1. THRUST Pro Ultra Self-Lubricating Fully Loaded Male Masturbator Kit 642g

      Average customer review 4.5 out of 5 stars3 reviews

      Make sure your next solo session is Fully Loaded with this 4 piece male sex toy kit. Boasting a highly textured real-feel, self-lubricating stroker that's up for orgasms whenever you are, all you need to do is add water to thrust your way towards climax.


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      1. THRUST Pro Ultra Self-Lubricating Fully Loaded Male Masturbator Kit 642g

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    1. Product Description

      Make sure your next solo session is Fully Loaded with this 4 piece male sex toy kit. Boasting a highly textured real-feel, self-lubricating stroker that's up for orgasms whenever you are, all you need to do is add water to thrust your way towards climax.

      Between her lush lips nestles a tight 0.25 inch entrance, stretching to envelop your member as you plunge into a stimulating texture that satisfies with every thrust.

      Your kit comes with a waterproof single-speed bullet vibrator to add buzz to your play time. Plus, it includes a mesh bag for safe storage between pleasure sessions, and renewer powder to keep your toy feeling fresh.

      The self-lubricating core is good for up to 8 uses; to keep enjoying your stroker afterwards, be sure to coat the lips, canal, and your shaft with water-based lubricant.

      Key Features:

      • 4 piece kit featuring a ribbed and dotted self-lubricating male masturbator plus renewer powder, a single-speed waterproof bullet vibrator, and mesh storage bag
      • Easy grip male stroker made from realistic feeling TPE with a stimulating internal texture for super sensations with every thrust
      • Masturbator self-lubricates with a splash of water for handy pleasure on the go
      • Hole in the base to fit the included single-speed bullet vibrator and add a new dimension to your toy
      • Includes renewer powder and mesh bag for easy upkeep and storage
    1. Power and speed

      • Battery Info: 3 x LR44 (6 included)
      • Power Type: Batteries (included)
    2. How it measures up

      • Canal diameter: 0.25 inches
      • Internal Length: 5 inches
      • Opening: Vagina
    3. How it feels

      • Contains phthalates: No
      • Material: TPE
      • Texture: Textured
      • Waterproof: Submersible

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    1. THRUST Pro Ultra Self-Lubricating Fully Loaded Kit

      Make sure your next solo session is Fully Loaded with this 4 piece male sex toy kit, worth £52.99. Boasting a highly textured real-feel, self-lubricating stroker that's up for orgasms whenever you are, just add water to thrust your way towards climax.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      THRUST Pro Ultra Self-Lubricating Fully Loaded Male Masturbator Kit 642g 3 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. THRUST Pro Ultra Self-Lubricating Fully Loaded Male Masturbator Kit 642g
      2. THRUST Pro Ultra Self-Lubricating Fully Loaded Male Masturbator Kit 642g


        Or 4 payments of $16.24 with Learn more

    1. Looks like the real thing, feels and sounds like the real thing!

      Reviewed: 24 May 2019 by young at heart, a Straight Married Male

      What the product is like.

      I received the THRUST Pro Ultra Self Lubricating Fully Loaded Kit the day after I received the email to say that it had been posted. The package was nicely discreet and all boxed up in a plain cardboard box with strong tape around the opening, no chance of the packaging coming apart!

      The box felt very heavy and I was keen to see what was inside so I opened it straight away. On opening there was an inner box with the products inside. I was nicely surprised to see what was included, the thrust pro itself, a string bag to store it in when not in use, a small bullet vibrator with batteries inside and a spare set of batteries also some powder to refresh the inside of the THRUST Pro Ultra itself.

      How the product works

      You pour a little water-based lube into the opening then get straight in with your penis. The feeling is very realistic as is the noise as it is used! The weight of the THRUST Pro Ultra is quite impressive, this is no lightweight sex toy.

      What the product does.

      The THRUST Pro Ultra can be used as a masturbation aid, we used it during foreplay, or it could be used as a delay training aid which I would say it would be very effective at as you can control the thrusting speed and stop when needed.

      My experience of using the THRUST Pro Ultra Self Lubricating Fully Loaded Kit.

      This is the second toy I have owned similar to this one, the previous one was many years ago and was of an inferior material and feel. This one feels very lifelike as soon as you use it, both the feeling and the sound! The difficult part is delaying so that you can enjoy it for a longer duration! Not too intimidating in size, length for me. I tried the bullet vibrator in the end and I could feel it although it wasn’t really needed to give a very sensuous effect as the toy itself gives that in bucket loads. Cleaning up afterwards is easy, in the sink, lots of water, bit of soap, the powder is used after prolonged uses to refresh the inside.

      Overall a definite winner and a valuable addition to the toy collection!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The feel, the sound.
      Bottom line
      A great addition to the toy collection.
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    1. Slick and all set for your dick

      Reviewed: 7 June 2019 by Optimized, a Bisexual Going Steady Male

      Obviously the main point of interest here is the innovative, ‘fully loaded’, pre-lubed sleeve which is satisfyingly substantial and weighty to hold (but not too heavy). In addition, you also get a decent bullet-vibe to slip into the sleeve, a well-designed, mesh, draw-string storage bag (which even has a ‘Thrust’ label sewn into it), and finally the all-important renewal powder. So this is a great bundle of complementary products.

      The sleeve is designed to look anatomically realistic and is visually a big turn-on. It’s made of soft, silky TPE and on the outside has very practical ribbing, which means that it’s easy to keep a hold of, even when things begin to get slippery. But the star of this show is the pre-lubed interior, which is like magic! When I first took the sleeve out of the box I couldn’t resist giving it a bit of finger action, and the sensation of sliding my finger into a wet, juicy hole was a massive turn-on.

      Before I knew it I was unzipping and just sliding straight in without pre-lubing my manhood. Initially there was a bit of resistance around the toy’s entrance, but as soon as I plunged in a bit deeper and made contact with the pre-lubed core everything got slick and slippery very quickly. I really found it quite a turn-on knowing that this toy was ‘wet’ and ready for action. But whilst it felt great on first entry, and for the first 5 to 10 minutes or so, as things warmed up I noticed that the interior became a little dry and that I needed to apply some more water-based lube. Alternatively, I would use a small spray bottle of water to re-moisten the sleeve. This is not a big deal as re-lubing is pretty much a given with any toy after you've been using it for any length of time.

      The ribbed and dotted interior felt incredibly stimulating and tight. The ribs line the first part of the sleeve so they're the first thing you feel gently gripping you as you slide inside, and then as you push further in you feel the nubs and dots massaging your upper shaft and head. One thing I noticed is that the sleeve creates a bit of a funny rhythmic sound as you plunge in and out - a bit like somebody rapidly swiping up and down on a marimba! I didn’t find this off-putting in any way - it just made me chuckle a bit at first. If you put your finger over the air hole at the end of the sleeve the noise changes into more of a sloppy, sucking sound, and the sensation feels increasingly like a great, squelchy blow job, as an intense vacuum is created.

      The bullet vibrator provides a very stimulating, additional dimension to the experience, and was guaranteed to get me off quicker than usual. The bullet is reasonably powerful but only has one speed. The bullet vibe hole is positioned so that the most intense vibration will be experienced around the upper-facing part of your cock head, but of course you can rotate the sleeve so you feel it most strongly against your frenulum if you prefer. Both feel pretty great, but the lower position is most stimulating for me personally.

      The sleeve is only 5 inches in length, so it’s likely that your cock head might pop out of the end - again, I didn’t find this to be a problem or find that it detracted from my enjoyment of the toy. What it does mean is that at the point of release some mess may ‘escape’ from the sleeve, which just means a bit of extra wiping up and is no biggie.

      Talking of which... The THRUST sleeve is really easy to clean. I simply rinsed it through with water and left it to air dry. Your natural tendency is to make sure it’s thoroughly dry both outside and in, before storing it. But obviously in this case any contact with water will re-activate the pre-lubed core so it’s going to remain moist inside.

      According to the product manual the pre-lubed core is supposed to last for about 8 uses before you need to start using a water-based lube, as you would with any other regular male masturbator. In practice I found that the inner core dried up after about 5 - 6 uses, but on one occasion I did leave it soaking in the bath for a while, which may have washed some of pre-lube away?

      The renewal powder comes in a talc-style container which makes it very easy to use, and is essential for helping to keep the texture of the toy in tip top condition ready for future use. Also, the storage bag has been well thought-out with the mesh texture ensuring that there is a free circulation of air, meaning that the toy will stay dry and not go mouldy.

      In summary, this is an excellent, innovative male masturbator that could be enjoyed solo, or as part of couple’s play. I was initially a bit sceptical about the idea of the pre-lubed core, but it really works, and there's something very horny about finding it slick and ready for action. But, as someone who always has water-based lube on tap for use with my other toys, I wonder whether it's a bit of a gimmick? Overall, an excellent combination pack!

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Pre-lubed core, contrasting textures, easy to grip, vibe option, accessories.
      Shame pre-lube phase doesn't last a bit longer.
      Bottom line
      Excellent and innovative male masturbator; great combination pack.
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    1. Not sure about the self-lube

      Reviewed: 18 June 2019 by Ian Chimp, a Straight Married Male

      This is my very first foray into the world of realistic vagina sex toys and I admit I was a little apprehensive at first. I've used a lot of other types of toy (strokers, cock rings, traditional vibrators, et cetera), so I'm not a complete newb, but as yet I hadn't plucked up the courage to take the plunge on something a little more visually vagin-ery. I finally decided that I'd never know if I liked them or not unless I tried one out, and I liked this particular set as it comes with everything you need in one complete package: a toy with lube already inside, a bullet vibrator, a bag to keep it in, and a pot of renewer powder to keep it silky smooth. Boom. One-stop shop.

      On first unboxing my goody bag, I couldn't help but notice how weighty the toy itself felt. It definitely has quite a substantial heft to it that I don't think I was expecting. I think this made a big difference in use compared to the stroker sleeves I've used before as it felt more like I was thrusting into it rather than it being pulled up and down over me (if that makes sense). I was expecting a plastic exterior tube to put it in for extra grip, but I think the Pro Ultras are too big for the standard one and have an easy-grip exterior instead. And it is exactly that. I had no issues at all with slippage or anything like that.

      It's canal is 5 inches, so some may find it comes up short, but hopefully you clock the size before you buy it and get one of the longer ones if you think you need/want it. It was no issue for me as I'm not much bigger than that, and I think I may be a glans man anyway. Feeling-wise it was very pleasant, tight, and extremely stimulating. After avoiding this type of toy for quite a while I'm really starting to see the appeal.

      I do have a couple of gripes. My main issues with the self-lubricating core, for instance, are that it only lasts you 8-ish times before it's recommended you lube it up just like any other regular toy; and secondly, it wants me to prime it with a little bit of water before each self-lubricated use. I did do this the first time to try it out, but when I was lying in bed and spontaneously wanted to use it I had no water on hand to use. I did consider using a dribble of squash from my glass on the bedside table, but I didn't think I could aim it well enough (or if a slurp of cherries and berries was an approved priming agent...). What I do have plenty of close by is lube, so I just used that. It did feel a bit self-defeating, but I really didn't want to get out of bed with a boner and schlep to the bathroom just for a drizzle of water.

      The bullet was also a little disappointing. Not only is it battery powered (though that's not a massive problem), but it's only a single constant speed. I did have a little go with it but couldn't shake the feeling I wanted more power and pattern control. I ended up popping it to one side and swopping it out for Mrs Chimp's We-Vibe Tango. That I did love. The vibrations are very indirect but definitely add a great sense of movement. On the Tango's Ultra setting it was positively quivering.

      I like that they include a mesh bag to keep it in too. It does not disguise what's in it in any way, but it does let the toy breathe, which I believe is very important for its longevity.

      The Renewer powder is simply cornflour, so when you run out of the one included in your kit you can simply pick some up from a supermarket and save yourself a few quid. I've been using cornflour on my other (non-realistic) real-feel strokers and it's worked great so far.

      Cleaning it was easy (I think?). I simply ran it through with warm water, used a little spritz of Mrs Chimp's sex toy cleaner, and let it air dry. I did turn it inside out at one point to dry the middle, but I wasn't sure if that would rip it apart, so have refrained from trying that again. A quick dusting with renewer powder and it was good to go. Fingers-crossed this is enough of a cleaning routine to keep it going for awhile.

      Like I said at the start, I do like that it's a complete starter package, but I think I'd have preferred a regular non-lubed toy with a bottle of lube included. And, while I know that you can't get a Tango included in the box at this price, the bullet could be more interesting.

      Overall, though, a nice introduction into realistic toys and I've not been put off from trying more.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      The weight is good and the texture and tightness were very stimulating.
      Not convinced about the self-lubricating core, and the bullet was a bit uninspiring.
      Bottom line
      Good main toy, but not totally sold on the self-lube or the extras.
    3. 2 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes

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