Guide to Inflatable Dildos

Ever wondered how inflatable dildos work or how to use them? Wonder no more! Here’s everything you need to know for blow-up dildo fun.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of an inflatable dildo, you have a treat in store. Think of all the beaut things that expand as they get stimulated - lips, clits, cocks, nips, butt holes - not to mention your mind.

Well, now you can get your greedy little hands on a toy that expands once it’s inside you. Brill idea. They go equally well in your vajingo or your backstage door, so these inflatable joys are an equal opportunity experience. Bonza. And if you’re dildo ready, here’s How to buy dildos.

First Steps

Before you insert anything anywhere, check out your dildo’s hand pump. You don’t want to pump up this baby too far before you know what it’s capable of. Give it a few pumps and watch what happens. Test the release mechanism (usually a screw valve) to get comfortable with how to bring it down in size when you’re ready to remove it.

Next, onto your L-plates - practice its use under more pressure. Place the dildo between your thighs and squeeze it as you pump the dido up. That should give you an idea of its strength and firmness. See how far you can go and prepared to get frothin’. Then release the air pressure and feel it shrink like a nutsack dipping into Port Phillip Bay in winter.

Comfy? Proceed to Prep

Did we mention that foreplay is a great idea? Get your love oven warmed up so your best new friend is welcomed into a happy horny home.

If you’re trying out bumfunnery, give your fifth base an erotic massage to loosen up your sphincter muscle. Employ your Jedi mind control to get everything relaxed and chill down there before you embark on your dildo play. Inflatable dildos are handy for anal training because it is easier to insert than a large dildo.


You’re good to go. Some dildos are designed to be inflated only after insertion, while others require some preliminary pumping to be easily placed. Rest assured, the real magic begins once you’re ready to start pumping.

Take it easy at first and explore the sensations it offers at different sizes. For those ready to be truly filled up, there are models offering 11 inches of length and a whopping 12 inches in circumference. OMG.

That’s got to be more fun than a bouncy castle. To come back to earth, just use the quick-release valve and try to stop grinning.

Here’s a sampler to get you going...

Black Beauty

Cock Locker Huge Inflatable Dildo 9 Inch

As you pump your way to greater pleasure, the dildo expands to an amazing 9-inch circumference - now you’re not going to find that on the average bloke down at the pub. That’s the great thing about sex toys. Expands the possibilities.

What customers say: "This product makes you feel so full - it also worked really well with lube and slid in easily".

Buy it here

Banana Bender

Inflatable Vibrating G-Spot Pleaser 6 Inch

A purple banana bender vibrating inflatable dildo like this one has heaps of bang for your buck. The curve is perfect for G-spot stim, and the addition of a vibrator makes it like two toys in one, as if Hugh Jackman had a twin. It inflates to twice its girth to make sure you are girt by orgasms.

What customers say: "My partner loves to take control of the pump and watch while he fills me up".

Buy it here

Mama Mia

Cock Locker Inflatable Penis Butt Plug 6 Inch

Looking for a butt plug? Trying out an inflatable one is a great step in the right direction. You can control the size you want, start smaller and build up when you’re ready. Some folk love them for fisting training, others for DP (double penetration) play with a partner and who’s to say you can’t explore the Mappa Tassie with it? This dildo goes from 5 to 12 inches in circumference when you pump up your pleasure. Mama mia

What customers say: "My first inflatable toy - why did I wait so long?".

Buy it here

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