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      1. The Cowgirl Premium Remote and App Controlled Riding Sex Machine

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    1. Customer Reviews

      The Cowgirl Premium Remote and App Controlled Riding Sex Machine 7 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. The Cowgirl Premium Remote and App Controlled Riding Sex Machine
      2. The Cowgirl Premium Remote and App Controlled Riding Sex Machine


        is available on orders up to $2,000.00

    1. Go Cowgirls

      Reviewed: 14 November 2020 by Milkmaidens75, a Straight Married Male

      Like all said. Amazing. Also great for bad back (just sit on the floor and lean against it) and sore muscles.

      When our friends complain about sore joints, it comes out and they have no idea what they are using (hide sex attachments). They can't believe how good they feel afterwards.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      We rode two up on it and both were amazed.
      A little uncomfortable after an hour.
      Bottom line
      A little bulky but value for money.
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    1. Jump on and hold on tight

      Reviewed: 25 September 2020 by JustAnotherAverageGuy, a Straight Married Male

      Having seen saddle machines in porn at an early age it had long been a desire of mine to see one in action. The price of entry is certainly high when you are looking at these machines but the price of admission into the elusive club is worth it.

      I'll admit the machine sat in the cupboard for a few months before I surprised the wife with it. She was certainly taken aback with my latest purchase and uttered I don't even want to know what that cost.

      Needless to say, after a little encouragement, she had the ride of her life. To start I had the control but after she got a feel for it I handed it to her and let her take it for a spin. She was certainly enjoying herself, so much so that after multiple orgasms she was unable to find her feet until hours later.

      Of the 2 attachments that come with the machine she has only tried the non-penetrative one so far but I have since purchased the rest of the attachments and hope to put them to use soon, hopefully, combined with a little BDSM.

      As well as having its own app, The Cowgirl also connects to Feel Connect and can be controlled over a distance or even synced to compatible porn sites.

      If you're looking for variety attachments from Motorbunny, Sybian and Tremor are also fully compatible!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Luxurious finish, 100% silicone attachments.
      Bottom line
      The Cowgirl is the stuff sex machine dreams are made of.
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    1. Best Ride Yet

      Reviewed: 23 May 2020 by handbanana, a Straight Engaged Male

      From Male perspective:

      The only prospect that put me off from this purchase was the price but after having a number of weeks to experiment I would say it has more than justified the price. The machine has a variety of quite incredible patterns and the amount of power it puts out is quite incredible even considering the description (you do need to be very time aware of when you use it for that purpose as its louder than the washing machine but in the best way possible).

      Although the app is fun to use, it is almost redundant as the control that comes with it has all the functionality you could possibly want. The sight of my fiancée losing her mind using this machine drives me absolutely wild and amazingly leaves her ready for what's to come next. The shape of it even lends itself for us to both use it at the same time and the amount of fun I've had combining other Lovehoney items in order to tie her to the machine is unreal. Overall: Well worth it.

      Female Perspective:

      This machine offers everything you could want, and then some. The patterns available and the rotation inside of you leaves you desperate for more, and the combination of clitoral stimulation brings you to a peak quickly and intensely, unless you have a partner that likes to play like mine. We like to enjoy a slow, teasing build by playing with the different speeds and vibration settings. The fact that he can control how hard, how quickly and when I get to orgasm is incredible, and we really enjoy handcuff and leg bind play whilst using this to assert complete dominance by him. The separate control lets me watch him toy with me whilst feeling it all, and due to the size and shape of the machine, it offers great support and stimulation for me whilst he can pleasure himself at the same time, or take me whilst still giving me stimulation.

      Overall, I would thoroughly recommend this product to women wanting to explore their own needs and desires, are for couples who want to explore teasing play and intense orgasms.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Incredible vibration and rotational setting output, great shape and size for couple play positions.
      Need to be considerate to neighbours due to volume levels.
      Bottom line
      Well worth the money. Great investment.
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    1. Orgasmic sex machine

      Reviewed: 27 January 2019 by Lightowler

      We have tried a Sybian machine and wanted one of our own, but we were put off by the price tag. When we saw that Lovehoney were selling a sex machine we thought it had to be worth a closer look.

      The machine arrived quickly and was well packaged. It is quite heavy but light enough to store easily. It's sturdy, which is definitely something you want in a machine this powerful!

      It comes with 2 attachments, one for clitoral stimulation alone and one with a dildo. You can stiffen the dildo by choosing between 2 different types of rod to sit inside it. You can also use motorbunny attachments with the cowgirl so we have one for DP too!

      The controls allow you, or a partner, to choose the level of vibration and movement of the dildo. I'm not a big fan of the second control, but that is simply personal preference. The vibration is intense and I have not been able to have it turned all the way up to the top!

      This machine is excellent for multiple orgasms. I've managed seven in a row before collapsing in a satisfied heap!

      The machine is loud, as you would expect from a motor of this size, and anyone in the same house will hear it, but we haven't had any complaints from the neighbours!

      It is easy to clean. :)

      The wires for the power supply and the controller are a good length, so it is easy to set up wherever you want it in the room.

      The size of the machine is perfect for straddling, and the length allows for some anal penetration while still stimulating the clitoris.

      We are enjoying a lot of exciting sex with this machine and definitely feel it is worth the money.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Powerful, solid construction, quality product.
      Bottom line
      Excellent sex machine, well worth the price tag.
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    1. Life-changing

      Reviewed: 27 July 2018 by PhilJones, a Straight Going Steady Male

      This machine (I can’t call it a toy because it does not do the product justice) has changed our second lives. It has made my girlfriend cum in ways which we did not know were possible. In this review, I will try to describe how life changing this machine can be, but I know that I will never be able to do it justice. There is no denying that this machine is expensive, and we are extremely privileged to be able to afford it. but in our opinion, it is worth every penny and we would buy it again if it was double the price.

      After opening the box we were greeted with a large number of plastic bags that contained an assortment of wires and attachments.

      The machine is fantastically built and is sensationally presented, with smooth edges and an expensive looking finish. I can find absolutely nothing to fault in its appearance. The only minor niggle in relation to its build is its weight (it's quite heavy), but this is unavoidable considering it’s high quality- if it was any lighter I’m sure it would not look for feel as good!

      The frame is made up of strong and attractive steel and aluminium and the rest of the machine is made out of solid and glossy jet black plastic. It is a delight to both look at and touch. The seat is gentle and forgiving and feels wonderful against the skin.

      A manual explains how to set the machine up. There are quite a few wires that need plugging in, but it is easy to work out by following the instructions. Once this has to be done, if you plan on using the remote control, this must also be plugged into the body of the machine. The remote is extremely functional and easy to use, there are two knobs which can be turned to increase the speed of vibrations and rotations. There are also six built-in patterns which can be controlled by the pattern button. An alternative is to use an app which can be downloaded on to your phone via the App Store. The app is extremely straightforward with single up/down arrows to increase and decrease intensity.

      There are two attachments to choose from, the Rawhide and Cowgirl. The Rawhide is for clitoral use and the Cowgirl provides internal and clitoral stimulation. The attachments are both made from silicone which is a huge bonus to us as we are very big on sex toys which are hypoallergenic and do not have an elevated risk of UTIs. However, make sure you use water-based lube with these attachments rather than a silicone lube. The silicone does not at all ‘dampen’ the vibrations like some other silicone toys, and carry the vibrations beautifully.

      The vibrations are deep and grumbly, perfect for all the power queens out there, and resonate throughout your entire lower body. Even on the lowest setting it is incredibly powerful and produced a literal gasp from my partner the first few times it was turned on. A major benefit of this machine is that it allows the user to choose how much clitoral pressure to put on the toy, by either pushing against it, or retracting away slightly. This puts the user really in control of the intensity of the experience.

      The internal Cowgirl attachment hits my partner’s G-spot perfectly, and when the rotations are turned on as well she orgasms in record time - she makes far more noise than the machine which is surprisingly quiet in use (unless the vibrations are turned right up high) and can not be heard through a closed door.

      In summary, this is the best sex ‘toy’ that we ever used. It made my partner have multiple, powerful orgasms in record time, is beautiful to look at, and is incredibly well made. It more than lives up to expectations and it’s hefty price tag. I have never before considered a sex toy life-changing, but we definitely could not now live without this toy. It has revolutionised our sex life.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Bottom line
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    1. Ride of my life

      Reviewed: 8 March 2018 by Lovehoney - Bot

      Before I get started on this review, here’s your warning that it’s going to be a long one. I felt that there was so much to cover with this machine and as it’s not a cheap purchase, I wanted to share as much info about my experience as possible.

      The Basics:

      Arriving in a huge cardboard box that had been nicely illustrated and presented, I couldn’t wait to open it up and get my first glimpse of the Cowgirl in the flesh. I opened the box to find several plastic pouches, all neatly labelled, that contained various cables and extras needed for the machine.

      It comes with adaptors for numerous countries so make sure you’re using the correct one when heading to the next stage, and are following the user manual to the letter.

      The machine is even better in person than it is in the pictures. It has been beautifully crafted, gorgeously made and well put together. I couldn’t find a single flaw with its build quality and I was impressed with the aesthetics instantly. The frame is made up of sturdy steel and aluminium while the base is solid plastic and the PU covered saddle is soft, smooth and delightful to the touch.

      The accompanying attachments are both made from a high-quality silicone which is hypoallergenic and free from unpleasant odours. There aren’t many machines around that come with silicone attachments so this was one of the key elements that attracted me to the Cowgirl and the quality of both was impeccable.

      Both of the included attachments should be used with a good quality water-based lubricant to remove unwanted friction and make use comfortable.

      They can be removed and cleaned thoroughly with warm soapy water after use but the rest of the machine can only be wiped down with a damp cloth due to its electrical components. Ensure that everything is completely dry before being stored away for next time or plugged back in.

      As expected, the Cowgirl is not a lightweight product and that can make it challenging to move around. It should always be used on a flat secure surface that can support the weight and it needs to be close to a plug socket as the manual states that it shouldn’t be used with an extension cord.

      On one side of the machine there’s an AC/DC plug input which is covered by a cap. Open this and then align the red dot of the labelled switching adaptor to the red dot on the plug input and push it in until it clicks.

      Next, take the detachable power cord and connect it to the input of the switching adaptor. Place the electrical plug from the power cord into a socket and check that there’s a red light illuminating on the adaptor. I know this may sound complicated now but after a couple of set-ups, it’s straight forward.

      All that’s left to do at this point is decide how you want to control the machine. You can do so via the included remote or through the downloadable app.

      If using the remote, push the plug of the controller into the port on the side of the sex machine and check for a red light on the bottom. There are two different knobs on the remote, one that controls the vibrations and one that controls the rotations.

      Turn the knob clockwise to turn on the function of your choice and keep turning to increase the intensity. Turn in the opposite direction to decrease intensity or turn off. To explore the six patterns, press the pattern button and tap to cycle through. Press and hold down for three seconds to return to the first setting.

      To control via the app, download Cowgirl from the App Store and ensure that bluetooth is enabled on your phone or tablet. The machine already has bluetooth switched on so it’s ready to pair instantly when the app is opened up.

      A success message will appear when the devices are linked and then simple instructions are provided. You will then be taken to a screen similar in set up to the remote but instead of knobs there are up and down arrows to change the intensities.

      My Experience:

      I decided to start out with the ‘Rawhide’ attachment as this was one of the features that captured my attention in the first place. I’m a massive fan of clitoral stimulation and this attachment is a sit-on type that is designed to stimulate this area.

      To put it into place, both sides of the attachment need to be firmly covering the contact piece in the centre of the seat. It should lay flat if it has been secured properly. This attachment only works with the vibration or pattern options, so rotation fans will need the Wild West attachment that I’ll mention later.

      My expectations for the power were high considering this is a mains-powered machine and the Cowgirl did not disappoint me at all. I noticed immediately upon activating the vibrations that they were deep, delicious and rumbly. They travelled throughout the entire lower half of my body even on the slower settings and I was shocked by how impressive they felt right off the bat.

      I’m a power queen so I didn’t mind that the warm-up setting was practically non-existent, but people who need to build up to lots of strength will probably want to use another toy beforehand to prepare.

      The vibrations remain deep throughout all ten levels of intensity but become less rumbly after the sixth speed. I found myself being capable of orgasming from settings four and above due to the sheer strength and the way the vibrations travel so well through the silicone.

      Sometimes this material can dampen vibrations but this was definitely not the case here and I was in awe of that during my first few uses. I haven’t made much use of the patterns as I prefer steady vibes but there’s a nice handful of options to choose from for those who like something different.

      I have always enjoyed toys where I can use maximum pressure against my clitoris and that’s definitely possible with the Cowgirl. It’s comfortable to sit on and I enjoy the pleasure of the Rawhide whilst the motor does all the work. It’s the perfect attachment for hands-free fun or lazy masturbation sessions and it gets the job done for me extremely quickly.

      If powerful orgasms and fast releases are also your main interests then this machine will happily tick your boxes providing you have the time and energy to do all of the necessary set up.

      Next up I tried out the ‘Wild West’ attachment, which is the insertable stimulator. It doesn’t attach to the Cowgirl in the same way as the Rawhide because it comes with two different types of stems and one of them needs to be used to make the attachment work.

      The two stems are for different purposes and it’s best to pick which one suits you based on your preferences and experience level. The spring stem offers flexibility and some give whilst the plastic stem provided more of a solid sensation and no give.

      To attach the Wild West, place the chosen stem into the stem input in the centre of the contact piece. Align the stem in the attachment with the stem on the contact piece and one side at a time, place the attachment onto the piece firmly.

      It sounds more complicated than it is but it becomes second nature after a few attempts. I decided that I’d try out both stems for the purpose of this review and there was a very clear winner for me although both have their place and time for use.

      My internal hot spots admire firmness so I usually opt for the plastic stem but initially I used the spring stem to make sure the stimulator could reach those hot spots before I turned on the machine. I’ve encountered firm insertables hitting the wrong spots before (namely my pubic bone) and that’s not a fun combination so I wanted to rule that out before introducing the firm stem and rotations.

      The arm managed to reach my G-spot with no problems so I moved on to the firm stem. I will occasionally use the spring option if I want to move around more freely, but for me the obvious choice is firmness.

      I mostly use rotation with this attachment as that’s what feels the best for me. Rotations one through three are slower, circular movements that are ideal for warming up with whilst the remaining seven modes got faster each time and provided more intense stimulation. Settings eight and above are absolutely perfect for my body and have the correct motions and speed to hit my G-spot with enough pressure to bring me to orgasm. I can also orgasm from the lower rotations if I combine them with vibrations.

      Noise wise, the rotation modes are all quiet. I was expecting lots of noise from them but they’re not audible through a closed-door and could be used with others in the house.

      The vibrations on the other hand are loud. If you imagine the sound of a mains wand buzzing away on high and then double that, you’ll get close to what this machine sounds like on full intensity. It’s not subtle in the slightest, which may seem obvious, so this is not the best choice for house-sharers and people with thin walls.

      Overall, I was blown away by the Cowgirl. It’s the best product I’ve tried in recent months and I think it’s going to be difficult for anyone to top this experience as it does everything it claims to do and it delivered on all of the key features that drew me to it in the first place.

      The creators did a great job at designing a non-insertable attachment that carries vibrations perfectly and I love that they included two stems for the internal attachment to be inclusive to as many needs as possible.

      It may be a huge investment, in terms of finances and space, but in my opinion, it’s a hundred percent worth it and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to power queens who are looking for something different.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The motor, the simple app, comfortable attachments, easy to use remote control, materials, quality etc.
      It may be too loud for some people and the weight limits placement options.
      Bottom line
      The only sex machine I’ll ever need.
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    1. A story for the ages

      Reviewed: 19 November 2020 by Mr. Black, a Straight Other Male

      I had long wanted to own a Sybian and I told my fiance that I would have one as an edition to our ever expanding sex toy collection before the year was out. The perfect opportunity arose when we had planned a sexy weekend away in a boutique hotel with our girlfriend. So our girlfriend enjoyed it, though did find it so intense that she struggled to come quickly - so maybe make sure you are really warmed up before jumping on.

      My fiance on the other hand. Well...

      She had straddled the machine whilst our girlfriend and I enjoyed the show. I got to control the machine and slowly increase the intensity. As she edged ever closer to climax, I whispered to our girlfriend to go put her hand around her neck and talk dirty in her ear. This tipped my fiance over the edge and as she began to cum I put the machine on full power and as she came jumped up and made sure that she stayed seated for a few seconds longer.

      What happened next I could not have foreseen in a million years.

      She passed out. I mean she physically fainted. The orgasm was so intense she lost consciousness and due to me not expecting this, she collapsed and hit her head on the marble floor. I grabbed her and picked her up and she sprang back to life "what just happened? Why does my face hurt". She had mild concussion and bruising over her face.

      It's a great story to tell, even if she is a little scared to get back on, but our friends seem to enjoy it; so overall a great investment.

      My one issue with it is the noise. You cannot use this is you have thin walls or live in anything other than a detached house.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      The control functions (phone or dial).
      The noise. Oh my god the noise!
      Bottom line
      Great and fun investment overall.
    3. Was this review helpful to you? Yes

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