Womanizer Affirmation Cards (40 Pack)

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  • Womanizer Affirmation Cards to get you started on your self-love journey
  • 40 unique cards feature affirmations to help boost your self-confidence
  • Sleek design and neutral colour scheme make it the perfect addition to your bedside table

Whether you're an expert in practising positive thinking or are just getting started on your self-love journey, the Womanizer Affirmation Cards are the ultimate addition to your self-care routine, that is sure to have you shouting from the rooftops 'I love myself!'.

The Womanizer Affirmation Cards contain 40 different cards, each with an affirmation designed to help boost your self confidence, and encourage you to prioritise your physical and mental well-being.

The affirmation cards use neutral and earthy colours, are presented in a sleek, square box and feature the iconic Womanizer logo.

Pick a card out each day to inspire positivity, and let the affirmations guide you towards a more confident, sexy, and loving you.

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