Lovehoney Oh! 52 Weeks of Date Nights

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  • 52 peel-and-reveal cards to inspire new ways to spice up date night
  • 26 x 'Staying In' cards offer ideas for play at home
  • 26 x 'Going Out' cards contain suggestions for fun while out and about
  • Choose one a week for a whole year of fun
  • Makes a thrilling gift for your partner

Predictable = boring. Make sure date night is always fresh and exciting with a year's worth of date night inspiration. With 52 cards in the pack that split into ideas for 'Staying In' and 'Going Out', there's never an excuse to skip date night.

Take it in turns to pick a card to act on each week. Alternate between 'Staying In' and 'Going Out', or close your eyes and pick at random for surprise date ideas all year round.

'Staying In' example: 'Indoor Camping – Think sexy forts and pyjamas!'

'Going Out' example: 'Road Trip – Take a trip to a new city and do a little exploring.'

Lovehoney Oh! is a fun and flirtatious collection of gifts and games, designed to inspire and delight you and your partner in the bedroom – and beyond.

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