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    1. Rainbow Pop! Silicone Realistic Dildo with Suction Cup 7.5 Inch

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      1. Rainbow Pop! Silicone Realistic Dildo with Suction Cup 7.5 Inch

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    1. Product Description

      Forget 50 Shades of Grey and reach for 6 hot hues of sizzling saturation with the Rainbow Pop! realistic dildo. 7.5 inches span the spectrum beginning with a cherry red tapered tip, while a vivid violet flared suction cup concludes the masterpiece.

      Velvety soft and supple silicone ensures pleasuring sensations with each thrust, while the pronounced veins and bobbled base boost stimulation as you play. Flared at the base for safe anal use and gently curved to hit G-spots and P-spots, just stick it onto a smooth surface and start enjoying yourself.

      Used in a strap on, the wearer can enjoy a visual fiesta as they watch each colour disappear inside their lucky recipient.

      Coat your Rainbow Pop! in water-based lubricant from red to blue for stunning slippery sensations.

      Key Features:

      • Rainbow-coloured silicone realistic dildo with suction cup
      • 7.5 insertable inches for deliciously deep sensation
      • Watch each colour segment disappear inside your body
      • Flared suction cup base for strap on and hands-free play
      • Waterproof for easy cleaning

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Rainbow Pop! Silicone Realistic Dildo with Suction Cup 7.5 Inch 2 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. Rainbow Pop! Silicone Realistic Dildo with Suction Cup 7.5 Inch
      2. Rainbow Pop! Silicone Realistic Dildo with Suction Cup 7.5 Inch


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    1. What colour can you reach

      Reviewed: 9 March 2017 by SquirtyPanda, a Straight Single Female

      I purchased this dildo as I really loved the bright colours of the Pride flag adorned on this dildo. I also purchased this particular dildo as I was looking for a dildo made out of silicone as it is the most safe body material. The dispatch and delivery was swift and on time as always.

      The packaging of this toy is bright and fun, to go along with the toy. It is informative, modern and would make a great gift.

      The size of this dildo was a little underwhelming for me. I am a power queen and prefer bigger and stronger toys. However, using a wand I did reach climax several times, but with a larger dildo my orgasms were more powerful. The size of this dildo is more than adequate and a great size for beginners looking to explore.

      The suction cup is really important for me as I have bad knees and cannot be on all fours for example, I can suction this to a low coffee table and ride away. The suction cup on this dildo is very strong. As the material is silicone there is no horrid smells and sterilising is easy. You can boil silicone for a few minutes or use toy cleaner and you're good to go.

      The shaft of this dildo graduates larger towards the end. So the tip is rather small and very tapered for easy insertion, which makes this brilliant for beginners. However, for more advanced people this like for me can be a little underwhelming.

      I overall rate this toy 9/10. It is exceptional for beginners and the bright colours are just so fun and adds brightness to your toy collection.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Bright colours, strong suction cup.
      Not girthy enough for me.
      Bottom line
      9/10, great for beginners, but also great for those that prefer this size girth.
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    1. Once you Pop

      Reviewed: 16 May 2016 by Wildcherry

      Can you take a guess as to how happy I was when this appeared on Lovehoney? Eek it’s so amazing that I did a little dance of excitement. Let me say here that there are very few occasions where I swoon over a dildo, but it’s everything I look for and it’s made me so damn excited to try it out.


      The Pride (or Rainbow) dildo comes in a white box with the 6 bright colours striped down one side and an image and a little information on the opposite side. Although the image isn’t really needed, in my opinion, as to the front of the box is a lovely window cut out, giving you a peep inside at the dildo.

      Opening up the box, the gorgeous Rainbow dildo sits on a plastic tray. I was a little disappointed there wasn’t any added information booklets or a storage bag. But minimal can be good, I guess, and it means that there are less pieces to dispose of if you’re trying to be discreet with your purchases (not that you could ever be discreet with a large rainbow dildo).

      Despite my tiny niggles I really loved the packaging. It doesn’t exclude any sex and it's happy, crisp and clean, which is everything that I like in a box.

      First Impressions:

      I haven’t had this much love for a dildo in a long time (it’s so fun - it instantly reminded me of one of those rainbow lollies). With its six brightly coloured stripes, the Rainbow dildo claims to be one of the first rainbow dildos, and of course represents LGBT Pride.

      The Rainbow dildo is made by hand and from a medical-grade silicone, so it’s super squidgy and silky smooth to the touch, from its tapered tip to its squishy suction cup.

      At a teasingly good 8 inches in length (7.5 of which is insertable), the Rainbow is ever so slightly curved in shape, and delightfully soft against your skin - so much so that you just can’t stop caressing the squidgy material with your fingers. If that wasn’t enough, it’s also covered in the most pleasing textures of bumps and veins that add just that little bit of a realistic feel during use.

      Finally, that awesome suction cup base. There isn’t anything this sucker wouldn’t stick to (it freaking sticks to my leather sofa!?). I was seriously impressed. So much so this could be one of the first dildos I dare to use in my shower. I rarely use dildos in the shower as the suction cup slips and slides or unsticks (which can get frustrating), but this was pretty impressive as it's not only stuck tight to mirrors but also tiles too.

      Use of the Rainbow Pop! Silicone Realistic Dildo with Suction Cup 8 Inch:

      With a little water-based lubricant I was ready to try this awesome rainbow out, and I can safely say that it was an absolute pleasure (literally). It’s so easy to insert as it almost instantly nestles against your sweet spots without causing any nasty dragging, just pure bliss.

      Starting with its lovely tapered tip meant I could gently ease and tease every inch of its rainbow goodness inside me until I was fully satisfied, with the added bonus of the lovely curve hitting my G-spot at just the right angle for orgasms and squirting.

      The lovely girth is more than satisfying if you’re looking for that “full” feeling, and it's incredibly moreish, whether you’re gently teasing yourself or going straight for the deep thrusts. Either way I chose, I had a spine tingling orgasm that followed.

      Sadly, the veins and bumps didn’t add much more to stimulation unless I was going very slowly. But all the same I prefer the lovely texture rather than something without. I also can't rave anymore about how soft this feels. Some silicone dildos can be quite firm, but this is lovely and bendy too, so if I did orgasm quite hard the dildo itself was quite giving without hurting me.


      I’ve guiltily used the Rainbow Pop! Silicone Realistic Dildo way too many times than I should have since I received it. It’s everything I look for when I go for a toy, and its bright 6 stripes of colour just make me super happy (even though it’s not so easy to hide).

      The girth was a little on the large size for me, as I only managed to get just about half way before things got uncomfortable, so make sure to use lashings of lube to avoid any discomfort.

      Although the Rainbow is curved, it wasn’t an instant success on squirting. Don’t get me wrong, it felt amazing and orgasming was a dream, but it did take me a little while to master squirting as it usually takes a toy with a more "rigid" tip (like glass) and I think the Rainbow is a little too soft.

      I am really pleased to say that I have no negatives, apart from the fact there was no way it was going anyway near my butt as it really is too big and has too much of a girth. Maybe in the future, but for now my butt is staying away from the Rainbow.

      I’ve been absolutely smitten with the Rainbow dildo. It genuinely is everything I look for in a dildo. From its velvety soft silicone to its squidgy texture, you just can’t stop squishing. It truly is a must-have for anyone looking for the perfect toy for harness use, G-spot and prostate stimulation.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Everything. Incredibly squishy and silky smooth on your skin.
      Bottom line
      A rare gem to find and an absolute must-have.
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