Sexy 6 Foreplay Dice Game

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  • 6 x foreplay sex dice game for impromptu bedroom fun
  • Roll the dice to decide the whos, wheres, whats and hows of your sexy adventure
  • 720 possible outcomes offer a variety of spontaneous play
  • Perfect for beginners looking to add some extra spice to their sex life
  • Includes drawstring storage bag

If you're looking for a way to extend foreplay or add something new to bedroom adventures, why not try this Sexy 6 Sex Game? With 6 dice to roll and 720 unique combinations to explore, there's no end to the playful possibilities. Suitable for beginners.

Roll all 6 dice at the same time or one-by-one to reveal your sexy fate.

The 6 dice split into the following categories:

Die 1: Who's in the hot seat? (You or me?)
Die 2: What will they be doing? (Giving or receiving)
Die 3: Which sex act will you be exploring? (Kisses, nibbles, sucking...)
Die 4: Where on the body? (Nipples, inner thigh, genitals...)
Die 5: How? (Gently, slowly, roughly...)
Die 6: Which location? (Bedroom, kitchen, bathroom...)

  • How it Feels

    • Material: Hard Plastic

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