How to Buy Sexy Lingerie for Women

This handy guide has everything you need to know to confidently buy sexy lingerie for women.

So you’ve got a lady in your life. Congratulations. And now you've decided to treat her to a seductive new sexy lingerie set. Well done. “But where shall I start?” you wonder.

Just for you, we've zipped up these handy hints and tips to make the whole thing as easy as falling out of bed. We want her to gasp with delight when she tears open the wrapping paper, as opposed to groaning because you’ve got something avoidable wrong.

With our pointers as a guide, we’ll steer you around the minefields so you can buy lingerie with confidence. You’ll know how to choose the perfect size, style and colour by the time we’ve finished. Our expert video and advice will take you through the finer points so you can buy lingerie that she'll love (and hopefully love to show off to you).

Video: Top tips for buying Lingerie as a gift

1. Have a sticky beak

Pretend you’re a private eye or, as they used to call them, a private dick. We need you to snoop around a little, do some private investigating so you can triumph later in the sexy women lingerie department.

Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to get as much info as you can about your partner's size, likes and dislikes in a few categories.


Assuming you’re deeply in love and you reckon she won’t mind, have a bit of a sticky beak and fossick through her undies drawer. Keep your eye cocked for the labels, ‘cuz you want to discover and note down her:

  • Bra size (e.g. 32C, 36B, 38DD…)
  • Knicker size (e.g. 8, 10, 16...)
  • Clothes size (e.g. 8, 12, 14...)


In general, if you have a perv in her wardrobe, what colours does she like? If she mainly wears black, mate - that’s a good clue to what colour of women’s sexy lingerie to buy for her. Loves bright colours? Goes for pastels? Be a good detective and draw some conclusions.


Same in the fabric stakes. If all she wears is lace undies, it’s a motza she’ll like lace lingerie. Should she have a ton of silk tops or nighties in her closet, she’ll probably enjoy silk lingerie. Only wears satin PJs, or likes satin sheets? Tick the satin box in the fabric list.


Style is more complex, but keep it simple to start with. Does she tend to wear loose-fitting clothes? Does she prefer tight-fitting styles? Does she like short clothes or long? Do the styles she wears most tend to cover her skin - or is she comfortable sporting plunging necklines, bare arms and plenty of leg?

Odds are, if you identify sizes, colours, fabrics and styles she likes, you’ve narrowed the odds that one day soon she might swoon at your prezzie.

Who knows, if you get lucky, lingerie sex might even be on the cards. But remember, this is a gift for her. The key thing is to buy something she feels happy wearing rather than something you want to see her in.

2. Pick the right colour and fabric

So, now you’ve got a better idea of what she likes and feels most comfortable wearing, you can easily narrow down your search.

Start off in the Sexy Lingerie Sets section and begin to narrow down your search using the filters. You can easily start by filtering the options you’ve detected she likes, by colour and size to kick off the process. You can filter for price too, making a shortlist that is far more manageable.

3. Choose the style

Now cast your mind back and remember any occasions where she's dressed up for a romantic evening at home or in the love shack.

If she went for something tight and structured like a corset, then she'll probably appreciate a basque or bustier. If her look was lighter and floatier, babydolls and chemises are a good way to go.

If you're struggling to tell the difference between these different styles, don’t bust a gasket because you’re a style virgin. Relax and have a squiz at our Guide to Lingerie Styles, which may help to clear things up.

You can select and add the style as a filter in the Category column. See what pops up.

4. Get the size right

Now, even armed with her size info, this isn't always easy. Due to the wide range of body shapes, and many brands sizing their clothes differently, few women are consistently the same size in all their clothes.

We do, however, have some simple tips for you:

  • The size of her fave bras or clothes is the clearest guide to what will fit her best.
  • Check the brand size chart on the item page. One brand's Small may be another brand's Large.
  • Read the customer reviews. People will have left comments on the sizing.

Still stuck like a shag on a rock? You can always try a One Size item. Many of these clothes lace up or are super-stretchy to give a more forgiving fit.

Some final pointers

If you're still searching for a little bit of advice, here are a few handy DOs and DON’Ts.


  1. Get as much info as you can about her size - if you know her exact measurement in centimetres or inches, that's even better.

  2. Check out our guide on How to Buy Lingerie for Your Shape. You may pick up some tips on what will suit her best.

  3. Look at her evening or party dresses for inspiration. Lots of women wear party clothes that suggest the colours and fabrics they would prefer to have as lingerie.

  4. Give Customer Care a call or email if you need any extra advice about any particular lingerie. Our friendly experts are here to help you choose.


  1. Buy something that's just eye candy for you. She may not want to wear it or feel comfortable in it.

  2. Buy a bra without buying the matching knickers. It's nice to have the option and can be difficult to match up later on.

  3. Go out of her comfort zone. If she likes long flowing chemises, she may not feel comfy wearing a short wet look body style.

  4. Be afraid to ask her BFF for a hand. She'll appreciate the effort you've gone to (plus you'll get kudos with her mates).

So, now you know how to buy sexy lingerie. It may or may not lead to lingerie sex, but if you’ve followed our guide, you’ve probably bought sexy women’s lingerie that your flame will enjoy wearing. And if she feels good in it, and likes the colour, fabric, style and size, she’s going to feel comfortable and positive.

She’s going to appreciate the fact that you have done your homework. It proves that you care about her. It shows that you are thoughtful and that you have put her first.

Next steps

If she asks you where to buy lingerie, why not take her by the hand and visit Lovehoney’s Lingerie page? Shopping together for her next sexy lingerie – or yours – might be a fun date night together.

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