How to Use a Finger Vibrator

Discover a new kind of mini vibration pleasure. Put ya finger out, mate, what are you waiting for?

Finger vibrators can look a bit like something out of Alien, or maybe like they were fished out of Bass Strait, but don’t judge your new BFF by their weird looks. These happy little love rings are a bonza place to start on your sex toy adventure, especially if you’re a newbie to the wonderful world of vibrators.

Hey, they’re also a ton of fun for your bestie or playmate to use on you, lucky thing. Not to mention they offer a much more 'hands-on' experience that you don't get with larger vibrators.

Like all good sex toys, finger vibrators come in all shapes, sizes, functions and prices. We highly adore them and recommend you check one out immediately. They could well become a regular part of your sex life because they are super useful and versatile, not to mention fun.

To find out how to get the most out of your new finger friend, read on.

What Is This I See Before Me?

Finger vibrators are never going to win a Miss Australia competition, are they? As a collection, let’s face it, they look like the odd leftovers from the props department of a space invaders movie. But strap one of these devils on your pinkies and you’ll quickly forget your first impressions. These little beauties are truly small but intense, like a Haigh’s chocolate.

You can find other small vibrators in our bullet vibrator guide, and if you love clit stimulation, check out these toys.

The traditional finger vibrator design is a stretchy or adjustable ring that fits around your finger, with the all-important vibrating part located on the pad of the finger, facing outwards.

These finger vibrators can absolutely pack one hell of a punch. But as with all things vibrating, the power can vary depending on what model you buy and how far you want to crank the power – up to 11, if you’re like us. And if you love power toys, check out our Top 10 Most Powerful Vibrators.

As with other vibrating sex toys, remember that the bigger the bullet, the more powerful it will be. And while some are designed to include internal stimulation others are made specifically with your lady button in mind. And if your love bud is sensitive, here’s a guide to help.

Customer Favourite Finger Vibrators

While the Lovehoney Touch Me Rechargeable Silicone Finger Vibrator is great for teasing and foreplay with its mini internal bullet, the GLUVR Rechargeable 6 Function Finger Vibrator features dual vibes which practically guarantee the Big O.

Living with housemates or parents? You might want to choose a finger vibrator that is ultra-quiet, like the Fifty Shades of Grey Sensation Rechargeable Finger Vibrator. Or not, if you’re a screamer and you like everyone to know how you’re doing.

Popular Finger Vibrators

How to Use Your Finger Vibrator Comfortably

If you’ve been a regular user of one type of sex toy for a while, it can be tricky to unlearn your go-to hand positions when you first try out your new finger vibrator. We all want comfort and joy, so relax and just follow our easy-peasy hot tips to enjoy your latest mini vibe straightaway:

Lube up. Many finger vibrators are made of textured materials that can rub your love bud the wrong way if you’re not prepped. A water-based lubricant like Lovehoney Enjoy Water-Based Lubricant will help to soften it up and provide a gentle glide against your body’s delicate bits.

Use your finger vibrator on your nipples, your hips, your inner thighs and buttocks first. That allows you to get used to the new sensations and figure out how your new sex toy feels on your skin before moving it to somewhere more sensitive.

Finger vibrators can be overwhelming at first, so to begin with, use the body of the vibe more generally to get you going. When you’re used to the good vibrations, then you can focus the ultra-strong sensations of the vibe’s tip on your hooded lady.

Struggling to keep your sex toy in place? Adjust where the vibrator sits on your finger to make it easier to control. If it's slipping around wildly, pull it further down your finger so your fingertip overhangs the edge for more control. If it's too rigid and lacks give, slip the ring further along towards your fingertip.

Don't forget to try your thumb. This wonderfully dextrous digit is perfect for using your finger vibrator and can give you unique sensations that are going straight to the pool room.

If you’re fresh out of fingers, or you want a break from finger play, why not check out our ideas on hands-free toys? You could do much worse than playing with some suction cup dildos. But if you can’t get enough of clit play, discover the world’s best clit toy here. Enjoy.

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