your new bra.

Your bust size plays a big part, too. Some styles look wonderful on women with cup sizes of A-C, while other cuts are more flattering on a larger pair of melons. Below we explain the most popular bra styles and explain what body shape they're best for.

Have a squiz at the vid - a very helpful overview on all things bra-related.

Video: Best Bra For Boob Shape

Lovehoney's Sammi Cole has the lowdown on bras and boob shapes.

Underwired Bra


The term underwire bra is for any bra that has a metal wire running along the bottom of each bra cup. The wire gives support and lift from underneath your coconuts.

Underwired bras are often favoured by ladies with bigger jugs because they like the added support. Underwired bras may have non-padded soft cups, or they could be padded or have moulded cups. It’s worth checking in the product description and looking at the detailed photos to be sure.

Best for: Everyone. The only time this is a less suitable choice is if you have very small tatas, in which case underwiring is not really needed.

Choose from our underwired bra range.

Triangle Bra


The triangle bra is kinda like a bikini you’d wear on the Sunshine Coast - two triangular pieces of fabric that cover your cupcakes, with the shoulder straps fixed the top of each triangle.

The fabric is usually not padded and often fairly thin - usually it’s a lacy, silky or sheer number. But some triangle bras have foam-lined cups to give you added shape and support.

Triangle bras normally aren't underwired, and so may not be suitable for everyday wear if you have a larger pair of cans.

Best for: Smaller boobs, bedroom wear.

Choose from our triangle bras.

Soft Cup Bra


Soft cup bras are a comfy option - sort of like the Ugg Boot of the boobs - because there is no underwiring to dig into your skin and no padding to make it rigid and unnatural. But bear in mind that soft cup bras offer nix in the way of support, lift or definition.

We reckon soft cup bras are simple and sexy, but they’re not really practical everyday wear for most women. Any lady bigger than a B cup is going to feel unsupported and so may be less comfortable in a soft cup bra. They’re perfect for the bedroom - not so much for everyday wear.

Best For: Smaller muffins, bedroom wear.

Here’s a soft cup Babydoll to show the idea.

Push-Up Bra


Push-up bras do what they say - they lift your torpedoes through a combo of underwiring and padding. The effect is to give you better cleavage, which is that adorable hollow between your boobs. Often the padding on a push-up bra is removable so you can play with how much definition and impact you want for your cleavage, depending on your top, the occasion and your sense of adventure.

The push-up bra style is very sexy and bonza for giving the appearance of larger bosoms, whether you’re an A cup or a DD. Push-up bras often have a deep V-neckline or plunge front, making for a grand entrance wherever you are.

Best For: Any size traffic stoppers, but are most commonly produced in sizes A-E.

Choose from our push-up bra range.

Padded Bra


The term padded bra is for any bra that lacks soft fabric cups but instead has (sometimes removable) pads and/or moulded cups. If the cup holds its shape without a boob in it, you know that’s a padded bra.

The added padding is a great choice for giving shape, lift and support. These styles can feature a deep plunging neckline or a larger centrepiece, giving the bra extra interest.

Padded bras are versatile - have a go at wearing one fully covered under your top for boosted cleavage. But do buy the bra size you are - not the one you want to be in your wet dreams.

Best for: Any size honkers up to a D or DD cup.

Choose from our padded bra range.

Half Cup Bra


Half cup bras are also known as demi cup or shelf bras. They give less support than full cup bras and are designed to just cover your headlights. Which makes them a terrific choice for low, square or rounded necklines on tops and dresses. They’re also handy for achieving a sexy cleavage.

Half cup bras often will have moulded cups to give support and shape. They have a wider ‘gore’ (the piece of fabric between the cups) to ensure a good snug fit, and they may also have soft lace or cotton bra cups.

Non-moulded half cup bras are usually decorated with embroidery or lace for added sex appeal. Hello sailor.

Best For: Small to medium sized knockers requiring less support, or as a sexy evening look on all bra sizes.

See a half cup bra work its magic.

Quarter Cup Bra


A quarter cup bra is, no surprise, a more extreme version of the half cup style, with even less fabric to cover the bust. This is an outright sexy style that lifts your sweater stretchers while revealing your pink nips.

Quarter cup bras are perfect when you want a revealing bedroom look with some degree of support. We hear on the grapevine that they are often worn with nipple tassels for a seductive burlesque style.

If you’re wearing a top over it, this isn’t a recommended style and may not be the best option for women with larger wackazammas.

Best For: Small to medium sized boobs requiring less support, bedroom wear.

Choose from our quarter cup bras.

Open Cup Bra


It’s no surprise that an open cup bra has no fabric whatsoever between the bustline and the straps. The result - your boobs are completely bare.

Some open cup bras feature an extra piece of fabric to give some more coverage, but this style is mostly worn alone or with some nipple tassels.

This is a damn sexy style that demands attention in the love shack.

Best For: Small to medium sized breasticles requiring less support, bedroom wear.

Choose from our open cup bras.

Peek-A-Boo Bra


Who said sexy had to be serious? Flirty peek-a-boo bras normally have a slit along the cup to sneak a glimpse of the breast, but without flashing as much flesh an open cup bra.

Peek-a-boo bras typically have a soft cup and they may or may not include underwiring. This style is a hot tip when you want to step out of your comfort zone into racy lingerie.

Best For: Ladies who want to tease without revealing all.

Choose from our peek-a-boo bra range.

Longline Bra


This style is ideal if you want to smooth your shape from bust to waist. Longline bras feature a longer underbust band that defines your shape.

Many styles feature short plastic bones for extra structure, and they can be underwired or soft. They are often front-fastening, too, which can add an extra sexy touch in the bedroom when it comes time for your beloved to tease it off.

Best For: Any sized berthas for bedroom or daytime wear.

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Wrap Up

Now you know exactly how to choose a bra that suits you for any occasion.

Still curious to know more? Check out our Lingerie and Sexy Costumes Buyer’s Guide.

Buying for a gift? How to Buy Sexy Lingerie for Women will help.

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