Tracey Cox Kama Sutra

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  • <strong>About Tracey Cox</strong>
  • Tracey Cox is well-known for her TV shows on sex and relationships, including Sex Inspectors (Channel 4 and HBO in the US), Would Like To Meet (BBC), Under One Roof (ITV) and Date Patrol (Discovery, US). A former editor of Cosmopolitan and radio show host, Tracey contributes regularly to leading magazines and has written a number of international bestsellers. Tracey has an academic background in psychology and has counselled via the media for more than a decade.

The world's best sex expert meets the world's greatest sex guide! Tracey Cox's Kama Sutra is a modern interpretation of the ancient texts, packed with colour photography that will help you master over 100 new positions and countless new sexual techniques.

Introducing ancient rules, rituals and sexual techniques with a playful and bantering commentary, Tracey makes the Kama Sutra an easy-to-follow sex guide for everyone.

Divided into sections named Exotic, Erotic, Exhilarating, Exhibitionist and Expert, each one presents new ideas, techniques and positions for you to get to grips with. Colour photographs of real people and detailed illustrations accompany the text in the book, and more complicated positions are given in a step-by-step format to help you master them.

By taking the most important information from the Kama Sutra and focusing on how modern couples can apply it to the 21st Century bedroom, Tracey Cox has created a sex manual for modern lovers that's exciting, fun and practical to follow.

192 pages.
Contains softcore sexual images.

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