Environmentally conscious and modern sex essentials, with the goal of both empowering you to explore your sexuality and educating every one of us about sexual wellness.


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Sexually Empowered People Respect Mother Earth

The boxes and cylinders are both made from 100% post-consumer card and dyed with soy-based inks.

This card is safe for composting and is biodegradable, manufactured by ur the only zero-carbon printer in Western Australia


My ilo Sex Toy Recycling Program

Sex toys are classified as bio-waste in Australia as they are made from a combination of batteries, electronics, silicone, and plastic. Bio-waste products are unable to be disposed of via general household waste, and can take over 500 years to decompose in landfill.

Our recycling program is located in Western Australia, which reduces additional transport emissions.

How to recycle your sex toys:

Email info@my-ilo.com letting us know that you would like to recycle your sex toys. We will respond via email and send you a pre-paid returns label Attach this to your parcel and drop to your closest Australia Post Once received we will recycle your retired sex toys through our specialist, accredited and licensed provider. We’ll email you a My ilo gift card for you to spend on your new products!