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Uni can be hard but your sex life doesn’t have to be. Our student hangout has everything you need to give you the sex education you’ve always wanted. Explore your body, try new things and find tips and tricks that’ll take you to heaven and get you 7s in the bedroom. Class is in session.

Juggling study, work and a social life can leave your finances on struggle street which is why we’ve got you and your orgasms sorted with the Lovehoney student discount. Enjoy more banging for your buck by simply signing up to a free UNiDAYS account, register your student status and we’ll apply 20% off to your order. You can thank us later.

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"I haven't had sex yet, what age is a normal time to first lose your virginity?"

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Dive into all things sex uni and life as a young person with stories (covering everything from fun to flirty to downright cringe), advice and reviews from our Aussie student writers. Put down the textbooks, class is in session.

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Need a tute? Attendance may not be marked, but our top 5 lessons are sure to help you get the grades.

Lesson 1: Consent is not just sexy, it’s essential.

We’re all about enthusiastic consent here at Lovehoney. Both you and the person you’re engaging in any kind of mattress mambo with needs to be 110% into it. Not just “ehh”, but as thirsty for it as Kath & Kim are thirsty for a chardonnay.

Lesson 2: Investing in your pleasure can be cheap as chips

Ditch the guilt that comes with overspending and shop our budget-friendly range of sex toys instead. With major power and curves to kill, add as many of our best cheap sex toys to your cart as you like without cutting into your Wednesday night bevvies budget. Not sure which sex toy will tickle your pickle? Our Beginner’s Guide to Sex Toys will definitely point you in the right direction.

Lesson 3: Make friends with Johnny

Contraception is the key to getting those top marks from everyone you get hot under the collar with. Condoms are without a doubt the most popular choice because they’re around 98% effective, and the only form of contraception that protects against both pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. PSA: that one johnny you’ve had in your wallet since your high-school formal won’t quite cut the mustard, get your hands on some new ones.

Lesson 4: Sex doesn’t have to be penetrative

Not all sex is P in V — or even P in A for that matter. Non-penetrative sex can be just as satisfying (and maybe even more fun) than penetrative sex. From solo play to mutual masturbation, oral sex to kissing, stroking to touching, nipple play to rimming or ANYTHING else that feels good — the world of non-penetrative sex is just waiting for you to explore.

Lesson 5: Rock your body

Jump on the body confidence train! While no one feels confident in their body every single moment of every day, it’s not your body that’s the problem: it’s your mindset. Some tips to get started: paying less attention to social media, wearing whatever makes you feel good, focusing on your health and avoiding negativity are great ways to fast-track your journey to loving yourself. Our tips to help you feel sexier in an instant may also help you tap inner sex god/goddess too. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!


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