Cailin Sheppard Lovehoney writer

Cailin is Lovehoney Australia’s in-house Editorial Content Executive (A.K.A the self-proclaimed content queen).

She’s got a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications (Entertainment Industries and Media & Communications) and no, she never thought she would get to write about sex as her full-time job when she graduated all those years ago. Especially since she never even owned a sex toy before working here(?!) - boy, have things changed since then.

In the office, you’ll find her writing about the do’s and don’ts of dirty talk (i.e. adding a T to her name - BIG don’t), pondering the long and hard things in life - like, how many orgasms the average person will have in their lifetime - and cracking questionable jokes in team meetings.

Outside of the 9 to 5, Cailin writes about all the other fun things in life, covering restaurant openings, lifestyle and events for the likes of Broadsheet and Concrete Playground.

With a weakness for gelato, live gigs and any dancefloor playing ABBA, her weekends are filled with friends, food and talking people’s ears off about her job at parties.

Cailin is passionate about normalising conversations on sex and loves to encourage those around her to be open, shame-free and comfortable speaking about sexual pleasure. Why? Because talking sex makes better, safer sex - for everyone.

Somehow she landed herself a job at Lovehoney which lets her do all of that and more but enough about the writer, read her writing below…