Dr Stephanie Azri

Dr Stephanie Azri is a clinical social worker and accredited sexologist based in Brisbane, Queensland. Dr Stephanie is extremely passionate about her work with women, couples, and families and has over 20 years experience in helping people achieve their sexual goals.

With two decades in clinical settings, her expertise revolves around women’s issues (from pregnancy, to parenting, and from managing careers and being a woman in a modern society), couples (from sex to communication, and negotiating life’s challenges), to family dynamics (blended families and surviving the 21st Century).

As well as working in the public health domain, Dr Stephanie also operates a private practice, helping people in Australia and around the world improve their sexual experiences. As an international author of multiple books, such as "Unlock Your Resilience" and "The REAL guide to life as a couple" Dr Stephanie has helped readers across the world to transform their lives and their relationships into amazing new journeys. If you’re after some very clear and positive guidelines to making lasting changes to your sex life and relationship, check out her work.

As well as publishing her own work, Dr Stephanie has also featured in a variety of national and international publications such as Sex therapy and Social Work in the Quarterly Journal of the AASW and Intimate relationships in The South City Bulletin.

Her message is quite clear. A healthy sexuality is not a luxury. Instead, it’s your right and something you are entitled to. Whether through partner play, solo play, or a combination of both, she’s here to guide you into a new exciting maze of pleasure and intimacy.

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